Fantasy: Sleepers and Value Plays for Week 12

Let’s start this week’s installment off with a quick shoutout to all of our new fans. You never know when a new set of eyes may land on your weekly picks, so here’s a big wave to those of you who eagerly anticipate each new entry


A “sleeper” or “value play” by definition in the fantasy world, boils down to someone who out-performs what their salary weighs them at, week in or week out. For example, if, oh let’s say a Receiver enters a contest with 17 catches for 163 yards and 1 TD through 8 games? We aren’t disrespecting his abilities by calling him a “sleeper.” DraftKings, the largest global fantasy engine would set him with a salary from $3,000 to…..maybe $4,200. Therefore, if he goes and catches 1 ball in the end zone in the neighborhood of 10 yards? That’s 1 point for a catch, plus 6 for the TD plus 1 point for 10 yards. He then, would be outperforming on statistics based on his salary. So, its our job to find those types of players who we feel will have “great performances” week in and week out, absolutely nothing to do with their skills. Make sense?

Just a hypothetical situation to start this week’s entry.


We love picking out the sleepers, but please use your own discretion and by all means check the depth charts. Teams have been known to do the old Kansas City shuffle from time to time (another Lucky Number Slevin reference).

Here are a few to sink your teeth in to for week 12:

Travis Lulay, QB ($9,400) – B.C.

Head Coach Wally Buono has been preparing for this game for 2 weeks, has named the CFL vet as his starter before they put their feet up for a week. Lulay gets a 10 pm ET start against a Montreal team who are struggling to find their identity. Oh, and did I mention that Travis has thrown 10 TD in 6 games this year?

Chris Rainey, KR/RB ($5,800) – B.C.

The utility man, who really could be a sleeper or value play each and every week. Meaning, his points usually out perform his salary on a consistent basis. The Lions have lost 3 straight, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see another severely lopsided affair.

Tyrell Sutton, RB ($6,000) – Montreal

Almost a broken record, but when DT Brooks is out of the lineup the BC Lions run defense does take a bit of a step back. But, the other factor is Darian Durant hasn’t had the greatest success this season. And, when the Alouettes run the ball they have success. The Lions are 2nd in the CFL with 12 interceptions, so if Darian tosses up a pair it would only make sense to put the ball in Sutton’s hands and away from Drew Willy’s.

Timothy Flanders, RB ($5,000) – Winnipeg

I will not start this with a Simpson’s joke. I will not start this with a Simpson’s joke. I will not start……All kidding aside, the Bombers have been serious about the desire to take a page out of the Argonauts’ playbook and use Tim as an inside slotback. That will mean creative usage, and headaches for Riders’ SAM LB Erick Dargan.

Bryan Burnham, SB ($7,900) – B.C.

**See Chris Rainey’s write up** Wide Receiver Chris Williams has himself a DOOZIE of a matchup with stud Jonathan Mincy on the corner, and it may take down a bit of his production. BB should see decent production, gutsy catches and even more trash talking with SAM LB Chip Cox.

Marken Michel, WR ($6,000) – Calgary

This could be the sneakiest play of the week, and I know you are probably rolling your eyes. Many have tried to play Marken since his big debut performance, and have been underwhelmed by his lack of production. A favorable matchup with boundary cornerback Johnny Adams likely injured, Michel may draw the eye of Bo Levi as a burner down the rail.

Weston Dressler, SB ($7,100) – Winnipeg

A bit of a head scratcher because of how solid boundary halfback Ed Gainey has been this season in coverage, but anticipate the Bombers being creative in how they move WD around the field and get the ball in his hands. We also didn’t see Nichols push the ball down the field as much as he normally does, and we know what Dressler can do in open space.

Josh Stangby, WR ($5,700) – Ottawa

The Hamilton Tiger Cats, despite a nice looking victory to break the goose egg in week 11 now have a real struggle on their hands with ratio. They are down Canadians on both sides of the ball, and their boundary defense has been very vulnerable to attack in 2017. Even a TD and a few catches at this salary, will put him into “value” category. And Trevor Harris may already be drooling over the idea of how much damage he can cause on Saturday.

George Johnson, WR ($4,500) – Montreal

A very similar story to the previous entry, or even the “generic” example to start the article. George has 2 TD’s in his last 4 games, and while Darian/Drew find themselves heavily bombarded on all levels maybe Johnson will rise in the 4th quarter garbage time for a TD. If the game isn’t a shutout, this is a possibility!

Winnipeg Blue Bombers Defense ($4,500)

If you listened to Episode 68 of the Onside CFL Fantasy Show, you would have heard that the Bombers are in a slump! They haven’t had an interception since week 10!!! (sarcasm) The usually ball hungry D will no doubt be a bit cheesed over their performance and “gamesmanship” in week 11. Kevin Glenn also hasn’t thrown a pick since week 10!! So, there could be an opportunity for a statement game from the blue and gold.

Voila, I hope this helps your lineups for week 12. Or, gives you something to read over and over and over until your eyes bug out. Or re-post somewhere else, too. We are grateful for free publicity, as we say on the podcast…

See you next week!


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Dave Dawson and Dan "the Stats Guy" Ukrainetz offer position breakdowns, insight and projections on all types of CFL fantasy football. Their Onside CFL Fantasy Podcast is the leader in CFL fantasy coverage.
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Dave Dawson and Dan "the Stats Guy" Ukrainetz offer position breakdowns, insight and projections on all types of CFL fantasy football. Their Onside CFL Fantasy Podcast is the leader in CFL fantasy coverage.
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