Darian Durant is a hot mess right now

Darian Durant has a case of the throwing yips.

The Montreal Alouettes quarterback was pulled in the first half of his team’s game against the Ottawa Redblacks on Sunday after failing to complete a pass in his first six attempts. Several of the throws came up short, bouncing in front of Montreal receivers.

Durant, starting in the first game under new head coach Kavis Reed, was replaced by Drew Willy in the second quarter.

Reed, who acquired Durant in a trade with Saskatchewan in the off-season and signed him to a contract extension, took over for Jacques Chapdelaine after firing him this week.

This is the second time in three games Durant has been pulled. He came into the game with 2,784 yards, 14 touchdowns, 11 interceptions and a 93.6 quarterback rating for the soon-to-be now 3-9 Alouettes.

Reed tried to explain Durant’s problems during a halftime interview with TSN.

“It comes down to fundamentals. His feet are really bad right now. We have to make sure certain that his footwork is improved because when you’re starting to skip the ball, it’s all mechanics. It’s not anything mental, it’s more of his mechanics,” Reed said before confirming Willy would start the second half. “We’re going to stick with Drew right now. Drew’s been moving the ball effectively. Let Darian digest it a little bit and see where we go from here.”

And here’s Durant after the game…

“I’m trying to get rid of the ball too quickly instead of standing upright and delivering the ball,” said Durant. “When you rush things and rush your footwork, that’s what happens.”

It does not appear that Durant’s struggles will cost him his starting job next week.

The reaction from the fine folks in Saskatchewan was predictable.

Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.
Drew Edwards
Drew Edwards
About Drew Edwards (1494 Articles)
Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.

66 Comments on Darian Durant is a hot mess right now

  1. white stallion in red // September 17, 2017 at 2:49 pm //

    Thank God for Chris Jones?…I didn’t know he could play QB!

    • Lancaster/Reed // September 17, 2017 at 3:11 pm //

      Wow donkey, could you be more obtuse? I see you are still fixated on the riders. Always first to comment. Thats just sad. You need another hobby. And definitely need profesional psycological help to get over this obsession.

      • Lancaster/Reed // September 17, 2017 at 3:12 pm //

        And oh yeah. Riders 4 wins 1 loss vs stamps. Lol you need to get over this too.

      • RJ Johnson Jr // September 17, 2017 at 4:13 pm //

        Don’t worry about Pony Boy, I hear that there’re gonna cut back on his shifts at McDonalds so then maybe his Mom will finally make him get out of the basement and go find a girlfriend.

      • InJonesWeTrust // September 17, 2017 at 5:46 pm //

        no .. but he knows who can’t … just sayin’

  2. Not all Rider fans are jerks. Many of us truly appreciate what Darian did during his time with the Riders and perhaps moreso the type of person he is off the field. Many of us wish Darian the best and hope that he has more magic left in him. Many of us also realize that football is a business and the BUSINESS end meant not paying Darian 400+ with many holes left to address. To say the reaction from the “fine folks in Saskatchewan was predictable” shows a serious lack of class and intelligence. The reaction from a “few jackasses in Saskatchewan” would have been more appropriate.

    • greenrider89 // September 17, 2017 at 3:08 pm //

      Agreed. Durant was one of the all-time greats when he played with the green and white. And he also wished to retire as a Saskatchewan Roughrider. I, along with many Roughrider fans from Rider Nation, wish Durant nothing but continued success with his career in Montreal. Good luck, Darian. By the way, quite rude and biased commentary by the Hamilton reporter from 3downnation.

    • Lancaster/Reed // September 17, 2017 at 3:18 pm //

      Well said Mike. Darian will get a round of applause from rider fans later this year when he returns to Regina to play in new mosaic. The majority of rider fans havent forgotten what he accomplished as a rider, and do wish him to succeed in montreal. On the flip side, there is nothing wrong in acknowledging that Chris Jones made the right call in not signing Durant to a $400k salary.

