Duron Carter continues to amaze for Riders

Riders receiver Duron Carter can pluck the football.

He continues to prove one hand is more than enough and that really tough catches can look easy.

Carter snatched a ball – that was thrown behind him – out of the air against the Bombers and added another amazing grab to his highlight reel in green and white.

That right hand tho.



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  1. White Horse // September 3, 2017 at 6:16 pm //

    No question talent wise! The sliders get to put up with his head the rest of the time. Carter would not be considered a major go to guy! He is a situational reciever at best. Half time…sliders looking good.
    Stamps will burst their bubble guaranteed!

  2. Jake E. Snake // September 3, 2017 at 7:13 pm //

    Stamps better worry about the Eskies first!!

  3. white stallion in red // September 3, 2017 at 7:35 pm //

    Carter is a talent but we’ll see how he does as the weather turns. He might be a gimmick like Tandy Moss was

  4. So what the Pony Boys are saying is that they wouldn’t want Carter on their team? Hmmm

    • white stallion in red // September 3, 2017 at 7:43 pm //

      Meh…with 3 losses in 2 years he’s not worth the risk. If you remember Carter come out with a list last winter of the teams he would grace with his presence. Calgary was at the top of that list. Pretty sure Huff wouldn’t give him the time of day

  5. Who the hell is Tandy Moss???

  6. Carter is a head case, albeit a talent head case. Enjoy the odd circus catch, at least until the next implosion takes place.

    • We’re enjoying the league-leading total of TD catches, thanks.

      • white stallion in red // September 3, 2017 at 10:21 pm //

        And you can have all the individual league leaders you want. I’ll take the team leading the league in wins thanks

        • All I’m saying is that there *may* be a correlation between touchdowns and success in the sport of football, and that we Rider fans thus welcome the large number of touchdowns…as much as you (and ‘White Horse’ above) might seek to minimize Duron’s contributions. I’d take a 1st place ranking if I could get it, and might even have the decency in your situation not to s&%t on players with other clubs who have obvious skills, and the stats to back that up.

          Its a petty look is all.

        • Only to choke again when the chips are down for keeps. You can have them.

  7. Rider Rooter // September 3, 2017 at 9:35 pm //

    Carter is a very talented person. Wound a bit tight. With the right coach he might turn out. If we compare him to randy moss duron is a good reciever probably the most talented athlete on the green and white. Yes until the riders beat the stamps can’t argue about the naysayers

  8. Dirty Rider // September 3, 2017 at 11:13 pm //

    I love the Stamps fans talking smack…

    Who won the Grey Cup last year.

    Baby Boo Boo Mitchell did what in the Grey cup last year.

    So funny

  9. pantsonfire // September 3, 2017 at 11:27 pm //

    Have to agree with Horsie on Carter. Had good game today 101 yards & good vs Toronto 131 yards. Take away those 2 games & his 299 over 7 games averaging 47/game. Only catches 60% of his targets – not good. He should practice catching the ball with 2 hands instead of grandstanding. Run the replay on “the catch” back in slowmo & what do you get – almost drops it but braces it against his knee on the way down. Drops way too many easy ones. Signed for 1/2 his 250K in Mtl in Feb because couldn’t find work in NFL & nobody else interested in CFL, even @ his 130K. Nonetheless, doing ok in Regina so credit where due but wouldn’t fit in tight knit locker room like Stamps.

    • Adarius was another one that had lots of the dropsies. Wouldn’t rate him very consistent either.

    • Would you consider the average # of TD catches per game played a useful barometer for offensive production for a receiver?

      Fair comment re: ratio of receptions to targets, but I’m not buying into the logic whereby we subtract the best two or three performances in a 9-game stretch to generate lacklustre stats on which to judge a player in line with the opinion we’ve formed before we had to even look at (let alone manipulate) those stats. It’s one way to do it, but it’s hardly fair or honest.

  10. pantsonfire // September 4, 2017 at 12:28 am //

    Greenrider89, Adarius has often been cited for the dropsies but caught 71% of his targets last year much better than Carter, Arcenaux & a lot of the top receivers. You also have to look at avg yards/catch. Bowman gets a lot of deep balls. There’s a difference between, say, a Nik Lewis, Dressler & guys like Bowman & Arcenaux who are deep threats because the % of passes caught drops off dramatically on big gains because the ball is in the air longer & lots of things can happen. You can check the 2016 stats yourself.

