The good and bad from Alouettes’ disappointing loss to Argos

Writing columns about Montreal Alouettes losses has become incredibly predictable, but here we are.

The Als dropped their sixth consecutive game on Saturday night, as they fell 33-19 to the Toronto Argonauts at BMO Field.

Montreal has failed to score a first-quarter point in any of those six losses, which is baffling. Also, they’ve been outscored 132-17 in the first half during the losing streak. That’s flat-out embarrassing. There’s no other way to put.

Although it isn’t mathematically official, the Alouettes’ playoff hopes are done. They’ve now lost the season series to both the Argonauts and Redblacks.

It’s time for them to give some of their young players an opportunity to get some playing time down the stretch. They have nothing to lose at this point.

As always, I manage to find positives even when things seem bleak. Let’s start there:

The Good

-A lot of players have thrown in the towel on the season, that much is obvious. But there are guys who still care. One player playing with a lot of pride, is running back Tyrell Sutton. The holes aren’t always there for him, but he keeps running hard even when the game is out of reach. He finished the night with 105 yards on 15 carries, which works out to an incredible seven yards per carry. Sutton is scheduled to become a free agent this winter, and the Alouettes need to find a way to bring him back.

-I didn’t mind the short-side duo of Jonathon Mincy and Brandon Stewart in the secondary. Both players broke up passes and both probably should have come up with interceptions at different moments of the game. Stewart even recovered a fumble on special teams.

-Some people may have thought that John Bowman’s sack celebration was uncalled for, especially because his team was down 26-0 at that point. I disagree with that sentiment. Bowman might be playing the final games of his outstanding career and he’s one of the few guys that had some jump. If he wants to celebrate after a sack, I’m not going to object.

-Despite being in his mid-30’s, returner Stefan Logan still has plenty of burst. I know the Alouettes need to get younger, but I’m not opposed to them keeping Logan going into next season.

-I’ll give some props to the defence. They gave up yards in the first half, but they managed to hold the Argonauts to field goals on their first four scoring drives. A 12-0 deficit isn’t impossible to come back from unless your offence is totally incapable of scoring points.

I was happy for Canadian receiver S.J. Haidara. He didn’t have a catch coming into this game, but he finished the night with five receptions. Haidara had an ugly drop in the second half, but he responded with a big catch on third-and-10 on the very next play.

The Bad

-Darian Durant doesn’t deserve all the blame for his team’s brutal first half, but he missed plenty of receivers. Last week he threw passes in the dirt, this week he missed both high and low. On two specific occasions, he overthrew B.J. Cunnigham. In the first half, it resulted in a pick-six. In the second half,  he almost got Cunningham killed. Durant’s been healthy this year, but this season has been incredibly disappointing overall.

-I’ve been clamoring for Ernest Jackson to get more touches throughout the season, but that was a disappointing effort over the weekend. I’ll give him credit for blocking well on a number of offensive plays, but he had some ugly drops for the second week in a row. One drop, on third down and three, resulted in a Mitchell White interception. A game to forget for Jackson.

-I’ve mentioned this before, but Chip Cox just can’t keep up anymore. He’ll go down as one of the best defensive playmakers in franchise history, he just can’t be a regular on defence anymore. S.J Green, who isn’t known for his speed, beat Cox, who was known for his speed, cleanly for a touchdown near the end of the first half.

-Every time it seemed like the offence was making progress, a silly mistake would creep into their game. Durant had a pair of nice completions to Tiquan Underwood in the first half. After the first one, Durant bobbled the snap on the very next play. Montreal was forced into a second-and-14 situation, and they failed to convert. On the second one, Durant got blasted by Argos middle linebacker Bear Woods, but he still managed to get the ball to Underwood. On the next play, he overthrows Cunningham for the pick-six I mentioned earlier. It’s crazy.

-How badly did Tyree Hollins whiff on Argos running back James Wilder jr.’s big 85-yard TD run? That was pretty bad.

-In general, the Alouettes defence had no answer for Wilder jr, who finished the night 141 yards on the ground (85 came on one play) and 77 yards receiving.

-Seeing Nik Lewis need help to get off the field wasn’t good. These might be the final games of his career, and I hope he doesn’t go out this way.

Joey Alfieri

Joey Alfieri

A reporter and host for TSN690 radio in Montreal, writer at Rotoworld Hockey and Pro Hockey Talk.
Joey Alfieri
Joey Alfieri
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A reporter and host for TSN690 radio in Montreal, writer at Rotoworld Hockey and Pro Hockey Talk.

