Four trades that should be made before the deadline

The CFL announced recently that this year’s trade deadline will be on October 11 at 3:59 PM EST. With that in mind, here are four CFL trades I believe teams would be wise to make before the deadline.

Calgary offensive lineman Justin Renfrow for B.C.’s 2018 fifth round pick

Renfrow has been a nice find for the Stamps — after beginning the season on the practice roster, the Miami product recently started at left guard for Calgary on Labour Day. The Stamps’ offensive line allowed zero sacks against Edmonton’s tough front-seven and allowed Jerome Messam to rumble for 61 yards along the ground. B.C. needs to upgrade their American offensive line spots and, when Spencer Wilson returns from the six-game injured list, the Stamps won’t have to keep all three of their import hogs on the roster.

Winnipeg defensive tackle Drake Nevis for Saskatchewan receiver Caleb Holley

The Riders recently lost 320-pound newcomer Nick James to injury, leaving a sizeable hole in the middle of their defensive line. Enter Nevis, the plus-size free agent signing who has failed to live-up to expectations in Bomberland. Holley, meanwhile, has averaged 57 receiving yards per game in his young CFL career and would bring some much-needed size to Winnipeg’s receiving corps. Nevis and Holley are free agents at the end of this season, allowing both clubs to get to know their new players before committing long-term.

Edmonton receiver Bryant Mitchell for Montreal linebacker Nicolas Boulay

The Alouettes desperately need to find a way to ignite their struggling offence. Adding a receiver like Mitchell, who has recorded 392 receiving yards in just six games this year, could be the answer. The re-addition of Derel Walker makes Mitchell expendable in Edmonton, though the club has had disastrous luck keeping their Canadian linebackers healthy. Boulay, a solid veteran with experience on both defence and special teams, could be a great add for the club’s playoff push.

Hamilton quarterback Zach Collaros for a boatload of Toronto’s Canadians

My 3DownNation colleague Justin Dunk reported two weeks ago that the Argos have made an offer for Zach Collaros that includes three Canadian players and a high draft pick. As far as I’m concerned, the Ticats should take the deal and run. Jeremiah Masoli’s play has made Collaros expendable, while his cap savings could allow the Ticats to add one or two NFL castoffs. For the Argos, the deal would hinge on Collaros regaining his 2015 form under former Ticat offensive coordinator Tommy Condell, who now the receivers coach in Toronto. It’s rare to see arch-rivals make a blockbuster deal, but this trade has the potentially to be mutually beneficial. Count Brian Jones as one of the Canadians likely involved in this trade — drafted fourth overall a season ago, Jones has been on the trade block in Toronto since the spring.

John Hodge

John Hodge

John Hodge is a lifelong follower of the CFL who has been writing about the league since 2014. He is a two-time finalist of the Jon Gott lookalike contest.
John Hodge
John Hodge
About John Hodge (363 Articles)
John Hodge is a lifelong follower of the CFL who has been writing about the league since 2014. He is a two-time finalist of the Jon Gott lookalike contest.

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  1. RalphInTheCreek // September 18, 2017 at 6:05 pm //

    Is this the beginning of another Ham bonehead move.

  2. Edward Leslie // September 18, 2017 at 6:05 pm //

    I’m surprised that Hamilton wouldn’t go for that proposed Collaros deal. I bet Kent Austin just can’t make the deal. Tillman would do it. Hey, he traded Ricky Ray afterall! Ricky Ray to Toronto for Steven Jyles, Grant Shaw and a first round draft pick (Austin Pasztor who went to the NFL). Worst trade EVER. This would be Tillmans chance to make up for that awful trade…even if it wasn’t in the service of the Eskimos.

    • Stephen Fisher // September 18, 2017 at 6:23 pm //

      Not ever. Etcheverry and Patterson (best players in the league) for Bernie Faloney and Don Paquette.

      • At the time of that trade it was considered the worst trade ever. However, in retrospect had the trade ended up as agreed to, Montreal would have gotten the better end of the deal.

        Etcheverry bolted to the NFL, and the league ordered Faloney back to Hamilton. So, the trade eventually became Patterson for Paquette… a huge win for Hamilton.

        By 1961, Etcheverry had seen better days. He only lasted a couple of more years before retiring, while Faloney played until 1967. If the original trade had been completed, Montreal (who could never find a decent quarterback throughout the 60’s) would have had Faloney for an additional five or six seasons. In my opinion, Montreal would have won that trade.

