Redblacks QB Trevor Harris will be out “a matter of weeks”

Ottawa quarterback Trevor Harris will be out a “matter of weeks” according to head coach Rick Campbell.

He told TSN 1200 in Ottawa that it’s not a devastating injury, but it’s going to be about how fast his body reacts – the right throwing shoulder is bruised.

Harris took a big hit from Ticats defensive lineman Davon Coleman on Saturday and that forced him from the game.

Backup Drew Tate came in, but he could not lead the Redblacks to a comeback win as Ottawa fell 26-22.

Full interview on Harris’ injury here.


4 Comments on Redblacks QB Trevor Harris will be out “a matter of weeks”

  1. You know when people say “I could have done a better job” and you know it’s nonsense?

    Well I think I could have done a better job than left guard Alex Mateas on that play. I can trip over my own feet on a back pedal as well as anyone.

    The injuries to Jake Silas and Tommy Draheim have been absolute murder. Lauzon-Seguin is clearly not ready to be a full-time right tackle. He did well at guard and should be in Mateas’ spot because as that play demonstrates, Mateas hasn’t quite grown like you’d expect a 1st overall pick to.

  2. Not good. Hope Drew does well.

  3. Tate will be fine. The more reps and playing time he gets will make a world of difference in his performance. He has basically played 2.5 games of football over the past 3 years and his injuries limited him in his playing time before that. Basically, since Bo took over in Calgary, Drew hasn’t seen the field besides holding the ball on field goal attempts. He may not be Trevor Harris, but as long as he gets the ball in the hands of his playmakers the Red Blacks should be okay. While Harris has played well this year, the Red Blacks still have a losing record and have been inconsistent in their play. More to worry about there than Drew Tate.

    • My biggest worry about Tate is the protection he’s going to get (or not) and the gif above helps illustrate why. It’s not like he has a history of durability, either.

      I love Harris but he’s not the most mobile guy. Tate is better in that sense and while the difference between the two may not be as dramatic as between Collaros and Massoli, that aspect of it might benefit the RedBlacks in a similar way that it benefited the TiCats. Massoli made Jonathan Newsome look silly a couple of times.

      I beleive Massoli was only sacked once which, correct me if I’m wrong, is a huge contrast to how often Collaros would end up on his back.

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