3DownNation Podcast: Consequences: Alouettes changes, QB injuries and implications and NFL returnees

Drew Edwards and Justin Dunk examine the Alouettes consequences, what the spate of QB injuries over the weekend mean for each team and how impactful players coming back from the NFL can be.


6 Comments on 3DownNation Podcast: Consequences: Alouettes changes, QB injuries and implications and NFL returnees

  1. Kavis Reed got rid of the core players on the Als. Maybe he wanted to establish his own team rather that have a Jim Popp team. Wrong man for the job. He’s made some bad decisions. He traded Adams so who is the QB of the future for the Als? Drew Willey ?? Als in worse shape than the Ti Cats

  2. Popp checked out long before he was fired. He left brutal contracts and zero NI depth. Every GM in the league would have done what Kavis did with SJ. HUGE contract big risk coming off of a nasty difficult injury. TiCats will have a strong finish.

  3. Drew – obviously you have never seen a torn Achilles tendon if you don’t think it can be assessed on the field. Very ugly injury and very obvious to a laymen with no medical background.

  4. Reed did what the owner wanted. Now the shoe is on the other foot. The W’s and L’s will tell the story on Kravis from hear on out. If there are more L’s than W’s there could be a new GM in Montreal in 2018 also. Can anybody say DANNY MACHOCIA!!

    • After his previous up & down experiences in the the CFL, he’s more happier with his stability & success in university football. I think Maciocia is staying put at the Universite de Montreal & I don’t blame him. The Al’s are sadly a unstable circus at the moment & I don’t think it will change anytime soon.

  5. Reed is the biggest idiot in the league followed by Jason Maas.He is the moron that signed Durant to guaranteed 400k a year,Jackson 200k a year,trade Greene for a 6th round draft pick,trade their best qb Adams,and cut Bear Woods.Now the fool wants to be a head coach again since he did so well in Edmonton.This team became worse this week and he will be looking for work at the end of the year.

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