Riders OL Derek Dennis target of Ticats’ Demond Washington spit

Riders offensive lineman Derek Dennis was on the other end of a loogie in Hamilton.

Ticats defensive back Demond Washington did the spitting.

“I guess he thought I was trying to be with dirty him, when I really wasn’t, just an accidental hand hit him. I guess it hit him in the stomach or somewhere,” Dennis explained to CJME’s Arielle Zerr. “He came up to me talking mess. I just told him like ‘you’re just a little DB I’m not going to sit here and argue with you for no reason, if you really got a problem with me we can address it later’ and I guess he took it upon himself to spit in my face.”

“I know that winning the game is more important to me than settling personal beefs, but I’m not happy about it,”

Washington was ejected from the game immediately after the incident in the third quarter, a 25-yard penalty was assessed.

On the very next snap, Canadian quarterback Brandon Bridge hit Naaman Roosevelt for a 23-yard touchdown which put Saskatchewan ahead 27-10.

The five-foot-nine and 178-pound cover man was really going above his weight class against the reigning Most Outstanding Lineman who checks in at six-foot-three and 345 pounds.


26 Comments on Riders OL Derek Dennis target of Ticats’ Demond Washington spit

  1. Spitting is an unacceptable vile action carried out by cowards.

  2. *on another human being*

  3. Dan Bombers // September 16, 2017 at 11:50 am //

    After all his penalties and this bone head move I’d be very surprised he’s around next week

  4. white stallion in red // September 16, 2017 at 11:53 am //

    Spitting is inexcusable.
    This is a good time to remember the importanance of good sportsmanship

    • Did you really just reference “good sportsmanship” donkey ? Thats rich – good sportsmanship is relevant not just on and off field, but also in classless unsportsmanlike comments.

  5. white stallion in red // September 16, 2017 at 12:27 pm //

    Grossest thing ever. One labour day Edmonton’s Raheem Abdullah spit in Calgary’s Randy Chevier’s mouth. A few days later he had strep throat

  6. Ya , an unintentional hit with a hand by that monster . Ya like I’m going to believe that. There are two sides to every story

    • So a hit intentional or otherwise is a green light to spit on another person ?

    • Johnny Blumpkin // September 16, 2017 at 12:50 pm //

      There is absolutely no justification – ever – for spitting on another person.

      Two sides to every story or not, zero justification.

      • Bang on Johnny. As per horsies story on Chevy – could have been way worse than strep. Assault is what it is bottom line

    • Where was the hit? Somewhere near the stomach he thinks…or maybe somewhere close by? Still not a reason to spit.(referring to Rider’s comment ).I do not like this at all and maybe should have left this addition out, are my feelings.

  7. solara 2000 // September 16, 2017 at 1:54 pm //

    That’s not the type of player I support; that’s not Tiger Cat football.

    • Of course it’s not….every team has hot heads, unfortunate that Washington overstepped the boundaries. As far as the Eastern teams go , I would have to say Hamilton is the team I support

  8. I have no idea what Ang would say now but I suspect when playing he would know spitting only occurs after a take down and someone is on top and spits on you. Refs can’t call that

  9. What Washington did was gross…
    As a life long Cat fan…their is no excuse for his conduct.
    Not only did he cost a touchdown after his penalty and get ejected.
    It was the turning point of the game…in the Cats lo loss.
    You will not see him in another game in a Ti Cats uniform.
    He will be sent packing before the end of the weekend.
    As he should be….bottom line.

  10. Packie McBurgers // September 16, 2017 at 4:15 pm //

    See ya, fool.

    Freakin gross.

  11. Regardless spitting is despicable. Hope he gets a suspension. If Austin tolerates thistype of behavior I’ll be shocked

  12. In public life if someone spits on you they can be charged with assault.who knows that they may have HIV. Gross mìsconduct.

  13. I’m sorry but Demond Washington was jacked up way before he spat. When he cranked a crossing route by receiver Roosevelt on the 10 yard line knocking him down. Instead of 3rd down and the Riders would have had to settle for a Field Goal. The Riders were given a 1st down and they ended up scoring a TD on 2 tries. Then the spitting infraction gave the Riders awesome field position and scored another TD the next play. Plus Washington had also picked up a penalty before these 2. Not sure what he ate or drank before the game but what ever it was. It sure put him in a selfish mood. If I was a TiCat player ID be taking a few team members over to talk to him. Totally unacceptable behaviour from a player in a team sport. Very self absorbed individual.

  14. I agree with you all — spitting is considered an assault because of the DNA it carries. Washington took at least two other bad penalties earlier in the game. I don’t know how valuable he has been to the team this year, but it should result in a suspension by the team to see if he can get his head back on straight.

  15. And a Bomber fan spit on Duron Carter from the stands in Regina during the Labour Day classic. What’s with this spitting epidemic? Didn’t any of these people have parents to teach them manners?

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