    • Worst trade for who? The Eskimos ended up with Mike Reilly and just won the Cup two years ago. Right now, they are better off with Reilly than they would be with Ray.

      Considering the Argos and the Eskimos have each won one Cup since the trade, I’d say the trade is a wash.

      • How is Reilly part of the trade? They got him independently from the trade. The trade itself was horrible, it just didn’t end up burning EDM for too long because they made a smart signing afterwards.

        • If they had kept Ray, they never would have signed Reilly. You can’t judge a trade in a vacuum… you have to consider other moves that were caused by the trade.

          If Edmonton had not signed Reilly, then the Ricky Ray trade would have been very one sided against Edmonton.

  3. The Sask/Bomber trade will not happen.

    • CFLs Best since 1990 // September 18, 2017 at 10:34 pm //

      Um, it’s high unlikely any of them will. But it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t. Mr. Hodge put some thought into these, and how they could benefit both teams. O-Lineman tend to be more valuable in these (CFL) parts, so I might ask for a higher pick if I’m the Stamps, but these are thoughtful… more like objective suggestions… and CFL GM’s have been known to read or hear things. Sometimes that’s all it takes to get a ball rolling 😉

      As a GM I would also be interested in Edmonton’s Mitchell. In my eyes, he could be a player I would take the risk for.

    • CFLs Best since 1990 // September 18, 2017 at 10:35 pm //


    • Should trade John Hodge for a thought process

      • OttawaHamiCatsFan // September 19, 2017 at 8:35 am //

        Why? While I do not think any of the deals would happen I think Hodges put some good thought and effort into this article.

    • David Cooper // September 19, 2017 at 12:24 am //

      It does not matter if they signed Reilly a few years later, for since when do free agent signings have to do with trades. Yes Reilly is better than Ray, but just looking at the trade on face value, it is hardly a wash. It was a terrible trade for Edmonton and it cost Tillman his job. As for bad trades, being a BC fan, Joe Kapp made a bad one trading Matt Dunnigan to Toronto for 3 or 4 defensive players of one I think only one played. They traded 5 players to get Dunnigan and would have been better off keeping him and building through free agency then keeping him just 2 years. Toronto went on to win the Grep Cup and Joe Kapp was fired and BC went into the dark years after that trade until Bob Ackles came back.

      • As implied in my earlier post regarding Faloney and Etcheverry, a trade should be evaluated by its long term impact on a team, not on the day the trade is made. The Eskimos would not have won the Cup in 2015 with Ricky Ray. If I was an Eskimos fan today, I’m liking the Ricky Ray trade.

        Matt Dunigan was one of the most over rated players that I’ve seen in my nearly 50 years of following the CFL. Sure, he was a fan favorite due to his larger than life personality and agressive style of play, but he was often injured and bounced from team to team every couple of years in search of more money than he was worth. The Lions were probably compelled to trade Dunigan because they couldn’t afford to pay him what he wanted.

        As you stated, the Lions got fleeced in the Dunigan trade, but did sign Doug Flutie. That was a definate upgrade.

    • indeed, we dont want anything related to players who dive and pretend they are hurt

  4. John Hodge has been writing CFL since ’14, may well go on to be a great. This piece is evidence why he will never general manage in the CFL

    • CFLs Best since 1990 // September 18, 2017 at 10:38 pm //

      …because… ???

      Do you always harshly state things so definitively while offering absolutely no reason why you are so certain of your poor assessment?

      That seems fair (sic).

  5. Eddiefelson // September 18, 2017 at 6:16 pm //

    No way could hammer trade collaros to the argos. That would be the stupidest trade in the history of cfl.
    Plus…where does the writer get the info thay masoli play has made collaros dispensible? 1 good drive in the last 6 quarters and 3 good drives in the last 12 quarters…are you kidding me with this?

    • im wondering that myself

    • CFLs Best since 1990 // September 18, 2017 at 10:45 pm //

      So… what the heck is with Collaros? I’ve heard it’s his supporting cast and lost confidence.

      Well, the guy is all about confidence, so that’s big. But I agree that giving up on him this season would be a big risk. Hopefully Austin can read his tea leaves, because he’s in a tough position right now. Do the Cats have any legit QB prospects on the way? Would they do a deal for Franklin in Edmonton? Maybe even a three-way involving Hamilton, Edmonton and Toronto could be hatched. Trades – and especially big ones – do whet the appetite, after all.

