Riders post emphatic Labour Day Classic win over Bombers

Craig Slater, Canadian Press

The Saskatchewan Roughriders are quickly becoming one of the hottest teams in the CFL.

Kevin Glenn threw three touchdown passes as the Riders beat the Winnipeg Blue Bombers 38-24 on Sunday for their third straight win.

The three-game winning streak has Saskatchewan above .500 at 5-4 and tied for fourth place in the West Division with the B.C. Lions. Saskatchewan trails Winnipeg and Edmonton, both tied for second place, by just four points.

“We’re just running our plays and everybody is in sync right now,” said Riders receiver Duron Carter. “When a football team is in sync, it’s hard to stop. Any play that we run is breaking through. We’re making a lot of plays right now and we’re a tough team to stop.”

Glenn has been the catalyst during the hot stretch. Saskatchewan has scored 133 points, averaged 44 points per game, over the past three contests.

Glenn, who was 26 of 36 for 386 yards against Winnipeg, connected with Naaman Roosevelt and Rob Bagg for first-quarter touchdowns. Backup quarterback Vernon Adams added a rushing touchdown that pushed the Riders ahead 24-3 after the opening quarter.

Glenn hooked up with Carter in the second quarter on a 17-yard touchdown reception – his team-leading seventh major score – and Tyler Crapigna’s two field goals gave the home team a 34-16 lead at halftime.

“Say that a team comes out and scores three quick touchdowns and it’s 21-0, you would probably bet your money that that team was going to win the game,” Glenn said. “It doesn’t matter who’s playing, if a team has a fast start like that, typically you can control the game.”

Taking advantage of field position helped too.

“We’re starting fast and making sure we’re taking advantage of the opportunities,” Glenn added. “The defence set us up in the red zone a couple of times. If we only come away with field goals instead of touchdowns then it might be a different game.”

The score and the noise from the sellout crowd at Mosaic Stadium was a deflating combination for the Blue Bombers, who slipped to 7-3.

“That’s never how you want to start a game,” said safety Taylor Loffler. “Once you dig yourself a hole like that it’s pretty tough to climb out. We had a good run toward the end, but we had a lot to overcome and that makes it hard on everyone.”

The Riders’ balanced attack on offence proved difficult for Winnipeg. Three Saskatchewan receivers – Bakari Grant (139 yards), Roosevelt (119 yards) and Carter (101 yards) – eclipsed the 100-yard mark.

“We’re really comfortable with what we have,” Carter said. “As a receiver group, we’re not selfish at all. We’re always making sure we have the best matchups out there and KG (Glenn) is just finding us. We always have trust in KG to find us.”

Winnipeg found traction in the second quarter when quarterback Matt Nichols engineered three scoring drives. A 13-yard touchdown pass to Timothy Flanders and two field goals from Justin Medlock helped cut into the Saskatchewan lead late in the first half.

After the Winnipeg defence limited the Riders to a field goal in the third quarter, the Blue Bombers offence continued to rally in the fourth.

A 10-yard touchdown reception from Andrew Harris brought the visitors to within 14 points at 37-23. But that was as close as the Blue Bombers came to pulling off an improbable come-from-behind victory.

Nichols finished 35 of 47 for 364 yards. Harris led the Blue Bombers with 10 receptions for 72 yards. Flanders had 78 receiving yards, Weston Dressler added 64 yards on six catches and Darvin Adams had the second Winnipeg touchdown.

The same two teams meet in Winnipeg on Saturday.


63 Comments on Riders post emphatic Labour Day Classic win over Bombers

  1. The boys are going to have to play 60 minutes next weekend. Great start but average second half in my opinion.

    • Yeah agreed. Great day overall for the Riders, but is seems when they have a significant lead at halftime they change their play calls and become conservative in the second half. Hopefully they can roll all game long in the Peg next week.

    • That’s the problem with jumping out to big leads like that. It’s hard to maintain your focus and edge. We were by far the better team today, but we did kind of fall asleep in the second half. There were some concerning injures in the second half as well, most notably Marshall and Campbell. That said, let’s not forget that we just beat our third very good western team in a row, and we beat them all handily. This is now officially a very good team.

      • They never really did elaborate on the Marshall injury – has there been any indication of exactly what it is ?

        • They said it wasn’t his Achilles, and then they showed a picture of him getting his knee iced. A non contact injury like that makes you think that something popped, and if so I’m guessing he’s gone for the season. 🙁

          • That would be our luck. I think LeFrance is a good back but it seems they turned away from the run. Should have let him try and grind it out as we are going to need everything we’ve got next weekend.