    • Agreed

    • And maybe Drew knows of more tweets like the one he published but chose not to show them because of the very reaction those who favour Regina are displaying now…

  3. I find it unfortunate that 3down feels the need to constantly try to feed the trolls (really there is just 1 and his multiple personalities it seems). I guess anything to get the clicks and to distract from the “hot mess” that is Hamilton right now. SMH.

  4. Didn’t know one tweet represented an entire province. Plenty of fine folks in Saskatchewan. The reaction from Hamilton is predictable.

    What’s Hamilton’s record again, Drew?

    Buzz off.

    • Drew is just reporting information.

      His job is NOT to be the Regina cheerleader. Besides, that position is already taken by Rod Pederson.

      Drew’s stories have also been critical of my team (Hamilton).

      But instead of keeping my head in the sand, I would rather know what is going on.

      It’s called NEWS.

  5. Montreal can have Durant he is not and will never be worth the money he is making

    • Rick, DD has an incentive laiden contract. He can make up to 450K if he hits them all. I think it’s fair to say that he has left a lot of it out on the table. I would think between 3K and 6K poof up in smoke today. If I have to guess I would say 225-275 guarantee the rest incentive based.

      CJ didn’t even try to work it out with him. It’s unfair that people believe that Darian didn’t want to finish his career in SSK. It was not about money, DD would have put his money on the line for SSK in an incentive contract. CJ may not like him, maybe CJ doesn’t like the fact that fans and executives of the team had more professional respect for him than CJ will ever earn.

      • Colour me green // September 17, 2017 at 9:44 pm //

        You are guessing at CJ’s reasons to let him go. Why assume he didn’t like Him? He let go of a number of veterans, he lost salary and started to rebuild an entire team.
        He has a plan, he is rebuilding a team with players is knows and new ones he has developed.

        • It’s not cap, he didn’t negotiate with him. Darian wanted to retire a Rider. He has said CJ didn’t like him, for someone who has bleed watermelon green Doubles sure got shafted. How CJ treated him in the last game in Mosaic was brutal, I was embarrassed for the Riders, classless move. So cap I don’t buy, his own guys for sure.

          This game is cruel, especially towards the end. Wish Doubles the best.

          • Actually Audible.. Its $400K in guaranteed money with 100k in incentives. Like it or not, CJ made the right choice not to sign him. Imagine where we would be too if we had durant making 400k+ a year. Same spot at the ALS. No Thanks, I’ll take Kevin Glenn and the young stable hands down.

            Sure Darian wanted to retire a Rider, but he wanted to do it for soooo much money that he wasn’t worth. I wish him all the best.. but he made this bed he is sleeping in.

          • Interesting Rob, I can’t reply on your post, internal to 3 Down maybe?!

            His playtime alone could reach 100K, so what about yards passing 2500, 3000, 3500 no additional incentive? Yards rushing? Division All-Star, MOP no incentive for that?

            Currently, doing some quick math I estimate with incentives he is probably around 350-400K. Can he earn over 400K you bet.

            Your math doesn’t add up, these are pretty standard incentives with a CFL QB. If you have more specific information please share? His base is not 400 K, sorry just not possible. 100K in incentives is not incentive laiden enough, pay for performance.

            I think our current good ole boys, CJ and Murph, like to spin things to their advantage. They left Doubles high and dry, never gave him an opportunity to mentor a new young gun. How the heck do you know that he wanted soooo much money it wasn’t worth it when there was no, zeroooo, nada, nooo attempt by SSK to negotiate. This seems like smoke and mirrors to me.

            By the way 400K for a starting QB is in the lower half of the league. Ray, Mitchell, Nichols, Collaros and Reilly make more than that, Harris should make more. Leaving BC, SSK and Montreal.

            Doubles got stuck in Edmontons 2007 Chapdelaine designed and called short pass, no commitment to the run miserable offensive system ( if you can call it that) reincarnated in MTL in 2017. Stop trying to disparage the man.

