The new CFL Twitter emojis, ranked

Twitter emojis and hashtags have become the new cool thing in online sports circles and the CFL finally got in the game with the release of new Twitter emojis Wednesday afternoon.

The league unveiled 10 new emojis, one for each team and one for the Grey Cup, and I am here to rank them.

10. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (#ForTheW)

I have never been much of a fan of Winnipeg’s “For the W” campaign because it treads a little too close to the Chicago Cubs’ “Fly the W” slogan, but I can’t lie and say it doesn’t work them and I have come around on it. What doesn’t, however, is their awful emoji. A pair of hands making a W? What is this, a Weezer tribute? The Argos got their A logo, so why not just give the Bombers their W logo? By far the worst of the bunch.

9. B.C. Lions (#BCLions)

The Lions’ emoji is fine, and may even hover into the cool territory since that logo has always looked dope, but the accompanying hashtag is just boring. Had they gone with something a little more fun, like #RoarYouLionsRoar, this would climb up the rankings.

8. Montreal Alouettes (#AlsMTL)

What is Montreal’s official hashtag? At various times over the years, #AlsMTL, #Alouettes and #Als have all trended when Alouettes news breaks. This was time to finally settle on something and the best one would have been #DirtyBirds.

7. Calgary Stampeders (#GoStampsGo)

There isn’t much here to love or hate, so it kind of just is and it takes up a spot in the middle of the pack.

6. Toronto Argonauts (#ArgosFootball)

I love the simple use of the team’s helmet A logo, but #ArgosFootball is a little lame. I get that they are using it as a marketing slogan, but I wish something a little more eye popping, like #DoubleBlue, would have been used.

5. Saskatchewan Roughriders (#RiderPride)

Rider Pride is great and all, but the #13thMan layup was right there and you whiffed.

4. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (#HamiltonProud)

Now we get to the good ones. My only issue with the Ticats hashtag is that Hamilton Proud is their current marketing gimmick and who knows how long it stays. Had this been #OskeeWeeWee, it would have finished first.

3. Ottawa Redblacks (#RNation)

I hate that #RNation is on the team’s pants, but this has been their go-to slogan since day one and the emoji with the wood cookie and the burnt on logo is fantastic. No complaints here.

2. Edmonton Eskimos (#OneEmpire)

I absolutely love the One Empire slogan, especially when it is done stylistically and the two E’s make up the team logo. Best marriage of slogan and emoji of all the teams.

1. Grey Cup (#GreyCup)

Simple and to the point. And since the Grey Cup is the best trophy in all of sports, it is easily the best emoji.

Josh Smith

Josh Smith

Josh has been writing about the Ticats and the CFL since 2010 and was sporting his beard way before it was cool. Will be long after, too.
Josh Smith
Josh Smith
About Josh Smith (352 Articles)
Josh has been writing about the Ticats and the CFL since 2010 and was sporting his beard way before it was cool. Will be long after, too.

12 Comments on The new CFL Twitter emojis, ranked

  1. grumblingaboutgreen // September 13, 2017 at 5:35 pm //

    oh MAN i wish wed had that RIDER design in november 2009! instant CLASSIC! in RETROSPECT it would have been GREAT if number 13 calvillo had switched JERSEY numbers with number 15 duval after the GREY CUP so that duval could HONOUR the ones that made their win POSSIBLE.

  2. I’m certainly biased as a WBB fan, but I think #FortheW is great. As an adult who grew up during the birth of online gaming and acronyms like FTW, I find it fun and nostalgic (if not slightly dated in an endearing way). The fact that it’s riffing on FTW while being a hashtag (ie used online) is, to me, part of what makes it smart.

    Agree that the emoji itself sucks though. The WBB big W is so iconic I can’t see why they didn’t just use that.

  3. white stallion in red // September 13, 2017 at 6:39 pm //

    I love Winnipeg’s..
    Winnipeg also owns the right to 13 now if they wanted the option

  4. Even though I grew up in Winnipeg I have to say that the #10 ranking isn’t low enough. A middle finger instead of the hands would have been an improvement. Love the Ottawa emoji!

  5. white stallion in red // September 13, 2017 at 9:07 pm //

    Let’s be clear. We can grade on style all we want. If we grade on branding Calgary’s wins hands down. You see that white stallion (not to be mistaken with Ford’s Mustang) you think greatness, quality, magnificance!!

    • The fact that people need to be reminded to not confuse the logo with another underscores how ordinary and common it is. 😉

      • white stallion in red // September 14, 2017 at 11:04 am //

        Yet so much more creative than the 6 teams that simple have a letter on theirs..including the safeway logo

  6. Love the horse but Go Stamps Go has got to go. Go Riders Go, Go Cats Go. Lame.

  7. “I hate that #RNation is on the team’s pants…”

    Does anyone even notice it’s there anymore? I tend to forget that it’s even included in the uniform.

    That said, for a team launched in 2014 that gained its popularity in large part due to their social media presence, I find it makes perfect sense. It’s not a personal feature of mine either, but for this team, it fits. It wouldn’t for any other.

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