Spotter removes Eskimos QB Mike Reilly from game after head shot

Edmonton quarterback Mike Reilly was taken out of the game by the league’s spotter after taking a head shot from Calgary Stampeders defensive lineman Ja’Gared Davis.

The Eskimos franchise pivot took a helmet-to-helmet shot with no penalty flag thrown on the play. Because he was removed from the game by the spotter, who was added by the CFL to look out for concussions before last season, Reilly – visibly furious on the sideline – had to undergo concussion protocol. The 32-year-old returned, missing one series.

Reilly shared his thoughts on being pulled from the game, in a crucial series, after Edmonton lost 25-22.

“How are you going to take me out of the game for a hit to the head and there’s no flag on it? That’s my question. You take me out when we’re driving, in the red zone in an important part of the game. I appreciate the safety concerns – it felt like a high hit to me,” he says.

“I’m not saying that it changed the outcome of the game…but it was frustrating because there is nothing you can do about it. I flipped over immediately when I hit the ground and was looking at the ref, asking him ‘why are we not getting a roughing the passer flag here?’ And then hopped up immediately and ran over to the line because we were going to run the sneak, and then I’m getting told that I have to come out of the game. So, like I said, if the hit was so concerning that I would have to come out of the game, I would think that it would probably be deemed a roughing the passer hit.”


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  1. I didn’t see that as a helmet to helmet hit although the helmets may have clashed but figured Reilly qasnn’t removed more because of his head bouncing hard off the turf. Regardless he was about as incensed as Maas when he lost his challenge!

    • That was supposed to read “Reilly what removed more because of his head bouncing off the turf”

    • It appears the defender placed his facemask on the jerseyfront logo, and his helmet slid up until it bumped Reilly’s facemask (notice how the initial motion of Reilly’s helmet is upward, not backward). Initial contact was made by the defender’s left shoulder hitting Reilly’s chest just below the armpit.

      While not a high hit, it might have given the head enough of a blow to be damaging, even without the turf strike. Rotational acceleration turns out to be a pretty important factor in the severity of the consequences of head trauma – there was recently a push to update bicycle helmet certifications to reflect this.

  2. So the spotter saw the hit…but refs and command center didn’t. Sounds about right

    • BigRedMachine // September 10, 2017 at 12:45 am //

      Command Center would not have been involved in that call. Maas might have been able to challenge it but he was too busy losing his one challenge on an obvious non call and then losing his mind and composure.

      • Point is someone review it and made the decision to pull him. Wasn’t the o conduct call in the 4th made by an off field source ? Not being argumentative – just asking for reference.

      • Nice. Maas hasn’t won one game since the challenge rule was changed – which he was the reason for the change. Dave held his to the end.But whatever, lose the game, blame the refs – laughable.

    • Or put another way…
      The guys beside him on the field and the guys with the high tech camera angles did not see it but some guy up in row 200 saw it.

    • Don’t ever kid yourself,I watch NfL and the refs in that billion dollar league are the same.A couple of games i have seen already the nfl refs make you shake your head. The seattle game for one

      • George Porge // September 11, 2017 at 12:26 pm //

        It’s almost like football is a high-speed game and catching infractions that happen at full speed when you’re watching from the same level as the players is difficult.

        Weird, ain’t it?

  3. Cfl refs blow // September 10, 2017 at 1:40 am //

    Love how the Esks get penalized for being on the receiving end of a head shot by having their QB removed from the game in the Red zone. Of course the way this game was officiated, I’m surprised they let him back on the field. Can’t have anyone beat our precious Stamps huh refs?

    • Nothing needs to be said here. You said it all buddy. I hope all Eskimo fans aren’t as immature and/or clueless as you are.

    • Ok… here’s an idea. Go join your local football officiating association and learn how to be a ref. You’ll see how “easy” the job is very quickly.

    • What a baby!!!!!First of all it was a clean hit! Second of all they did the right thing to remove him for concussion reasons!Now if they didn”t and the guy did have a concussion the league would have been in trouble and YOU would of been the first to run the leage down!!And by the way I watch nfl too.The refs in that league are no worse or no better than the CFL!!

    • It wasn’t the refs who pulled Reilly from the game. It was an injury spotter. The refs were just carrying out the decision.

      Typical, trying to blame someone else for your loss.

