Esks coach Jason Mass goes off in post-game scrum

Edmonton Eskimos head coach Jason Mass was emotional after Saturday’s loss to the Calgary Stampeders. In his scrum with reporters after the game, he questioned the officiating, the CFL’s concussion protocol, the competency of the command centre, explained his lack of discipline on the sidelines and feels the timing on the 44-man roster rule should be changed.

Q: Did you get an explanation as to what the spotter saw to take [quarterback] Mike [Reilly] out at that crucial time in the red zone?

Maas: “I don’t know what he saw. In the year in a half that I’ve coached Mike, I’ve seen him take tons of hits. We have an award here, he gets something every year which is called the toughest in the league award. Toughest in the league. And he takes one hit and a guy thinks he’s got a concussion. He takes him out in the red zone? I mean, what our league is about, is about protecting our players, I’m grateful for that. But, you know, it is what it is. They decide to take him out, our doctors, right when he came off the field knew he was fine but yet he had to be out for three plays. That’s the rules and we had to abide by them.”

Q: Do you have a return date at all for Sean Whyte?

Maas: “I think he’s going to be back soon. We’ll see about him kicking this week and see if he’s capable of it. But as soon as he can get back in his form, he’ll be back in the line up.”

Q: Going back to that Reilly hit, do you think that if the spotter takes him out of the game that there should have been a flag?

Mass: “I would suppose if he got hit, a hit that could cause you to go out of the game – so I’m assuming your head got rung, and usually when you’re head gets rung, as usually when you’re head gets rung, it’s a hit to the head… I didn’t really see the play to be quite honest with you. But again, I just think, I guess our league is about safety. But our player doesn’t stay on the ground, he gets back up and he’s in the red zone and somebody in Toronto wants to make the assumption that he’s hurt and our doctors, as soon as he walks off the field look at him and know Mike Reilly better than anybody knows him and can do all the things in a play or two, why does he have to be out three plays? That would be my question. If he’s not the one staying down and a spotter is telling him to go out but that’s our league rule right now and I’m not questioning it, I’m not – I love the CFL. I don’t want to get fined for anything I’m about to say. But at the same time, there are some times when circumstances come up in games when you can start questioning things that are being done in our league.

“If our quarterback can not wobble off the field but he can jog off the field, run off the field, go see a doctor and in a split second they tell him, ask him all the ten questions they need to ask him and he should be back sooner than three plays, why does he have to stay out three plays. That would be my question. That was someone else’s judgment and it happened to be in a critical moment of the game for us, in the red zone area and so obviously I don’t agree with it because I know Mike Reilly and I watch him get up after every single hit because, again, he’s the toughest quarterback in our league. There ain’t no doubt about that. So to take him out of the play like that when he’s not wobbly and he’s not staying on the ground, it”s a judgment call by somebody and, in my opinion, it wasn’t the right call. But somebody made it.”

Q: This game is a rivalry for a reason. Is it tough to preach discipline when it’s easy to lose?

Maas: “Discipline is discipline. They know the difference between right and wrong. Again, do our players know not to throat slash or do anything objectionable? Yes, they do. Sometimes, your emotions get the best of you. Right now we are not good enough in that department.”

Q: We saw a penalty for the bench too, for the coach tonight.

Maas: “Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, you did see that. And I have one challenge flag to use and obviously you could tell by my displeasure of throwing my headset down that I wasn’t very pleased with what I assumed was an obvious call. I went into this two game series with a 72 per cent in all my challenges and I lost both challenges against Calgary, somehow, some way. So, that one looked pretty obvious to me, I don’t know how in any league you can go and grab a guy’s arms twice in a play – not hand fight – but actually grab a guy’s arms before he goes up and that’s okay. That’s not called DPI? Again, can I not question what other people make judgments on? I assume I can. And I assume that’s what you’re asking me the questions for so that you guys can hear my opinion on it. Again, I don’t want to get fiend for it, and I love the CFL, but if I can’t question somebody’s judgment at times than I don’t now. I just don’t agree with the call and that’s why you saw what I did. I got he 15-yard penalty for it, it was at the end of the half so did it matter? No.”