14 Comments on The good and bad from Alouettes’ disappointing loss to Argos

  1. Hate to stste the obvious but the’re just too old. Sure, Logan has still been good but they need a younger returner. Durant is not value for money. He’s been highly paid with little production for at least 3 seasons now. Time to accept a mentor/backup role for Kevin Glenn type cash or hang them up. What team needs a starter bad enough to see Durant as that guy? Others who have been good this yesr like Boeman & especially Hebert, nevertheless are on the wrong side of 35 & still starting. The Als need to move on. Your comment on Cox is the perfect example. A great player who’s had his day.

  2. Think you are being awfully kind. Ernest “Action” Jackson is a complete bust. Bench him for the rest of the season, hope his contract is only for one year. 21 players over 30, this is not going to get better soon. Wouldn’t Brandon Bridge look good right about now!!

    I think it’s obvious that Kavis Reed’s plan was to gamble and win big this year with Durant and Jackson, that has failed. Now the team is stuck with an aging QB, SJ is lighting it up with the Argos and the team is in disarray.

    Its sad that so many players, Lewis, Bowman, Cox, Hebert, Guigiere (not sure what he brings to the table) are going to go out on such a sad note. Also what will happen to AC?? Apparently he has a job for life, next year I expect him to see delivering Gatorade to the players during timeouts!!

    Sad…so sad.

    • Humber River // September 25, 2017 at 2:35 pm //

      Jackson has a two-year contract. Football contracts are not guaranteed, so there’s no big financial risk if the Als don’t bring him back.

  3. white stallion in red // September 25, 2017 at 9:50 am //

    I don’t want to kick a team when it’s down but the Als come to Calgary friday night. With a bye week the following week this could be a good chance for Calgary to rest a few. Messam, Federkeil maybe even Bo. That way they can have significant rest time. This is. Cautionary step as well, why subject them to potential injuries at the hands of Hebert and Cox, who play on “the edge”

    • AFootballGuy // September 25, 2017 at 10:36 am //

      Momentum and routine are huge parts of football, and I’d be stunned if Calgary rests anybody against Montreal. Plus, the Als are the only team to beat Calgary this year, and that means something. And, Winnipeg is still hanging around the conversation for first place in the west, and Calgary doesn’t want to let that get closer than it need be. Lastly, Calgary likely isn’t too happy about SK keeping them out of the endzone this weekend.

      Could be an ugly one for this bad, tired Montreal team. The best team in the CFL should be motivated.

  4. RalphInTheCreek // September 25, 2017 at 10:57 am //

    I hope Coach Reed is still coaching when we play them, I like his style in opposition.

  5. S.J. Haidara got the 5 receptions because he took over Nik Lewis’ role in the offense. Just short passes with minimal yardage gain. If Lewis were in there, he would have finished with 7 or 8 catches and everybody would be saying how great he is. Whatever.

    Brain-challenged Als kept running “Lewis plays” for a player who is journeyman national and who does not have the same skillset as Lewis. Montreal’s better other option was to insert in Tiquan Underwood who has speed and did make some catches downfield which is what the Alouettes needed to open up the field. Utilizing Haidara instead of Underwood when the offense cannot move the ball is another example why Montreal keeps is in disarray.

    • Stephen Fisher // September 25, 2017 at 12:47 pm //

      I couldn’t agree more. And last week Willy kept passing on second down for five yards and failing to move the sticks. TU has been very successful this year-a track star too- so why do they use him so little?

    • And they had Can receiver Scott MacDonell on their practice roster who was a better choice than Haidara. While he wasn’t used that much in Ottawa he averaged almost 14 yards a catch, was a special teams regular, and goes about 6’5″ 230. Something happened because posted today that the Redblacks just re-signed him. How does that happen ? sent packing when the HC was released ? Crazy !

  6. Stephen Fisher // September 25, 2017 at 12:44 pm //

    “It’s time for them to give some of their young players an opportunity to get some playing time ”
    Like who?
    Rakeem Cato
    Brandon Bridge
    Jeff Finley
    Vernon Adams
    Ed Gainey
    Name one person on the bench NOW who could improve on current starters.

  7. What has changed since Kavis Reed took over??

    The correct answer is nothing.

    He has taken consistency to a new low.

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