    • I agree totally Eddiefelson! Collaros has more upside than Masoli (and I like Masoli) and needs a chance to start in June Jones’ retooled offensive system. He’s shown in the past that he can scramble and I still think his decision making is better overall.

  6. If D Carter’s sprained ankle keeps him out for any length of time, the Rider’s illusionary depth at receiver will be tested big time. Holley is a potential 1000 yard receiver if given some playing time. Why would we want Nevis who the blogger states has been a bust in Winnipeg? Give your head a shake.

    • CFLs Best since 1990 // September 18, 2017 at 10:50 pm //

      Interesting, thanks. If you think he’s in the 1000-club, which he’s nowhere near at this point (and I do think he might be good, too), who or what would you trade him for, or would you refuse, period?

  7. Sask Winnipeg trade haha not

  8. Seriously Mr. Hodge Masoli has not solidified anything. Give your head a shake

  9. Apparently Mr. Hodge has a very low bar for what he considers acceptable quarterback play.

  10. white stallion in red // September 18, 2017 at 6:32 pm //

    Yep Calgary just finds replacements. Remember what certain people said would happen to Mitchell without the prized sask FA signing Derek Dennis??? …Derek Dennis who???

  11. So 3 teams are going to trade to their rivals before playoffs? Doubtful.

  12. Daniel J Mitchell // September 18, 2017 at 7:00 pm //

    Maybe Toronto should trade for Drew Willy?

  13. Agree with trading Zach if they can get that “boatload” and pick. Masoli is showing strong leadership.

  14. pantsonfire // September 18, 2017 at 7:14 pm //

    Hmm. Can’t see any of these. Nevis has been a dud. If Carter’s ankle keeps him out, they have Grant, Roosevelt, Holley & Owens as import starters (Thigpen maybe as well, but also went out early in last game). Traded Collins & Edwards so depth isn’t what it was. Also Holley, unlike the 5’8″ Owens & 5’9″ Thigpen is 6’4″ & 26, not over 30 like the other 2. Why trade Holley for an import DT who hasn’t met expectations? MItchell has almost 500 yds in 7 games & Walker is only signed to end of 2017. Konar is probably as good as Boulay & they have a bunch of Cdn LB’s. Can’t see that as a good return. I’m not sure trading Collaros is a good idea either. As for Calgary, they use later round picks for OL often so give up a guy you know about for someone you don’t?

  15. No one (including Hamilton) wants Collaros at his current salary. If he won’t renegotiate in the offseason (why would he?) they’ll release him. Toronto will go after him as a FA.

  16. Enough slready // September 18, 2017 at 8:43 pm //

    What the Riders could use is depth on the O line, particularly Canadians. But can’t give up receivers to get it. Their receivers are a little thin now. But with Dennis playing left guard now, I would think that he is the highest paid American left guard in the league.

  17. Nevis for Holley-Riders give up needed depth & potential 1000 receiver to correct Bomber’s mistake – you wish John. Mitchell for Boulay-Eskimos give up depth, potential 1000 yard receiver for ST Boulay who has 3 DT’s in 12 games. Konar is 23 has 20 tackles in 6 games, 2 INT’s & a sack. So where does Boulay start, even with all their injuries? Special Teamer for a good receiver – anyone think Reed can pull off that deal?

  18. Trading Collaros is nuts! Obviously Mr. Hodge does not know the situation in Hamilton at all.

  19. The Stamps have injury problems on the o-line and virtually no depth. Why would they trade a healthy o-lineman for a late round pick to a rival? Makes no sense. Maybe if BC was to trade a starting calibre receiver to Calgary, they’d be interested in talking some sort of trade. They are not sending good players for a late round pick.

  20. What’s up with Brian Jones anyway? Very high draft pick – loads of potential! Why has he fallen out of favour? (aside from the penalty that he took this weekend negating Declan Cross’ touchdown!)

  21. CFLs Best since 1990 // September 18, 2017 at 10:55 pm //

    Seems to me there were some good notions as to why these deals may require alterations. Back to you, Mr. Hodge.

  22. onemoredork // September 19, 2017 at 1:42 am //

    John Hodge will never be a CFL GM. 🙂

  23. Trade Collaros to BC. Banks can join him. Wally loves reclamation projects. Bet those two would thrive with a change of scenery. Bring the old magic back. Hell, looks like Jennings could use a change of scenery as well so ship him to Hamilton in return. Masoli and Jennings at QB for TC’s…I like it!

    • Glad you like it, I don’t want Wally’s cast offs and not sure what you have against Banks!