Q: Speaking of player safety Jason, the rule with Mercy Maston, because he got injured after you declared the 44-man roster

Maas: “You man the 44-man roster where we have two guys that we pay that don’t get to play, unless it’s one hour before the game that you decide you want to put him in. 59 minutes you couldn’t play him, so we have a player that goes down, ruptures his Achilles, he’s out for the season, we have a DB that’s ready, could be, I won’t say that there was, but if there was a DB, a defensive back, a boundary corner, and it was 59 minutes went by, we couldn’t have played with him. Again, do I think the rules need to be looked at in certain circumstances like that? Absolutely. We’re not trying to trick anybody, I think Calgary would’ve had enough time when that happened, which it was about 35 minutes, but even so the rule is one hour. So if it was 59 minutes and 58 seconds we would not have been allowed to do that. And I don’t know that that’s right. I’m just questioning something that I think needs to be brought up and looked at because in all fairness we have two guys that we paid that sat on the sidelines all night and we were one man down at 59 minutes and 58 seconds to go before we went and stepped on the field. That gives Calgary plenty of time I believe to make the adjustments when we put a different guy on. And I mean you’re already paying him. I think that it at least needs to be questioned and looked at because I’ve wondered about it for a long time now but I’ve never seen a guy get injured like that, in a warm-up, and I would suppose that you’d want to be able to field a full roster to start a game, if you have guys that are on your reserve, sitting there ready to go. We’re not trying to screw the other team, even if I did it with one minute to go and he got hurt, you still have 25 minutes in your room to adjust to it. That’s what football is about is adjustments. When guys get hurt at halftime we go in and adjust in 15 minutes. So you’re telling me you got two guys on the reserve that they know and it’s one minute. Even one minute, you couldn’t make that adjustment? I think it just needs to be looked at by the league, I’m not saying anything, I don’t think it’s bad, I get it, it was put in there for one hour and that’s the rule and you can’t do anything about it. So I just think it needs to be looked at, if anything.”


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  1. white stallion in red // September 10, 2017 at 1:59 am //

    Is this really happening in Edmonton? This is something that happens in a poorly run, losing organization. This is more like Ottawa Rough Riders cirqa 1996 or Calary during the Feterik years.. bizarre. How long does he last?

    • Yes. You’d think a week or two, but people that know little about football will look at the 7-0 record (it should really be 3-4 or 4-3) and hang on to him all the way to bottom. But who knows, maybe they’ll be like the 2016/ 8-9-1 or 2017/ 4-7-1 Grey Cup champions.

    • And the losing with the Eskimos may continue as long as they have a child for a head coach.

      It’s hard to think or react clearly when you’re yelling and throwing things.

      My team only has 2 wins, but I’m much more proud of them and then this disgrace.

      • I believe he owes the league an apology for his actions, plus the Edmonton Eskimos’ organization for his embarrassing display of actions on and off the field.

        • I agree.His whole post game interview was a disgrace.He disgraced the league,his players and edmonton fans

      • Hamilton hires Art Briles, Jason Mass throws a headset. You’re more proud of the Tiger-Cats? Ok then.

    • For the record, earlier, you understood his actions. Now you’re doing a complete 360 on this topic by questioning how long he’s going to last? What side of the fence are you on?

      • This question (above) is directed for horsee who straddles both sides of the fence.

        • white stallion in red // September 10, 2017 at 1:17 pm //

          My original sympathetic comment was in relation to his initial reaction on the sideline. It was wrong but I can see why he’s frustrated. We all have a breaking point. My subsequent more critical comments were in relation to his press conference. Far less spontaneous than the sidelines tirad and with a few minutes to decompress he shoukd have been more composed. Especially as it went on.

          • Horsee, you can see “why” he’s frustrated? Who caused the interference on that play in question? It was obvious to see the Calgary defender was nearly tackled in the endzone by the Eskimo receiver. And you were sympathetic towards Maas? You’re the only blogger on that story that was sympathetic towards Maas. What did you see that no one else saw? Are you a closet fan of the Eskimos?