          • George Porge // September 18, 2017 at 2:51 pm //

            “They left Doubles high and dry, never gave him an opportunity to mentor a new young gun.”

            Durant had many years to mentor new quarterbacks. You got Drew Willy, Seth Doege, and Tino Sunseri as a result. Suffice it to say, it’s pretty clear he was either unable or unwilling to mentor anyone.

      • All Doubles fault right? The organization and coaching staff, especially HC explaining expectations of mentoring and taking a step back wouldn’t have anything to do with that?

        How is it Darian’s fault that the GM brought in talent that wasn’t good enough even if developed and mentored to start? Drew Willy, Seth Doege and Tino? We still have the same problem! A bunch of unproven guys getting no time behind Glenn.

        Does anyone actually believe that Kevin Glenn is a long term solution? The guy can’t stand the heat in his kitchen and cracks under pressure. CJ has gotten away with paying less because he has had horseshoes up his wazoo with Glenn this year. Where is the development and mentoring Glenn is providing?

        Hypocrisy knows no bounds.

  6. white stallion in red // September 17, 2017 at 3:52 pm //

    I was just making a light hearted joke!!

    As things are Jones appears to have made the right choice.
    Could Durant still have been effective in Sask or on a better team than Montreal? That is something we don’t know.

    • Lancaster/Reed // September 17, 2017 at 4:33 pm //

      Donkey its becoming more about the frequency and obsession than the content of your assinine statements. Why do care so much about the riders? Why must you always be first to comment, and why must they usually have a rider connection? Is the loss of 4 of 5 playoff games to the riders that much of an issue that you simply cant forgive the riders ? Thus you must denegrate them every chance that arises? Why? SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP.

      • George Porge // September 18, 2017 at 1:09 pm //

        I think you know the answer there, LR. Some of you seem to get triggered faster than a feminist at a Milo Yiannopoulos rally at the mere mention of anything even remotely Rider-related. All he has to do is tap his keyboard a few dozen times, click “post” and then sit back with a bucket of popcorn and watch you guys lose your shit.

        Honestly, even Jason Maas whines less than you guys do.

  7. Usually, the trolls are mostly in the comments section. This time the article writer is the one living under a bridge.

  8. RalphInTheCreek // September 17, 2017 at 4:01 pm //

    I think Reed has a bright future in Montreal.1

  9. Article printed solely as ‘click bait’. Put an article up about the Riders or former Rider and you get Rider Nation clicking and horsie commenting numerous times.
    One tweet does not reflect how Rider Nation feels about Durant. Most will remember how DD lead the Riders to the 2013 Grey Cup, without him the Riders do not win the WSF against the Lions.

    • Lets not forget the crazy good O-line and Sheets that year either… It wasn’t just DD.

      • Doubles was the leader. Not sure why you want to continue to minimize his contribution. I can’t speak for anyone else, I feel you have no case my friend, whatever your agenda is I can tell you this, when you were there you know. If you were there and you are casting these seeds of doubt I have to wonder why.

        Stop disparaging the man.

        • Audible.. The same could be said about you trying to save his face. The first thing that comes to mind is when he was saying it was the will of the football gods that he beat us. I lost the last bit of respect that he had. If he didn’t act like a child running around the field and screaming obscenities at the Rider bench. Could have been a different story. Grow up and get some class. The will of the football gods is him showing his true colors now.

          To say he is the single reason we won the grey or won games for that matter, is laughable. I’m pretty sure football is a team sport.. Not an I sport. He was one of many team leaders.

          I’m waiting for a moderation on my last post to you, He was never going to sit here and mentor anyone. He could barely be on the sidelines while he was hurt, let alone sit by the OC and QB’s to give his two cents. He would rather sit at the end of bench by himself, or hanging with the rest of hurt players.. Or just not be on the sidelines at all for that matter. Not once did you see him mentor. He only had a few years to do that, and he failed that job miserably.

        • Oh and check your facts on his salary.. Its $400k guaranteed money, with a $225k signing bonus and $100k in incentives. Google is a wondrous thing.