  4. Maas, for your own good, your own reputation, quit. Better we think you’re a clown than you keep opening your mouth and proving it. The ONLY way this could be better is if Maas was speaking for SK. Two loser teams with loser coaches. Think there’s a relationship?

    • Jason Maas proved how immature he was near the end of the first half.When “poor” Jason doesn’t get his way ,he throws a fit. Same for Mike Reilly — He can’t accept a head injury. “POOR” Mike.The spotter made the correct call.

    • Agree,well stated maas and jones are disgusting

  5. Anyone who thinks that this was not pass interference would probably make a good CFL Ref. And you Brad might be the most hate filled clueless idiot on this site.

    • Thanks Dave. I appreciate the validation. 7-0 and I said EDM will finish third. Who knew I would be so wrong – it’ll be fourth. LOL. Hey, I just finished listening to the Rider Roundtable and the post-game on CHED. I also listened to the CGY and WPG post-game shows. Both EDM and SK are blaming the refs. No kidding.

      BTW, Dave, why am I “hate” filled? Because my craps know more about football than you do? Harsh.

      PS: Pass interference? I won’t even bother to call you out on that one.

      PPS: When you want to understand football, let me know. Maas can do the same.

      • You have won the tool of the year award son and actually make horse very tolerable. Now put your phone under your transformers pillow so we don’t have to read your crap and make sure you turn the Xbox down on your madden game so you don’t wake your mom and uncle up !

        • White Horse // September 10, 2017 at 2:40 pm //

          Pretty funny Yup…however, i can’t believe how losing team fans always berate the officials. One challenge per team has sped up our game a lot. Glad it is in place. Jason Maas made an ass of himself and the undisciplined Eskimos are equal to their Head Coach.

          • He sure did look ridiculous white horse. Unless he wanted a call early on in the route I didn’t see any penalty on the D. As a matter of fact if any call it probably should have been O PI.

            Now….I saw a couple of absolutely horrible calls/non calls on my Riders but in the end they honestly wouldn’t have changed the outcome. We were beat by the better team in the second half – hands down. That and we had no razzle or dazzle on 2 “trick plays”. I prefer to call them bloody awful.

      • First off , Stamps won tonight pretty much the same way the Eskimos won a lot of their games this year. by pulling it off towards the end. But no smoke and mirrors there? right Brad. And I not blaming the refs for the game but Im saying that they missed it on this call, get your facts straight. And who says that you know the game better? you. LOL. You are just not the sharpest knife in the drawer,

        • It was offensive pass interference. And if you watch the nfl like I do the refs in that billion dollar league are no better than refs in any league.They miss calls all the time Tough job being a football ref

    • YOU are the idiot. If anything it was offensive pass interference. You are just tired of losing to the Stamps. Another sweep

  6. Josh Evans. // September 10, 2017 at 2:33 am //

    For all these numpties saying that Reilly was pulled because his head bounced off the turf? Are you serious or simply delusional? or was it sarcasm? I can’t tell..

    Reilly was pulled because he took a blatantly obvious shot to the head, helmet to helmet hit and was also hit in the chin, as shown on video replay which most ignorants probably haven’t watched

    • Thinking YOU didn’t watch bud. I have no idea why the guy pulled him off. Was it the head shot? Was it Reilly’s head bouncing off the turf? I don’t know. He did not call me and tell me (nor you I’m guessing). BUT, you can CLEARLY see Reilly’s head bounce off the turf. Check it out before the name calling and before you accuse OTHERS of not watching the video.

    • You didn’t watch the game did you.Go away

  7. Anyone notice how Calgary’s Davis makes the right side of Edmonton’s offensive line look like tools on the play?

  8. White Horse // September 10, 2017 at 2:47 pm //

    Remember, this game could have gone into overtime and that could have changed every ones opinion on this game. It really was either teams game to win. The Stamps receivers and Defensive backs were virtually depleted with injury in the 4th quarter.
    Stamps were under control with BLM.

  9. George Porge // September 10, 2017 at 2:48 pm //

    This replay gif actually does a good job of explaining why there was no flag on the play. The Calgary defender didn’t lead with his helmet and didn’t duck so as to lead with the crown of the helmet. The only reason why the hit became a helmet-to-helmet hit is because Reilly was still in the follow-through of his throw (to yes, to others who said “the ball was gone” as another reason it should be RTP, the throwing motion wasn’t even complete at that point – hardly a late hit).