        • white stallion in red // September 10, 2017 at 3:24 pm //

          You miss what I’m saying…The frustration wasn’t DIRECTLY because of the the call. Of course that wasn’t PI on Calgary. Maas knows it as well as we do. The frustration is an overall accumulation of out playing a team and still not being able to get anywhere . Edmonton should have been up by 15 our 20 but instead were down. And you try and try and no matter what you just can’t beat us game after game after game year after year. That’s what it’s about.Not the specific call

          • greenrider89 // September 10, 2017 at 4:25 pm //

            horse, all coaches go through those periods of frustration, not only poor Jason Maas. Sorry, you don’t feel sorry for the Saskatchewan Roughriders when we went 3-15 or 5-13 with all our injuries that we accumulated in those two seasons. We led the league in injuries for crying out loud. Where was the sympathy for the Riders and their fans. I’m sorry, that’s garbage. What do you think sport is all about? You go out there to win, obviously. You don’t say, “Gosh, I feel sorry about the frustrations you’re having because we’re playing worse than you are, but we’re winning.” Get over that garbage. I wonder if Jason Maas felt sorry for the fans on TSN when he didn’t allow for the headsets to be live last year? I highly doubt it. Unfortunately, that’s sport, and Maas has to suck it up.

        • white stallion in red // September 10, 2017 at 6:26 pm //

          Greenrider89 How can you discredit me? I’m defending the coach of my arch rival after a heated game over an incident that helped us win How could I be anymore genuine than that??

        • white stallion in red // September 10, 2017 at 7:36 pm //

          I have nothing but respect for. I think you are a great fan but I’m not sure why this perceived view of my love for esks and hate for riders is such a concern for you. Believe me I’m no fan of esks. They are a bitter rival.

          • Thanks, horsee. If I criticized your team like you constantly criticize the Riders, I think you would find it troubling. I try to mind my business and I do respect some of your points of view. It honestly is challenging for a fan of nearly 45 years of watching green and white football to watch you criticize my team. I spend thousands of dollars every year for tickets, jerseys, etc. And it bothers me. I hope this helps and we can be friendly rivals.

        • white stallion in red // September 10, 2017 at 10:06 pm //

          I do consider it a friendly rivalry. No hostilities from me

  2. Pretty easy to see now why the esks are so undisciplined. Don’t forget their DC is a hothead too.
    They are different from most teams where too many PLAYERS go flying off the handle.
    They have talent. They need a mentally stable Head Coach. Not saying I disagree with his views but…

  3. Thanks, that was hilarious.

  4. He questioned the competency of the Command Centre? How dare he challenge the Comedy Centre. Guaranteed to provide laugh after laugh. Just shake my head in regards to the officiating in the league.

  5. Maas is an undisciplined hot head whiner.

    • And they wonder how his players got so undisciplined (throat slash and Reilly throwing his helmet, yelling at his teammates).

      The way Mass carried on along the sidelines last night, he makes Kent Austin look like a zen master.

      His childish behaviour was embarrassing to watch.

      And Mass is the MAN IN CHARGE???

  6. Tough doesn’t mean Reilly should risk his long term health to satisfy Mass’ ego.

    His foremost concern SHOULD be the player’s well being and not a single win.

    Perhaps, Mass should explain his ridiculous decision to Reilly’s family. That would give this fool some perspective.

  7. Last I read, Mass does NOT have a medical degree.

    The league is trying to err on the side of caution. That’s likely why they want the player to sit out for 3 plays. Too bad it doesn’t fit with Mass’ game plan.

    Reilly and his family will need to live with the coach’s self serving decision long after Mass has moved on to the next quarterback.

