Krown Countdown U on 3DownNation

Krown Countdown U enters its seventh year on the air and 3DownNation has become the exclusive online home for the show.

KCU covers USports, NCAA, CJFL and Football Canada. It’s a one stop shop to get your news and analysis for university, amateur and high school football from a Canadian perspective.

Laval head coach Glen Constantin went one-on-one with Krown Countdown host Jim Mullin.

And Justin Dunk took an in depth look at which Canadian offensive lineman could rise during their senior seasons in the NCAA.


9 Comments on Krown Countdown U on 3DownNation

  1. Good job

  2. White Horse // August 31, 2017 at 7:23 pm //

    Love CIS. GO U of C Dinos!

  3. Cool! The year of the Rams?

  4. Study shows ‘disastrous’ damage in brains of retired CFL players – CIS football to be phased out soon – no more future for Krown Countdown U.

  5. Great addition to 3downnation! Now if we can just get some USports Football on TV each week. It is a crying shame that you can’t watch a game until playoffs. Ya I know – it is streamed online but many in my 40+ age group like to sit down with a beer in front of a TV on a Saturday afternoon and watch Canadian university football while simultaneously ignoring the wife.

  6. Where is the full 1st episode? This is just the www2k portion.

  7. Jim Mullin // September 1, 2017 at 1:08 am //

    The first full episode is next week on 3DownNation and CHCH TV.

  8. Matt Duckworth // September 2, 2017 at 12:34 pm //

    I know it costs thousands of dollars to televise the local CIS game on regular Tv that’s why we now have sports channels i.e. TSN, SPORTSNET and RDS to show regular season then playoffs.Right now your local cable channels show the games where your other larger cable Tv companies need to hook up with your local cable provider.

  9. Is there anywhere on-line you can get the complete show instead of just clips? Doesn’t seem to be on YouTube

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