      • Banks is a shell of his former self… can’t break kick returns anymore and isn’t reliable as a receiver. Definitely not worth his pay.

      • My dear Gurney, why is it every time I suggest TC’s should perhaps move a player or two you assume I have some great abomination for them? TC players who I have previously singled out, Banks, Collaros, Laurent I’m sure are fine young men and outstanding citizens. But the truth of the matter is currently they suck as Tiger Cats and not worth the cash – so why not move them elsewhere so that both they and the team can get a fresh start? It was no secret 2 years ago this side of Pacific Blvd. that Wally highly coveted Banks and perhaps Arceneaux was in the mix. Don’t think that’s on the dinner table anymore. If there is still interest then TC’s should jump at the opportunity. And I would not call Jennings a “cast off”…he’s 4 years younger than the 1.5 million dollar man, can scramble effectively and also throw the ball accurately downfield for more than 10 yards.

  24. Trading to your divisional arch rival could be caustic. I believe Collaros will regain his starting role within the next few weeks. Masoli is not the answer.

  25. A top notch receiver like Caleb Holley for an under achieving D-tackle? In your own words… Nevis, the plus-size free agent signing who has failed to live-up to expectations in Bomberland…
    Only a Bomber fan would suggest such a trade. This would be a total rip off for SK.
    Bombers would have to sweeten the pot.

  26. RalphInTheCreek // September 19, 2017 at 12:05 pm //

    For a boat load of Boatmen, not a chance.

  27. If Collaros goes.. so do I

  28. As a life long Cat fan…I would do the trade with Toronto in a heartbeat.
    What Zac was before he got not going to return, he is done.
    Masoli has all the tools..just needs more starts..
    Sure he will have a bad game or two as he moves forward.
    But he has something Zac does not..a short memory.
    That is one of the most important things a QB must have.
    When things go wrong..forget about it, and move forward..ether on the next play, or the next game.
    Zac’s brains are fried…most of his problems are in his head, and he can’t shake it…and prob never will again.
    So do you risk starting him again…having the same thing repeat again ?
    Then his trade stock becomes worthless.
    And it would happen again.
    Over 12 games he has proved just that..
    Trade him..bottom line.

    • Masoli is not the answer. You keep Collaros.

      Get this team one or two new Offensive lineman, preferably Canucks in the offseason via free agency or trade and get Zack behind centre next year.

      It was a tough injury to come back from. Hopefully the time on the sidelines and another offseason will help ZC physically and mentally.

  29. theonlydispassionateriderfan // September 19, 2017 at 5:05 pm //

    With Carter out with an ankle injury, it’s highly unlikely the Riders part with Holley ahead of the deadline.

  30. If the Ticats were offered Canadians and a draft choice by Argos they should have taken it….At .5 million a season he is not providing the team what that price tag demands… trade deadline is approaching and if he isn’t traded then he likely will be released next year with the ticats getting nothing in return… been long time since we have seen a player plummet like Zac but a suspect offensive line and a subpar receiving corps hasn’t helped matters…. maybe a change of scenery will help him find his former game but it certainly isn’t working in Hamilton…

  31. Totally agree Steve. Collaros needs to get his mojo back and that’s going to take time. Without question he was on track to be the MOP in 2015. You don’t lose your ability to play this game at this level at his age. He’ll be fine he just needs a better supporting cast around him and a few wins under his belt. Trading him would be a gigantic mistake. Masoli is a back up quarterback. Always has been always will. In fact he is more of a running back than a quarterback. He is best off the bench where he can come in and change things up with his legs. He is too inconsistent over a whole game and continues to make bad decisions on passing routes. We saw the boneheaded interceptions last week.

    • richinbanff (Rich Wilson) // September 21, 2017 at 5:20 am //

      Yes you do. As Bills fans can attest, they had a guy 10 years ago named Trent Edwards who looked very good as a QB. He got concussed in the fourth game of his second season and he was never the same. Collaros might suffer the same fate.

  32. NotJoshSmith // September 20, 2017 at 4:05 am //

    John Hodge…. proof since 2014 that anyone can pretend to be knowledgeable and write about the CFL

  33. RealKentAustin // September 20, 2017 at 4:09 am //

    To be honest, we don’t talk about potential trades of current players. In regards to the qb position, we need to take a look at the video and then break it down and assess who gives us the best ability to win. It would be unfair to our personnel to address through the media. Amy further questions? Ok, thanks guys.

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