    • The 3-play rule is because they had to stop play to bring him out. It’s a deterrent against delay of game. Originally, it was applied to players who went down with fake injuries to stop the clock especially when the team had no timeouts left. This was a good idea because it didn’t penalise actually injured players, since they were going to miss that time on the trainer’s bench anyway, but it did stop the “I have a cramp, but I’ll be fine after the trainer fiddles with my leg for thirty seconds” nonsense. With the addition of a concussion spotter, a player could achieve the same effect by pretending to be woozy and unsteady (imitating concussion symptoms) and so the same policy is enforced.

      Had Maas pulled Reilly off or had Reilly left the field of his own accord, he would have been eligible to reenter play as soon as he’d passed the screening protocol.

  8. Mass is a clown. maybe he should spend a game in the booth so he can cool down. Hot head and unprofessional

  9. Roto rooter // September 10, 2017 at 11:04 am //

    Mass is a young HC. The Gm will have to pull him aside and educate him on proper protocol and educate. I think he is a up and coming coach.

    • Oh please.

      Mass is supposed to be an adult.

      And he needs to be schooled on proper behaviour??

      If that’s the case, then they clearly have the wrong person leading this team….

  10. Maas continues to act like a child and should be treated like one. I’ve never heard a guy go off during a game, after a game — like a kid that had his toy taken away and acted like a brat. Still blaming the game officials, command centre, the league. Jason, start acting like a coach and lead by example. And stop using the blame game.

  11. Champions are able to deal with adversity. Maas did not deal with yesterday’s adversity at all well, and his players followed his leadership style by also blowing their cool. Maas won’t last unless he can evolve. BTW 3DN, it’s Maas, not Mass.

  12. Nobody blames the officiating when they have a solid lead on the opposing team. Play disciplined football, score in the red zone, and physically dominate the opponent. Not consistently happening with Edmonton yet.

  13. “In his scrum with reporters after the game, he questioned the officiating, the CFL’s concussion protocol, the competency of the command centre” … and he has every right question the competency of CFL officiating.

    There were several WTF moments yesterday:

    -Pulling Reilly out the game with no roughing the passer call?
    -Anthony Parker catch and fumble with an early whistle when he wasn’t touched?
    -Late hit by Singleton on the kickoff that was not called?
    – Adeleke had hands on the receiver after 5 yards and the spin was Duke Williams pulled him into him, albeit much after? Hands on after 5 is hands on, isn’t it?
    -Throat slash called by the eye in the sky is not a reviewable play and call. Who called it on the field?
    -Walker stiff arm face mask, this has always been legal. When did the rule change in football?
    – The downward punch by Hughes on Matt O’Donnell while O’Donnell lay on the ground and defenseless, this should have been an ejection and why didn’t the ref who watched it do nothing?

    There is more, but these were the obvious major poor calls that impacted the game and basically gave the game to the Stampeders … 100% Bush League.

    • white stallion in red // September 10, 2017 at 12:58 pm //

      Lolol….Have a nice Bobby. I’m sorry you can’t beat The Red

    • Using your logic of hands on is hands on, throat slash gesture is throat slash gesture, isn”t it?
      I get your point but do not blame the officials, blame the lack of discipline. He did it and he he knows better. After last night’s display by Maas, however, I think I know why the team is so undisciplined.

    • George Porge // September 10, 2017 at 3:15 pm //

      A couple of points:

      “Pulling Reilly out the game with no roughing the passer call?”

      I explained this further in the article talking about it, but I believe the main reason why there was no RTP call is because it was not a late hit (Reilly was still in his throwing motion), and the initial point of contact on Reilly was the defender’s face mask. The CFL rulebook states specifically that if the face mask is the initial point of contact, that the defender would not be penalized for a helmet-to-helmet hit.

      “Late hit by Singleton on the kickoff that was not called?”

      I agree that one probably should have been called. Some others were saying that the Edmonton player looked like he dove (I thought he tripped over a cable, but the replay showed that wasn’t the case).

      “Adeleke had hands on the receiver after 5 yards and the spin was Duke Williams pulled him into him, albeit much after?”

