CFL admits time clock error, referees ratings downgraded

CFL officials allowed more than a minute of time to run off between plays in Toronto’s Week 15 win over Hamilton.

In the fourth quarter as on-field referees deliberated a fumble call, more than 60 seconds ticked by that were not added back on. Those responsible suffered consequences according to CBC reporter Malcolm Kelly.

Post-season hopes just got smaller for some striped men like some franchises around the league.


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  1. Vallesi and his crew are easily the works in the league, Proulx and Foxcroft not much better. Problem is even w replay this league and it’s ref crew still f–k everygame up! It’s not a credible league any more…. sorry.

  2. Blue Rules // October 5, 2017 at 2:58 pm //

    May end up with only one official for Grey Cup!!

  3. Lancaster/Reed // October 5, 2017 at 3:21 pm //

    It’s a laughably sad state of affairs when Andre Proulx is considered to be one of better referees. Seriously, how does a professional league leave itself vulnerable to such incompetent reffing? It damages the product on the field, which will ultimately damage the brand.

  4. Give the time/keeper on the sidelines a SUN DIAL .

    This would help the CFL Officials.

  5. how can an entire crew, eye in the sky and command centre not note and fix this. this is ludicrous.
    by the way, i used to think tim kroeker was the worst referee. he would often lose control of games, allowing coaches on the sideline incredible leeway in delaying the game to advance their needs of the moment. he has gotten better, everyone else has gotten worse!

  6. Tiger Chick // October 5, 2017 at 3:47 pm //

    Well this helps the ticats a lot (NOT), more errors by the officials that cost them the game. So what if they are downgraded. How can you be downgraded from rock bottom? Thanks to the command centre and the zebra jocks for letting your conscience come clean. This is an atrocity. When will it end.

  7. Unbelievably inept. Commissioner Ambrosie needs to fix the refs immediately.

    I’m still waiting for the announcement that Jake Ireland has been fired from the “Command Center”. What could possibly be taking so long?

    • Jake is ruling that keeping inept personel in the Command Centre is unchallengeable and they cannot be fired upon the dropping of an bright orange flag by the Commissioner and the fans.

  8. Agree with bigD the CFL has lost all credibility,it is one thing for a ref to blow a call at full speed but for the command centre to screw up a video challenge looking a different picture angles, freeze frame,and slow motion and having a minute or so to analyze what they are seeing is inexcusable and to happen late in the season, three seasons in row to one team is bullshit and sorry a simple admission they got it wrong does not cut it cancelling season tickets and putting the money towards NFL tickets instead.

  9. Eddiefelson // October 5, 2017 at 4:10 pm //

    Soooo….now about the replay official…suspension? Terminated?

  10. So not only did they not get the fumble called right but no one stopped the clock? No one noticed nd reset the time clock? Was Jake out of the booth getting a sandwich?

  11. Scottsask // October 5, 2017 at 5:04 pm //

    I’m happy at least that they were at the very least held accountable. I’m confident things will improve with time. I have full confidence in our new Commisioner. Baby steps.

  12. The ineptness of the CFL officiating is going to cost them fans. How can you support a corrupt league!

  13. Do the people at command know the CFL rules

    • Is the command center even in Canada…..

      • Nah, I heard it’s contracted out somewhere in the Middle East…just like BMO and Chevron.

        • Philski – Can hear it now. “Welcome to the command center, we are currently closed – your review is important to us so please call back during business hours”

  14. Why didn’t any of the coaches see the clock problem? But first things first. Fire Harbin and Ireland.

  15. Eric Halland // October 5, 2017 at 7:32 pm //

    The biggest problem this year is limiting coached to only one challenge which they have to use early in the game in most cases. Then when there are horrendous calls late in the game, there is no way to challenge or review the call. Terrible!

  16. perhaps one challenge per half would be more reasonable. in the CFL no lead is safe and the officials should never dictate the outcome of a game, especially through blown calls. if it is questionable, leave the flag in your pocket. a stupid, over-officious call cost a family one million dollars. remember that? coaches who used challenges to “go fishing” is what really caused the problem, so correct that.

  17. longrider // October 5, 2017 at 8:59 pm //

    Well said everyone! How about the league showing what the command
    centre is viewing,on the stadiums big screens!Am sure with all the
    high tech minds out there this coul be arranged.Then everyone at the
    game and at home could also watch the replay in slow mow,etc. No more
    excuses to be made! Make this avaliable For All To S9ee the command
    centre review. Spend the money and get some integrity back into the game.


  19. BJ Brunneg // October 5, 2017 at 10:03 pm //

    @Michael “a stupid, over-officious call cost a family one million dollars. remember that?”, it didn’t COST them anything. They didn’t HAVE the million dollars to start with….

    Anyway, back on-topic, it would be an improvement if there were a challenge per half. Agreed there. There are enough challengeable calls (as things are currently being called) for more, but they need to stay away from the fishing expeditions that existed before. So, one per half seems to be a reasonable compromise.
    Or, as also suggested, keep the flag in your pocket until you REALLY need it (generally much closer to the end of the game).

  20. Doug Penner // October 5, 2017 at 10:10 pm //

    I’m done with this.

    If the CFL doesn’t respect the game, why should I?

    Work too hard to be disrespected like this.

    Moving on

  21. I don’t remember anybody mentioning this issue during the broadcast. Seems to me like everybody missed the error but are now piling on after the fact. All any CFL fan cares about is “flow of the game” anyway, so in all likelihood, they would have booed the referees for stopping the game to adjust the clock.

  22. I think the way to go as far as the number of challenges you have, one like now but if you win that challenge you get rewarded with a second(lets hope the command centre get it right).

  23. I think Al Bradbury and Tim Kroeker are usually pretty good. Can’t stand Proulx, shows a lot of obvious favouritism towards whoever’s the more Veteran coaches and players. He allows people like Buono to do as they please, like walking on the field whenever he wants with no delay of game penalties or anything.

  24. Do their ratings affect their pay – if not, maybe it should

    • I think it would in the long run, since they probably make more the more games they ref. The highest rated ones ref the playoffs.

  25. OoOOOoOOoohh.. they might not get playoff assignments? How about sending them back to training as a whole? Oh wait. That might mean the league actually gave a damn about fixing the problem more than the appearance of discipline.

  26. Fire Jake Ireland ,we need everyone to post this to get something done

  27. Paul Bomber // October 6, 2017 at 10:17 am //

    Bad run for the CFL. My NFL buddy tells me all the time those refs suck too. And Jets fans always seem to be whining about them too. Buuuut… this clock screw up is pretty bad.

  28. This has been an issue for years. They don’t overturn calls because they don’t want there buddies to look like idiots. The reading will never change and we will always have shitty refs. The only calls that get overturned are those that are so brutal they have to.

  29. Officiating caused me to cancel my Ticat season tickets 2 years ago. Their incompetence continues, and they don’t care as you can see by continuing to employ the likes of Proulx and most notably Ireland who has been joke for years.

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