          • The 225k is part of his base salary, his incentives are more than 100K, guaranteed. He is on track to make 400K. I can google, unlike you, I don’t believe everything I read. A player contract isn’t two lines-summarized by Murray.

            Again- to be clear, 400K for a starting QB is in the bottom 1/3 salaries of QB’s in the league. MTL, SSK and BC

            I understand now from your previous post that you have strong feelings about Doubles that are negative. I could debate this with you all day, because my experience was very different. Sad way to end things in a place he loves and for the most part, loves him.

          • Lmao! Where on google have you found your information? Did you make a page or something and use that a reference? leaderpost, 3down, cbc, ctv all stat that he is making $400k base salary guaranteed, with a $225k signing bonus and $100k incentives. He was making $450k in Regina in 2016. How are my numbers miscued? Maybe check your sources again.
            How can he have $100k in guaranteed incentives? Incentive is based off of play time, wins, etc. It can’t be guaranteed… That makes no sense..
            he isn’t earning a single cent of his current wage. Again I will take Kevin Glenn and our stable of young guns. Montreal can have him and all of his “glory”

            I loved Durant like the rest of ridernation.. but that crap he pulled the first time he faced us.. that was classless.. and lost any respect from a lot fans. Again he made his bed, he can sleep in it.

  10. RJ Johnson Jr // September 17, 2017 at 4:18 pm //

    I think that the Durrant situation, and maybe the (healthy) Glenn situation highlight the fact that a good QB does NOT guarantee a good team, and – a good team CAN make a QB better. On the right team Durrant “might” still be a star, and if BLM was playing in Montreal, he’d be struggling too.

  11. To all Rider fans:

    1) If you don’t like negative reporting or commentary about your team, go to the Green Kool Aid website (a.k.a. Riderville). “Never shall be heard, a discouraging word”.

    2) I find it incredible how inflamed all of you become at the comments by White Stallion / Horse Power or whatever his / her handle is now. Many of you have replied calling him a troll… if he’s trolling, why does it bother you, and why do you feel compelled to respond?

    • That wasn’t negative reporting or commentary about our team. That was making the mistake of painting all of Saskatchewan with the same brush because of the actions or in this case tweets of a few idiots. That would be like me saying all of the media are idiots because Drew posted what he did.

      Regarding the horses ass….when you are forced to read the same crap over and over….eventually you just flat out get sick of it. Unfortunately for the majority of us we love the CFL and we want news on the on goings in the league. 3Down can be a good place for that….however a certain couple people would rather ruin it for everyone with there constant negative comments and obvious obsession.

      • George Porge // September 18, 2017 at 12:49 am //

        “certain couple people would rather ruin it for everyone with there constant negative comments and obvious obsession.”

        Pot. Meet Kettle.

  12. Leo clueless – as this site is 3downation one would think that the site should welcome all fans of the CFL game for information, conversation and a little sparring – not constant negativity. This makes the first part of your uhhh..”point” > ” If you don’t like negative reporting or commentary about your team” a pretty standard pin head comment. Perhaps you should drag your sorry as* to your Web site aND hAve a slurp oUT of tge trough yourself….oh right, you don’t have one. One thing for certain – you are an athletic supporter but not of the fan variety!

    • If you have to resort to name calling, you’ve lost the argument.

      3DownNation does welcome all fans of the CFL game and post articles about all of the teams. It’s just that fans of one particular team get completely bent out of shape over any negative comment (valid or not) about their team.

      • It’s because the fans of one particular team continually put up with bs comments. I’m the first to admit when my team sh*ts the bed and noted that right after the game Friday. After last night’s game in conversation with horse I indicated that the Calgary D was perhaps the best in the league and my Riders would be in deep if they played as they did against Hamilton. Had a friendly jab at the fan base but did not attack his team.