          • It could be lots of things, from bad to not too bad. Meniscus tear that locked up the joint. Patellar dislocation (mild to severe). Hyperextension. It was good to see that it could flex and bear weight. Hopefully nothing has come off a bone or torn right through.

          • That’s good news. I didn’t see a hyperextension, but it’s good to know there are other less serious options as well. Jones said in his post game interview that he would probably be out next game, but he was noncommittal after that. He probably doesn’t know himself at this point.

    • Happy for you Yup. You are a diehard like me and one of the classy Rider fans.

    • Happy for you Yup. You are a diehard like me and one of the classy Rider fans.
      BUT…Make no mistake, we are in 5th place now and I’m pissed off LOL.

  2. Take the win. One half of the season in the books. This year the Riders have to play 11 straight games. Byes are over. All the other West teams have a bye in the 2nd half. We’ve been fortunate to escape the injury bug but this will be a test. Good to get the 1st win of doubleheader @ home. You’re right though, it won’t be easy next week. They have 5 games vs East which should help but in Ottawa on a short week. Good run right now. Interesting to see what happens going forward. If they stay healthy, it looks promising.

  3. Another huge win by the Green and White! They took their foot off the gas at half. They will have to clean that up. But as of right now. Can’t complain about another win over another strong western team. Go Riders!!

    • George Porge // September 4, 2017 at 8:10 am //

      Riders are starting to look like the team that you predicted they would be. Gotta tip my hat to you RobE. This is becoming one hell of a season!

      • Thank you sir. I honestly had no doubt that Jones would turn this ship around. He’s too good of coach not to. You are starting to see what type of players make his system tick. And my god does it feel good!!! All of the hating trolls have seemed to climb back in their holes where they belong. Its going to be one back of a second half of the season.

  4. Cheers Dave. Going to be a whole different story in Winnipegs house. Of course your Lions will be a different team Friday at home – so the battle begins !

    • White Horse // September 3, 2017 at 7:53 pm //

      BC Dave and the rider fans have been hugging each other lately. Sign that losers usually show. Misery loves company.

      • Just not worth talking to any stump fans is all. There is a difference between having an objective opinion on a game rather than pure toxic arrogance !

      • It’s called respect. You should try to find some under all that horse manure you spew forth.

      • I sure get tired of troll like comments. You know, the ones that have nothing to do with the game or sometimes even the sport. The sad part is some honestly forget it’s only a game.
        If I was this White Horse person. I would learn to stick to the issues at hand. As the positives a Calgary fan has is Victories. As everything else from fan attendance to the dumpiest stadium in the league. To a Texas QB who has self appointed himself as the social media keeper of the league. To a Head Coach – O.C. that draws in a cheat for every throwing play in the Stampeders offensive play book. As tough as it has been to prove. It has now been proven that Dickenson has one receiver on every play intentionally run into the cover man to get a illegal Contact Call. That way if the ball is incomplete they still get 10 yards.
        So stick to game comments or be prepaired for a retaliation onslaught of comments from all of the fans of all other teams.
        If BC fans and Rider fans find common ground and can comment on a mature and confident level … Let them

  5. Have to agree. Yup is one of the classy guys. Same goes for you BC Dave. Can the CFL, especially the West, get any better? Great football from all the teams I have to say. Never know going into a game who’s going to win. Love it. Interested to see if some NFL cuts head north &, if so, where they land. In a tight division a name or 2 could make a difference. Here’s looking at you Foster & Grymes (sounds like a pair of funeral directors).

  6. Ya know, it’s funny how those who hate Chris Jones aren’t so vocal anymore. Two or three years ago Winnipeg sucked. Now, after 2 1/2 years O’Shea has the team on track and has turned them into a serious contender. No matter what happens in the second half of the season, hopefully Jones will be given the same amount of time before the linch mob comes after him.

    • Beat the Stamps back-to-back and then you can talk and so can Jones. Until then, the Riders are a true .500 team, like the Eskimos soon will be. As always, the Stamps will be the team by which all others are measured (especially those 9-15-2 in the last two years, Grey Cup Champs, Redblacks – flukes happen).

  7. White Horse // September 3, 2017 at 7:49 pm //

    Happy for the sliders…Neither team wants to play against the Stamps. Stamps 27 SLIDERS 10
    Stamps 29 BB 10 to this point. Just watch what Stamps defence does to the Schmoes! Tomorrow!

  8. “Here’s looking at you Foster & Grymes (sounds like a pair of funeral directors)” Classic humor E W – I laughed right out loud !

  9. Foster and Grymes lol. A tip of the hat to the Bombers fans today. They where loud and friendly as could be. Going out to celebrate with cfl fans tonight . It’s been a great labour day weekend

  10. The Jones plan is in effect. The players believe in each other and are making plays FOR eachother.shoukd be an exciting second half of the season!

