Alouettes GM Kavis Reed: ‘Just OK is not enough’

By Bill Beacon

The Montreal Alouettes fired head coach Jacques Chapdelaine and defensive co-ordinator/assistant head coach Noel Thorpe on Wednesday.

The team said general manager Kavis Reed will serve as head coach until the end of the season.

“This decision was taken over the course of a few weeks,” Reed said at a morning availability. “We had a meeting yesterday. There’s never a right time.”

Quarterbacks coach Anthony Calvillo will take over offensive co-ordinator duties while defensive line coach Greg Quick will handle the defence.

The Alouettes are 3-8, have lost four games in a row, and sit third in the weak CFL East Division.

Reed said a new head coach would be in place for the 2018 campaign.

“Regardless of what happens, the franchise will have a head coach and it won’t be me,” he said.

The moves came a day after team co-owner Andrew Wetenhall warned there may be changes if the club does not start winning games and make the playoffs for the first time in three years.

Chapdelaine was promoted to interim head coach when Jim Popp was removed last September with the team mired in last place at 3-9. He took them to a 4-2 record over the final six games, but it was not enough to secure a playoff spot.

The interim tag on his job title was removed after the season, and Reed was handed the general manager’s job when Popp was fired.

Reed called Chapdelaine “a phenomenal individual,” but would not discuss the reasons on why the changes were made.

Chapdelaine was the team’s fourth head coach since Marc Trestman’s five-year stint ended after the 2012 season. Neither Chapdelaine, Dan Hawkins, Tom Higgins or Popp could produce a consistent winner.

Thorpe was with the Alouettes on and off since 2002. Defence has been the team’s main strength since he took over as co-ordinator in 2013.

“Everything’s relative,” Reed said. “If it’s just OK, we’re not going to be able to have the kind of team we want. Just OK is not enough. We felt our defence was good but never one you would call elite.”

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  1. maybe he should have showed up for work on time. Good example to follow smh

  2. You have to be kidding.. Reed as Gm Hc.. Joe Mack in the back ground. as Assist GM and and a lady as the other.. This is really going well in Montreal.
    Who do you think has been making all the decisions. On personnel . The Former head coach.???

    • Wow, what exactly would discount a woman from Executive or Senior Leadership of a professional sports franchise? So much for Ambosie’s celebrate diversity. Be careful not to injure your knuckles while they are dragging on the floor.


  3. I wonder who’s the can’t miss prospect for next year’s draft?

  4. “Just OK is not enough.” Lol…You’ve carved out a pretty good career from barely meeting that standard. Don’t knock it!

  5. white stallion in red // September 13, 2017 at 1:17 pm //

    You are not even “just ok”

  6. “Just OK is not enough.”

    If that’s the case, then why is Reed still the GM??

  7. Hahaha don’t worry lavish will fix it hahahaha

  8. I ment kavis

  9. Why am I banned from this sight under just saying? I have to use B.R to post. Can anyone tell me,

    • Good chance you are not banned, I thought that of myself once

      btw dumb move by Montreal, should have fired Reeve, Chappy is great coach… also they are making the questions tougher here, I just had 6+7 getting tricky

  10. wow this is amazing, i knew changes were coming, but a hc n def-co. really. more to meets the eye in this one, only time will tell what is going on in montreal./

  11. …..there has to be consequences.

  12. How does this guy not only continued to be employed in this league after repeatedly being bad at his job but keep getting promotions and more responsibility?

    He has been bad in every role he has had and yet Montreal is giving him more? No wonder that team is in the position they are in if they think Kavis Reed should be making the decisions for that club.

  13. How does Reed keep a job? wtf? That Montreal owner seems clueless to me!

  14. What has Reed ever done, who ever thought of hiring him. Chappy was not the problem, this is a joke

  15. Kavis Reed was a pathetically bad hire as a GM. You got to wonder what’s going on in Montreal. It just dosen’t make any sense.

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