      Maas was challenging pass interference, not illegal contact. Had Maas challenged illegal contact, that might have been a different result, but only would have netted 10 yards rather than point of foul. The review team was looking for pass interference which only spans the time period where the ball was in the air.

      “Throat slash called by the eye in the sky is not a reviewable play and call. Who called it on the field?”

      Not sure how it works, but I believe the “not reviewable” nature of the call just means that the eye-in-the-sky cannot review it if it is called on the field. It has no bearing on whether the EITS can call it in the first place.

      “Walker stiff arm face mask, this has always been legal. When did the rule change in football?”

      Stiff arm is legal as long as the offensive player does not pull or twist the defender’s helmet. Walker pulled the facemask downwards, which now becomes a face mask penalty.

    • White Horse // September 10, 2017 at 5:39 pm //

      Bobby…you make it obvious that you are an Eskimo fan. Stamps committed all these fouls and the Smoes are little red riding hood done wrong. There are two teams in every game. Did you see obvious offensive pass interference when Williams had his arm around Adeleke neck? That wasn’t called and Your coach lost his mind over the same play but for a different reason. Wake up!!

    • And if only his team was subject to these things, then he could have something to whine about.

      You CAN’T do anything about those factors, but you CAN do something about how you respond to it.

      Maas offered a very poor response.

      That’s on HIM.

    • “There is more, but these were the obvious major poor calls that impacted the game and basically gave the game to the Stampeders … 100% Bush League.”

      And his is the ONLY team that’s been screwed by the refs??

      You’re talking about the league being “bush” when you have a leader who has tirades and throws headphones…you sound an awful lot like that pot calling the kettle black…

  14. Moss’s comments in regards to the officiating are actually pretty valid, his delivery needs some work.
    He comes off as a spoiled brat TBH, don’t expect the officials to give him any breaks moving forward.
    I’ll take Trestman’s approach any day of the week!

    • Trestman is smart and mature enough to realize that you are NOT going to change a ref or video replay call.

      Conversely, Maas is so childish and egotistical to think that he can…

  15. Percussion protocol is great in any sport, dont take a chance with a person’s career, you think he’d realize that. After whining about it, he goes on to say he didnt really see the hit. Highlight of the night was the tantrum he threw over a call that cleary was called right on the field. His actions are making greasy Jones look like a saint.

    • George Porge // September 10, 2017 at 3:18 pm //

      “Percussion protocol is great in any sport, dont take a chance with a person’s career, you think he’d realize that.”

      He probably does, but in the heat of a game, especially one this close, one doesn’t think about the future of their career, they think about the game at hand. Reilly played a Western Final game a couple of years ago on a broken foot, ignoring the fact that if he’d actually won the game, he’d probably be watching his team play the Grey Cup final from the sidelines. He’s a warrior, and he constantly sacrifices his body for the love of the game.

  16. Moss? Mass? Come on people, you have no credibility if you can’t even spell his name correctly.

    • Uh oh everybody watch out its the spelling police! Lol, give it a rest, mass, maas, moss. Who gives a shit. We all know who’s being talked about.

  17. Southwest cowboy // September 10, 2017 at 2:19 pm //

    I like the ‘one challenge’ rule. However there should be a footnote attached which gives Calgary’s opponent five challenges because the Stamps get the benefit of all questionable calls, every game.

  18. You can see ‘why’ he’s frustrated? Well, who caused the interference on that play? It was obvious to see the DB was nearly tackled by the Eskimo regarding the questionable play. And you were sympathetic? I don’t get it. You’re the only blogger on that other story that was sympathetic. What did you see that no one else saw?

  19. Maas raised some valid questions re: the 3-play rest if a spotter takes a player off just to check a head injury, and the 2-man “reserve”. Those are valid issues. But the bigger issue at the moment is his temper.

    And he could have hurt someone hurling pieces of his headset like that (both times).


