B.C. Lions QB Travis Lulay on knee injury: ‘There’s significant damage’

Joshua Clipperton, Canadian Press

Travis Lulay placed his crutches by his locker and turned to face the media.

Although the diagnosis on his right knee was still yet to be determined, the dejected look on his face and the tears starting to glisten at the corners of his eyes spoke volumes.

The veteran quarterback for the B.C. Lions suffered a suspected tear to his anterior cruciate ligament on the second play from scrimmage in Friday’s 41-18 victory over the Montreal Alouettes.

“There’s significant damage,” said Lulay. “We’ll have to do an MRI to confirm what happened exactly.

“I’m shocked more than anything. Things happen. I’ve obviously dealt with stuff like this before, but it’s personally disappointing.”

Lulay was tackled on a six-yard run by Montreal’s Branden Dozier and stayed down before being helped to the sidelines.

“I went to cut inside and when my foot planted in the ground I felt my knee shift,” Lulay said in describing the play. “It really happened before the contact. I got up and it hurt.”

Lulay was seen wiping tears from his eyes on the bench as trainers examined his knee before placing his leg into an air cast.

If it’s confirmed Lulay indeed suffered a tear to his ACL, he will be done for the year and faces a long rehab after surgery.

“It’s devastating for us, for him, for our fans,” said Lions head coach and general manager Wally Buono. “It is a very serious injury.”

Lulay, who turns 34 later this month and has dealt with a number of injuries in his career, started in place of Jonathon Jennings after the third-year QB struggled in three straight losses since returning from a shoulder ailment last month.

Jennings replaced Lulay against the Alouettes and capped B.C.’s first drive with a 28-yard touchdown pass to Emmanuel Arceneaux and two-point conversion to Bryan Burnham.

“It’s really tough, but we’re all here to do a job,” said Jennings, who finished with 295 yards and two touchdowns. “As the second-string quarterback, you know you’re the next play away. I worked all week to prepare myself for the opportunity if it came.”

Lulay, who wouldn’t discuss his immediate future until he know the extent of the damage, was 3-1 in Jennings’ absence earlier this season and entered Friday as the CFL’s highest rated passer.

“It’s hard to understand … it’s not for me to understand,” said Lulay. “I trust there’s a plan. It’ll make more sense to me someday down the road.”


10 Comments on B.C. Lions QB Travis Lulay on knee injury: ‘There’s significant damage’

  1. Lancaster/Reed // September 9, 2017 at 3:01 am //

    Sadly, I think this might be it for Travis. It was amazing he came back from the shoulder injury, but this seems like it is more serious. Too bad his body isnt as strong as his desire.

  2. Class guy, hope he makes it back on the field next year.

  3. So sad for him. He was excited to get this opportunity to lead his team, and yes, in my mind, it is HIS team. He is our leader. he is a class guy and does not deserve this. I was hoping one day he would be our OC, just did not want it to happen this way. Had visions of him leading us to another Grey Cup, similar to 2011.

  4. Sure seemed like he had some high level football left to play yet…..sux for him, Lions and anyone who enjoys high level qb play. What to do about the dearth ( yup…dearth) of top notch qbs in the world?
    If there are aliens of superior intellect and ability in the universe….please solve this problem plaguing humanity!

  5. Billinburlington // September 9, 2017 at 9:21 am //

    Devastating injury- so sad to read about this. I hope that his injury is not as serious as feared, and that he is able to make a full recovery and return next season.

  6. That’s a damn shame. He sat on the table with a look of utter disbelief and bewilderment – not pain. Here’s hoping for a miracle but the look on Lulays face speaks more than any diagnosis.

  7. Like everyone else, I hope he can play again in 2018. Obviously, he still had a lot in the tank. Huge loss for BC and the entire league. Class individual.

  8. Phil norman ( LPT ) // September 9, 2017 at 10:24 am //

    Wishing Travis all the best, hoping it’s not an ACL, However Travis has been through adversity before, and came back strong, he will come back from this stronger than before. Amazing athlete, QB, team leader, and mentor. Hold your head high Travis. You mean so much to so many.

  9. Jake E. Snake // September 9, 2017 at 12:30 pm //

    Travis all the best to a speedy recovery. Despite the obvious setback there is no doubt you will work hard to overcome. If this injury happens to finish your playing career, there will always be a place for a first class individual like yourself within the Lions organization or anywhere else in the CFL.

  10. James joseph // September 10, 2017 at 7:28 pm //

    Your a class act Travis , the good lord has plans for us all and for you although it seems cruel you’ll find your way. Family and health is foremost remember that

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