    The CFL rulebook specifically excludes a helmet-to-helmet hit from unnecessary roughness if the initial point of contact is the facemask:

    Article 3: Unnecessary Roughness
    A player shall be penalized for any act of unnecessary roughness against an opponent, including but not limited to:

    (f) Using the helmet as the initial or primary point of contact to butt, ram, spear, or deliver a blow to an opponent who is in a vulnerable position, including
    but not limited to, a passer, a receiver in the act of catching a pass, a ball carrier in the grasp of another tackler or a ball carrier on the playing surface not
    attempting to advance,

    NOTE: The expanded definitions of butt, ram and spear are:

    Ram: When a player who is in motion and on their feet uses their helmet as the primary point of contact to deliver a blow to an opponent. If the facemask
    is the initial point of contact on the opponent, it shall not be a penalty under this rule.

    As others have said, the official who activates the concussion protocol and forces a player off the field if they feel that player has been concussed is not the same official in charge of calling a penalty. They are completely separate events, and there are plenty of legal hits that can result in injury.

    The hit was legal. It may have resulted in serious injury to Reilly, but it was legal nonetheless.

  10. This site and pretty much every other CFL blog site would be so much better if the Stump fans stayed away. Low, base, and constant garbage attach mode is ruining it for the rest.

  11. I know some Stampeders who have had their careers ended pre-maturely due to concussions that it was said it was a combination of hits in a short time that did them in. Perhaps that is what the spotter had in mind. That after that hit that clearly jolted Reilly, that he needed some time before facing another – even if he didn’t feel concussed. I bet Matt Dunigan or Dave Dickensen would have been furious as players if they had been taken out in similar circumstances, but today they’d be grateful.

  12. I’m very much convinced that even though folks are telling me they watched the same game as I did, they were actually on a different planet watching a different football game in a completely different football league.

  13. What game were you people actually watching? I was there, and saw the hit from row 19. It was blatantly a head shot, or at the very least RTP. There were numerous uncalled penalties against Calgary. Not only this one. Obviously none of you saw the game, and are just fans of other teams ready to jump on the Eskimos haters band wagon. What about the late punches, fumbled “catches”, and 7 “injuries” where Cgy players jogged off the field? One-sided refs cost the Eskimos the game. Not only the head shot on the 5 yd line. 34 000 people saw the same game I did. Disgusted by the refs in the CFL.

    • You sound a lot like Jason Maas. Were you as mad as him the challenge was overturned?

    • George Porge // September 10, 2017 at 8:17 pm //

      So, I get so many people like to say “I was there and I saw it in person”, but do remember that watching these games on TV, with slow motion replay and multiple camera angles gives the audience at home a much better vantage point than you had.

      I don’t disagree that the hit on Reilly was a head shot, but as someone else pointed out and I elaborated on above, there might be a very good reason (and one based on how the rule is written in the rulebook) that it was not called unnecessary roughness or roughing the passer. The defender’s first point of contact was with his facemask on Reilly’s chest. By the rulebook, that actually negates the helmet-to-helmet hit as being called unnecessary roughness (now, the section of the rulebook regarding RTP is written differently, so perhaps it should have been called that as no such negation exists in that section of the rulebook).

      This appears to be an instance where the rule itself may need to be changed. I would wait until the league chimes in during the week to see what they say about it.

    • SWEEP again. Go watch nfl.Your coach and the player that did the classless throat cut gesture cost you the game not the refs

  14. “How are you going to take me out of the game for a hit to the head and there’s no flag on it?”

    Welcome to the CFL refereeing standard…or lack of one.

    A commentator on Sportsnet yesterday came up with an interesting idea on this matter of pulling a player off the field for concerns of injury…

    He suggested to have the players who don’t want the protocol sign a waiver that excuses the league from litigation should the player not want to be taken from the game.

    Put the ownness and the blame on the player and NOT on those trying to protect him and his future health.

    • I watch nfl as well as the CFL. The reffing in the nfl is no better or no worse!!! Its the nfl bad calls are just forgotten about quickly,its a billion dollar league,they just go on.I have watch for over 50 years both leagues’I don”t get sucked into the hypeTHE REFS ARE THE SAME.look at the games so far this year in the nfl,the refs have already blown many calls and its week one!

  15. Thurston Fermor // September 13, 2017 at 2:04 am //

    Three days of whining in the news. It never ceases when Edmonton loses a game. The best play of the game: the example of how to instill discipline by Maas.

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