  20. pantsonfire // September 10, 2017 at 3:54 pm //

    A coach gets emotional. Wow. Not a good example to set but yeah he’s frustrated so what. Should be called for slash on the throat but, BC Dave, Roh did it TWICE in BC game so does that make BC TWICE as undisciplined. He got called, should have got called, has nothing to do with Mass in that case, it happens. Maas didn’t argue the point. Let it go. He has a point regarding playing a man short. For a serious injury in warm up, an Achilles requiring the player to go to the 6 man, there should be exceptions for teams. It is not like the opposing team has to seriously adjust a game plan in a case like this or the other team has a problem. Yes, Maas should tone it down but it’s not like any other coach in the league hasn’t gone ballistic on the sidelines. He’s been pretty tame this year. Nothing to see here.

    • Vraig Roh did not do the throat slashing gesture. He did a sack dance (and for the record, I HATE sack dances and TD celebrations but people like that crap more than football and yes, I am a hardcore football guy and it is about the GAME for me, not the other crap like above and halftime shows etc) and was using some mythical sword as part of his routine. He has done it since day ONE but SUDDENLY, one official decided he was going to call it as using a threatening gesture with a weapon. I’m sorry, I am not up on my mythology crap but threatening??? PULEEEEEZE. LAUGH OUT LOUD !

  21. Wow pantsonfire, so what that the Eskimos are the most penalized team in the league so far this season. Maybe its because of their fearless leader, but so what its likely cost them one if not more wins so far this season, so what. Every other team in the league has to play by the same rules regarding the roster. Can’t see how they could make changes to that rule that would be a black and white non interpretation rule that any coach could bend and manipulate it some how. Just leave that rule alone.

  22. pantsonfire // September 10, 2017 at 5:40 pm //

    The Eskimos were winning despite the penalties & it was a stated concern of the coaches. They’re a young team, younger now with all the replacements. So what’s the Rider excuse for being last, again? How many wins has their fearless leader cost them?? Just asking.

    • Hmmm let me check the score sheet again….yup Edmonton lost that game. So was it the same coach that had the hissy fit on the sideline that commented on penalties being a problem? Come on they are no where near being the youngest team in the league. Oh and the riders problem…bad leadership I’m guessing. See anything common between the 2 teams?

  23. White Horse // September 10, 2017 at 5:52 pm //

    Just because a Eskimo player gets injured during pregame warm up, Maas wants the league to change the rules just to suit the Eskimos! He is irrational; just goes with his IQ.
    I hope he gets a serious fine from the league and a game suspension!

    • George Porge // September 10, 2017 at 5:54 pm //

      Actually, I think Maas makes a good point there. Why do we even have a 48-man roster with two healthy-scratches having to be made, if we can’t even play either of the two healthy-scratch players in the event of an injury?

      • There is no 48 man roster.

        On the day prior to each game, CFL rules dictate that each team must declare their 46-man roster.

        One hour prior to kickoff on game-day, two players are declared reserves and a 44-man roster consisting of 21 National players, 20 International players and three quarterbacks is submitted to game officials and exchanged between clubs.

        The rule is most like designed so that if you have some players who are game time decisions, you have the flexibility to dress them and make a decision re your final 44 man roster up to one hour before kickoff.

    • Fines don’t matter, but a suspension may, especially at this time in the season!!

      What’s he going to throw then??

      His desk…a chair…one of his assistant coaches??

  24. I don’t disagree with your position. My concern is how could a black and white rule be put in place where any team could not abuse the use of the extra players being available just before kickoff

  25. pantsonfire // September 10, 2017 at 9:21 pm //

    I never said they were the youngest, Dano, but that they have young players starting now. Look at their depth chart for Calgary. DB’s Maston & Hoover 24, Peters & Hightower 25, receivers Mitchell, Williams & Zylstra – all 24. OL starters Beard 24, Kelly 27, Figueroa & O’Donnell 28. Look at Riders & you have 3 on OL 30 or over & two are 29. Yet Esk OL is 2nd in sacks allowed. How many teams have 3 24 year old receivers with 12 100 yard games between them? No I don’t see anything in common between the Esks & Riders. What happened to the big, fast, young club Jones promised when he let everybody go? This version is not that club, not that there’s anything wrong with that. But yeah, Riders look good & their fans should be happy. But the rest of the West isn’t exactly standing still waiting for the Riders. If they make the playoffs they make it – not a sure thing.