  11. Another great team win. Going to have to play a full 60 next week, it’s gonna be a tall order. Bombers made me real nervous halfway through the 4th. They could have rolled over and died, but never gave up. Lastly as a Rider fan I shouldn’t admit this, but I’ve got a man crush on Taylor Loffler, best safety in the league bar none. Goooo Riders! Mr. Curling, where you at!

    • white stallion in red // September 3, 2017 at 10:43 pm //

      You mean next to Josh bell right?

      • Lancaster/Reed // September 3, 2017 at 11:13 pm //

        You are just a sad little man arent you horsie? Still upset that the stampeders ” Decade of Dominance ” was upended by losing 4 of 5 playoff games to the Riders.

    • justforkicks // September 3, 2017 at 11:17 pm //

      Great team win no question. I’m a little concerned about the penalties we took. Next week crowd noise works against us so penalties could surmount. That and a couple of plays that got away from our defense. Jones was quite upset so I suspect this will be addressed. Otherwise good to see the team hold up against another formidable opponent. I won’t be so foolish as some (not mentioning any names but their initials are White Horse) to predict wins in the future but I firmly believe we are in the running and for real!

  12. I suppose Bell could STAND next to Loffler, but he can’t play like him.

  13. Dirty Rider // September 3, 2017 at 11:19 pm //

    Wampedders had such an opportunity to be one of the greatest teams ever, and then they lost in the Grey Cup, over and over again.

    Too funny.

    • Let me explain the game of football to you. Football is not like, say, hockey. Imagine a 9-game schedule and then a 3-game semi-final, 3-game final and 3-game Cup. Which team would have won Cup after Cup after Cup? Yea, it wouldn’t be Saskatchewan. Nor would it have been the 8-9-1 Redblacks. The Stamps simply are one of the greatest teams in the modern era, but even teams with a losing record, or those that miss FGs on the last play but win it in the end, can be victorious.

      Okay, so now that you know how football is played you’ll also realize that no team has won back-to-back Cups since 2009-10, 1996-97 and then back to the Eskimos (barf) in 1982.

      Your comment is moot.

      • Long Live The EDMONTON ESKIMO Empire. Seeing Trampeder fans like Brad hate what we’ve done and that makes me so proud.Grasping at straws, and having to explain their stupid logic makes it even more desperate. Grow up Calgary!!!

      • That was your explanation as to how football is played Brad…? I will assume you read the forum and bash but have never had a ball (ahem, football) in your hand except maybe at recess. Carry on, as if you knew what you were talking about

  14. Jake E. Snake // September 3, 2017 at 11:30 pm //

    Stumps still have a team?? Hard to tell with a fan base that rivals Toronto in actual numbers.

  15. pantsonfire // September 4, 2017 at 12:18 am //

    Funny you should mention Stumps fans.You DO know that a lot of the Rider fans who “travel” to Edm & Cal actually LIVE here & WORK here. They spend their money here, pay their taxes here & are free to cheer for whomever they want. So if Edmonton happens to lead the CFL in attendance, which they have most years, you can take pride in knowing the Rider fan proceeds help to support the local team. So by all means, come & fill Commonwealth & McMahon to capacity. Join your ex-pats & cheer for the Riders. Love to have you. Ka-ching $$$$$$$

  16. pantsonfire is now an Economist. Do you live with horsie?

  17. Was just listening to that gongshow called Rider Roundtable and the one clown, “Ballsey”?? said “The rebuild is now complete. 😐 Seriously. 😐 LMFAO!!! Win two-in-a-row over the Stamps and we’ll talk. “Complete”. “Ballsey”. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

    • Brad… I understand your thoughts on Ballseys comments. On the surface it sounds ridiculous. Honestly though what Ballseys is suggesting is that Jones no longer has to bring in a ridiculous amount of players to rebuild. That part is over, No longer a concern to fill every defensive position and their back up. It was a stupid amount of players being flown in. Though It had to be done. The same thing took place in Toronto in 2011-12 and the first 2 years of the Redblacks starting up. Just about every team goes through it in a complete rebuild sooner or later. Now social media is all over it. Where as Toronto in 2011-12 nobody in TO even cared.
      So further to Ballseys comment he simply means the fly in talent has been found. Ballsey feels the rebuild of players is complete. Of course you still have to fill a spot here and there. However those spots are no longer glaring us in the face. It’s up to other teams to find those spots. The Riders had to completely replace the defence. All the starting receivers except Bagg, tail back and half the O-line. So that part is complete. Now it’s a matter of getting these guys to believe in each other and play like a team.
      Honestly Brad when Jones and Company were changing as many as 10 starters a game in 2016 and half that amount the first few games of 2017.
      I hope this information helps to better understand what Ballsey was trying to say.