    • And where did you get those statistics, pantsonfire? I’d like to see what Duron Carter has done in his career. Until then, your talk is rather cheap unless you have something to back this up. Please show the website for these stats.

  11. pantsonfire // September 4, 2017 at 12:37 am //

    Mowbiz, I think you probably meant catches per game, not TD catches per game. I’m talking about yards per game. It is the measure used for RB’s, QB’s & useful for receivers, yes, because on offence gaining yards & 1st downs is useful. With Carter you can look at the 47 yards per game he has averaged over a 7 game sample & if you also take into account he has dropped 30 of his 77 targets, how many of those drops cost the team 1st downs or killed drives? I know early in the year he was clipping along at around 50% rate so he dropped every 2nd ball. While losing, fans still were calling to get Carter involved & throw to him more often. Why? He was getting more targets early than anyone. Roosevelt was catching the ball & Carter wasn’t. It’s better recently.

    • And it should keep getting back as both players along with Bacari Grant are ripping teams like the Eskimos apart. What is it? B.C., Edmonton, now Winnipeg. Not too shabby.

      • Rather it should keep getting better as both players along with Bacari Grant are ripping teams like the Eskimos apart. What is it? B.C., Edmonton, now Winnipeg. Not too shabby for one of the top receiving corps in the country. Kudos to Chris Jones for recognizing the talent.

    • Carter, on average, catches more TDs per game played than any other receiver in the CFL thus far in 2017. Tied with Ellingson for the lead in total TD receptions, in two less games. That’s what I meant…and that’s what I said. I was referring to a stat by which Carter’s performance exceeds that of any other receiver in the league, bar none, as an example of an area in which his performance can hardly be judged middling or unremarkable (red zone production is usually considered notable).

      As I said already, I don’t disagree that his ratio of targets to receptions is not his strongest stat – fair point on your part. Your elaboration on the subject is reasonable enough…and, as you note, his overall reliability in those terms seems to be improving.

      Your presumption that I *meant* something other than what I said is incorrect, but I appreciate your follow-up response nonetheless.

  12. justforkicks // September 4, 2017 at 1:21 am //

    I believe there is a lot of potential in Carter but Rosy is hardly talked about in comparison to him but is way more consistent. He instills a lot more confidence in Glenn when he needs a down.

  13. Duron Carter is the most talented receiver in the CFL. Not the best yet but on his way there.
    Not only that every time he gets the ball generates excitement.

    Some of the comments that seem to suggest that Carter might not be that good suggest these people have never played football and are not even knowledgeable fans.

  14. I agree with Greg. Carter is growing. Young and blazingly talented. His reactions are not grandstanding but a man who was subject to much jealousy and that’s easy to criticize but hard to bear. I’m a Stamp fan who would LOVE to have him on the team. I disagree with White Horse in most all of his comments and attitude. I would like to see balance on 3 down nation’s commenters about the Stamps. Its a myth they aren’t good at Grey Cups – 7 championships are better than many CFL teams. That being said, they have not found their groove yet in 2017; even 2014 & 2016 do not match their years under Flutie, Peter Liske or Normie Kwong, a result of patiently slow maturation of Mitchell, who is not yet in the talent level of a Reilly, Ray, and many CFL QB stars of the past. He might make that level but he is slow at reaching it, with a penchant for overthrowing his receivers and too often lacking spontaneity, as opposed to rigid adherence to the written play. However he still has great potential.

  15. Mr. curling goes to football games to be entertained. Mr. curling was at the Labor Day classic and he was entertained largely by Duron Carter and others. He not only makes sensational plays as a receiver he also returns kicks and plays defensive back from time to time.A little concerned about the prevent style defence in the second half but all in all highly entertaining

  16. pantsonfire // September 4, 2017 at 12:10 pm //

    CFL has all the stats. You’re free to look it up yourself, Greenrider. As for the recent wins, good wins. What does it mean? Other teams will take notice of Riders & that’s about it. Three game win streak, same as Ottawa right now, same as BC, so you can see how quickly it changes. Esks had 7 game streak, Bombers 5, Calgary 5 right now. All things come to an end. Bombers, Esks, & Stamps (twice) still have shots @ Riders. Riders have no more byes, others in West all do. Riders play 11 games straight – long haul & if they start running into injuries as other clubs like Stampss & Esks get healthy then what? WAY too early to say Riders have turned the corner. Half a season left.

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