    • So what does this article have to do with the Riders pants? Absolutely nothing… so why even bring them up. Are you that bad of a closet Rider fan? Seems to me that all your mind keeps coming back to is… The Riders. Maybe its time for you to reflect on your life and see what is missing from it. Some green and white face paint may be in order. 😉
      Pretty sure this article is about Maas and his typical immature blow ups. Talk about a little whiny baby. He needs to learn to relax…He’s only the HC of a professional football team and only has players following his lead. Just saying. No wonder they are the most penalized team.

      • Why would anyone with an ounce of sanity want that ugly watered down green crap on their face Rob. Do what you want but that gives me the creeps

  26. I do agree with your comments regarding some of the young players Edmonton is fielding. My point is Maas has many young players like you mentioned so it is important for him to lead accordingly. I do believe that he is the reason they are the most penalized team because of his own lack of discipline. And for the record, I’m not a riders fan I’m a Stampeders fan.

  27. pantsonfire // September 11, 2017 at 1:41 am //

    Glad you cleared that up, Dano. For the record I have no problem with Stamps, believe it or not. First class organization. Hated rivals on field but I like Huf & Dickenson. Can appreciate what they’ve done. As for Maas, were his actions stupid, yeah. But I’ve seen other coaches lose their cool, even Dickenson – minus the headphone toss. He didn’t bump officials, he said more than he should have & got penalized. I think TSN got it right when they said he let the crowd hollering for a call get to him. Complete waste of a challenge – he knew it, he blew it, then blew his top.

  28. RalphInTheCreek // September 11, 2017 at 11:32 am //

    For F**k sake spell Mass’s name right M A S S.

    • Hey Ralph up the creek are you really an Eskimos fan? Then perhaps you should take notice of the correct spelling of your head coaches name…you know Maas before you post a comment like that and make yourself look like a fool

  29. How is that edmonton fans for a totally classless coach!! He must of leaned that from Ed Hervey…another loser

  30. Maas was taking lessons from Kent Austin..

  31. Paul Bomber // September 11, 2017 at 2:28 pm //

    Throw in some of Chris Jones’ “screw the CFL, the rules and their fans if it helps me win” attitude and you may have something.
    Too bad for Edmonton fans Maaahsss doesn’t have the offensive smarts of Austin or the defensive smarts of Jones. Bet he’s jealous of Jones’ figuring out all he has to do is have players fake injuries to stop the Bomber’s tempo-O. Doubtless he’ll use that in the next Blue/Esk game on the 30th.

    • Bombers have been a complete mess for what seems like forever, you have no right to talk like the Bombers have done anything

      • George Porge // September 12, 2017 at 11:18 am //

        Bombers are sitting second in the West (and the league) with a game advantage over the team that started the year off in incredibly dominant fashion, with a quarterback that many people (including myself, and definitely including most Edmonton fans) were writing off as another member of the “Drew Willy club for overpaid also-rans”. As it sits right now, the Bombers are the most likely team to host the West-Semi.

        I wouldn’t exactly call that “doing nothing”.

  32. Janice Voss // September 11, 2017 at 4:11 pm //

    you have spelled Mass wrong – should be Maas.

  33. TBone_EE_fan // September 13, 2017 at 11:30 am //

    As a player JM was all about intensity and getting his teammates fired up in a positive way. On Labour Day the EE did not match even the medium but steady intensity level of the Stamps and it was a runaway from the start. The rematch game was very high-intensity on both sides and very entertaining. Unfortunately JM pushed his own and his team’s intensity over the line where they killed their own chances with stupid emotional penalties. He makes some fair points in the interview but is still way too fired up to come across professionally. He really shouldn’t come out for his interviews until his heart rate gets below 70% of max. At least if you match intensity on the field you have a chance to win though and JM is all about that.

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