        I consider myself a very objective fan but die hard loyal to my team. When people such as yourself tell us to leave a public site and go to the “Green Kool Aid” website you are no better than those who bash. If your team took it as regularly as mine (assuming you have one) you may tire of the same constant sh*t too.

        • The question needs to be asked:

          Why is one particular team targeted with trolling and, as you put it, “BS comments”?

          Could it be because of the wildly partisan, unobjective, and sanctimonious nature of most of it’s fan base? I’ll leave it to the readers of 3DownNation to decide.

          No other team in the CFL is as divisive as the Riders.

          • Lancaster/Reed // September 17, 2017 at 9:13 pm //

            You want to talk about wildly partisan, unobjective and sanctimonious? There is no one on these boards as consistantly arrogant and troll-like as donkey. No rider fan, or anyone else for that matter, comes within a country mile of his antics.

          • Well Leo..I have had “fans” go off about the Riders on topics that don’t relate – this amounts to “bs” I could give a flying rats as* about a little back and forth – I enjoy it – it’s part of the sport. Constant “bs” gets old fast. I don’t lump all fans of one team or Province as you have so have a look at the 3 fingers pointing back at yourself. Also…if you have lumped me into the “unobjective” category your sadly mistaken. I give credit where credit is due and call bs when needed. Good chat Leo

  13. Click bate.. I love it. Drew man, come on. I expect this from your Pop Warner knowledge level with zero connection contributors with unsurpassable bias’ with their noses stuck in a jock but you, come on man.

    Darian Durant doesn’t deserve you piling on. He’s not washed up, just having a tough time. Needs to watch a little Bull Durham and come up with a way to get over his challenge.

    Hard enough that he lost his playtime bonus today.

  14. antoine lussier // September 17, 2017 at 5:33 pm //


  15. Just his stance? Omg I think it’s more than that. Lets see……….new unqualified head coach and ……… GM laughably! New OQ laughable. And new DQ? Non of the above are qualified. I’m thinking the season can be blamed on ownership.

  16. Why do I have a craving for a blizzard?

  17. Come on, Drew. Like the Ticats QB, reportedly the highest paid QB in the league, has been such a great QB this year. Both Collaros and Durant both have good games left in them but both have taken a major hit to the confidence. In either case, not a huge surprise. Quoting a classless Rider fan to disrespect Durant is disgusting. Why not quote a Rider fan who respects and remembers what Durant did for the Riders? Darian is a classy individual and player and deserves better than that. The whole league seems to be a little short of class these days; throwing everyone under the bus seems to be a national pastime. Check out what is going on around Durant and Collaros for that matter, before judging anyone so harshly.

  18. DURANT hasn’t been healthy the last few years I don’t blame Jone’s at all for not paying him Durant was all about him

    • Enough slready // September 17, 2017 at 9:11 pm //

      If you really believe that Durant was all about him but Jones is a classy, intelligent person with good people skills, then you really have no idea. Jones is all about him and only has respect for “his guys”. Whatever Jones chose to do with Durant was his decision, his call. But the way he handled that situation tells a lot about what Jones is about and a part of Rider Nation has chosen to follow in Jones classless, disrespectful path. It is a shame to treat someone that gave that much to this franchise and brought in one of only four Grey Cups with disdain and ridicule. Thankfully some of us in Rider nation will always appreciate Darian Durant.

  19. Colour me green // September 17, 2017 at 9:57 pm //

    Give it a shot, ignore the horse collar guys comments for a month. Talk around him and soon you won’t even read his posts. Reply to everyone else until he changes his handle.
    Durant was not playing well and injured. Look at Tate, good example of injury history, Lulay the same. Loved Durant but it was his time to transition to backup and mentor.