      • white stallion in red // September 4, 2017 at 1:24 pm //

        With still no longterm solution and QB and thin Canadian talent overall (especailly oline) and over priced roster with guys like Owens, lafrance,dennis. I can say the riders haven’t arrived in any sustainable way

  18. Why is it the Stumps fans think their team is unbeatable? Good Lord Montreal beat them and because these fans are so cocky I realllly hope Edmonton kicks their a$$

    • Agreed. I used to think they (stamps) were OK. Now, because of the arrogance of their fans on this board, I have come to hate them and cheer against them. If throes fans had some class and humility, I would not feel that way. I’d hate to see how they act if they actually won something CONSISTENTLY
      lie maybe back to back Grey Cups. I live in Edmonton and even their fans had a little class and they won FIVE in a freaking row !!!

  19. There’s a great picture essay of the LD game over at CFL.ca. The full essay is here:

    Here’s one I thought was funny:

  20. To all the stamps fans comments on another RIDERS story. You guys aren’t a scary team this year. Montreal beat you guys and many others have been close. You are not dominating… WE have 3 double digit wins against 3 western teams in a row. Sounds like some green jealous rage right now to me. I can’t wait to beat the stumps coming up.

  21. pantsonfire // September 4, 2017 at 11:43 am //

    HATE is a convenient term to use for any dissenter these days. It is the “little man” who uses it indiscriminately in lieu of providing a legitimate rebuttal. Where is the hate in pointing out the facts, namely there has been a positive net migration to Alberta from most provinces in Canada including Saskatchewan? It’s not a state secret that Rider fans who come to the stadiums in both Alberta cities include a fair number who now make their living here. An inconvenient truth perhaps for you but I don’t see where that little fact should offend you. I take it you don’t like the irony in having Rider $$$ going to the local teams but, hey, you can enjoy the game & cheer for your team without a lynch mob after you because you happen to have an opposing view. Put the gun back in your holster. Chill. Find your sense of humour.

  22. Jake E. Snake // September 4, 2017 at 12:04 pm //

    Pants on Fire, why would Rider fans be concerned about putting money in the Stumps coffers? They still make a boatload year after year and without their money, the Stumps would have ceased to exist years ago with the minimal support they get from their fair weathered “fan base”. So yes you’re welcome…

  23. Jake E. Snake // September 4, 2017 at 12:05 pm //

    Oh and by the way… Go Eskimos!!

  24. pantsonfire // September 4, 2017 at 12:37 pm //

    I’m guessing the money angle, Jake, is the only thing that could have offended anyone about my original comments. I mean, it’s pretty tongue in cheek, just a dig. Riders make a boatload & SPEND a boatload as well. Before I get someone incensed about that comment, net loss this year. It is what it is. And no, that is not a comment on the Rider situation. As for the Stumps, the Riders also lived on handouts for some time & the Eskimos for years payed into an equalization fund which, Jake, the Riders benefitted from. The bad old days with telethons are not ancient history. The fair weathered fan base may well be the one who kicks their players when they don’t wear green like Durant & Dressler. Compare that to the Stamp fans who expressed their happiness when Nik broke the record. This week a statue of Ronnie went up, a legend yes, & also the guy they couldn’t run out of town fast enough when he turned to coaching the team. There’s an example of “fair weather” fans.

    • That was a soup sandwich horseonfire. I live and work in Calgary…I’ve seen the “Fair weather” “fans” you speak of. They are the ones in red crossing crowchild trail in the 3rd quarter rather than watching football. I saw a piece on the news last year where a young woman in Edmonton travels to every Rider game whether they are winning or losing, poor driving conditions or not. She is a TRUE Rider fan. I’ve witnessed “stamp fans” who wouldn’t walk from University Heights when their team isn’t playing well. Now I’m off my soap box – I apologize to the few REAL Stampeders on here as this is directed at the 3 or 4 that run on like a broken toilet.

  25. Well there’s an oxymoron right there Rob – “stamp fans” true fans aren’t arrogant knobs. That said…not all fans that appreciate the Stampeders or the CFL are knobs. Just a few winbags on here that are pissy about life in general.

  26. Of course there is a huge amount of Calgarys population from other provinces. How else could you explain the economic success of the 2000 – 2012. The success was obviously built by the talents of the other provinces born and raised as no Calgary born and raised Baby boomers have the talent and I.Q.to accomplish what went down.

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