  20. I agree with some of the criticisms that come from trole. I believe it’s his delivery that offputs people. And his way of following his team like he’s apart of some kind of horse cult. Otherwise he’s good with me

  21. This website is such trash. The article is writtten like a high school kid who just got dumped.

  22. Listen I too agree that the majority of SK fans wish Durant success unless it’s against our team. However Darian can sometimes be his own worst enemy. Even when he was here in SK.
    What has some fans disappointed was Darians words and reaction at the end of the 1st game of the year. Taunting the Riders sidelines and then suggesting the football Gods were on his side. Simply because Darian said before the game that everything was behind him and that he had moved in. I think that seemed to ruffle a lot of feathers.
    What comments I’ve read locally all seem to point to the football Gods seem to have foresaken him.

  23. Someone with Durant’s experience and touted ability, and his problems are FUNDAMENTALS??!!!…Shouldn’t those be already worked out and set.

    And, they’re bringing in a consultant (Ken Miller) for this guy??!!

    Makes you wonder How this Durant managed for so long in Regina???

  24. Extremely good point. With all due respect to Darian and coach Miller, this reeks of desperation.

  25. It’s a shame . Im a die hard rider fan and watched this guy’s magic for few years when he was young . Dude doesn’t have it any more.there was always flaws in his game (cannot throw a screen pass to save his life ) but he was a winner. “It” . Hes not that old . I’d think he’d have some humility now that kg is making him look silly . Kg saved Calgary some respectable seasons I’d say. On good teams. The riders are good now. So is Kevin Glenn .. Chris Jones saw through his humility and ability. Protect the man. Everyone talks of future but what’s wrong with right now?? Damon Allen succeed for ages. So did calvillo. Enjoy this ride rider fans because I am. I seem to remember even tracy ham struggling with TO then found a good team again in Montreal (Mike pringle show ). Durants career might not be over but until he gets humble and realizes he’s done nothing in the past 4 years now he might possibly be a cancer on any team .. especially commanding that salary. I loved the 09 Durant . Fearless . Today’s Durant is an entitled bum. Good move Chris Jones and crew.

    • Respectfully, DA was pretty bad at the end. I think Pinball counted on Stubler’s bend but don’t break defence to pick 6 and create outstanding field position.

      I have to say for me, it is a sad situation to see things end like this for Durant.

  26. You can’t pay one player 400+ and not have other parts of your team suffer. That is a huge amount out of your salary cap. Chris Jones wasn’t willing to do that. I wish Darian well. He was a class act on and off the field but to rebuild you can’t shell out that much for one individual.

    • Yes you can. The average starting QB in this league makes more than 450K. Sorry to disagree, I want the Riders to rebuild too.

      By the way, I think both Franklin and Adams make backup salaries of around 100K. I would love to see Adams have a shot to play. Unfortunately, CJ is too busy with his own agenda to develop him.

  27. From Durant’s POV, he’s getting paid a lot to sit again. No all bad for him.

  28. He’s gotten paid literally millions to sit for years after he cashed in on grey cup 13 that we apparently bought. It was a fun and glorious ride even if it gutted us for a good while . Haha sheets only got paid like 60 grand that year but he got his injury money from Oakland I believe . I used to love hearing about these guys going to work in the oil patch like regular dudes like me. Even had some working “shut down’s ” with me at local plant . Never see Durant doing this. No way… I loved the guy when he had “it”and defended his ability to win in so many conversation’s. Then he got paid and never came back to Earth. It’s a cheap league and if you command too much all I can think is players will tune you out making far less in my opinion. Like I said before I think Darian will find his way in a right situation but not until he’s humbled .. hes tainted now because of this .. sorry to say. If the whettehall’s had any brains left they’d consider cutting this man and his contract. I love the comment on mentoring. Ive never been directly beside him but I’ve never seen it from afar either . I remember in 2015 .. unlucky injury and huge contract in hand taman said he’d be the best paid coordinator and coach out there .. barely saw the man the whole year. I think he was back home in n.c. just saying what I observed . Did anyone see Kevin Glenn “re”emerging like this? I didn’t. Loving the ride thus year. You never know guy could get his grey cup after all. Besides the “mistake”he’s become synonymous for (see Henry Burris ) the man deserves it. Like i said it’s cfl you just never know

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