CFL Fantasy: Week 8 Sleepers and Value Plays

If you’re like me, “garbage time” points either killed you or saved you in week 7. Whether you were on the right or wrong end of the BC/Sask, Cgy/Tor; the “parity” appears to be slowly taking a back seat in favor of fantasy friendly contests.

The unfortunate part? The Calgary Stampeders are on bye for week 8, so there goes your “safety net” at a number of positions. While there are no guarantees in life, we’re pretty sure these guys should nicely pick up more than “scraps” this weekend.

Zach Collaros, QB ($8,100) – Hamilton

I wish I could see your face. You either went “WHAT” to us inhaling some relaxant or “Do they hate the Bombers D?” Neither. Like many in the fantasy and DFS world, the Winnipeg D leaves you doubting them week after week, wondering when it will eventually be the end. This is NOT about the Winnipeg D (say it together now, repeat x 10). This is about Collaros slowly developing chemistry with his new receivers. Contrary to popular belief, the Ticats are actually gaining momentum. When most people think of Hamilton, they look at the week 6 atrocity in Calgary. I’m sure the Ticats will happily appear as a sleeping animal, and pounce when the time is right. Collaros threw for 3 TD’s for the first time this season in week 7 against the 6-0 Eskimos, who’s to say he can’t do it on Saturday vs Winnipeg? The best part, you’re saving two to three thousand in salary to put on a receiver if you start him.

Stefan Logan, RB ($3,700) – Montreal

Starting RB Tyrell Sutton was supposed to return this week after battling with a thigh contusion, but left practice on Wednesday. Backup RB Brandon Rutley has missed practice this week with a hand problem, which means Montreal could be looking for options at RB. And, well, the Alouettes rarely run the ball as it is so it shouldn’t be that much of an issue. But, this could spell a sneaky week for Stefan Logan and you may catch your buds sleeping on this (the purpose of a “sleeper.”) The Argos have allowed 2 return TD’s this season (last in CFL) and give up an average of 25.8 yards per game on kick off returns (2nd last), 10.3 yards on punt return (6th). Needless to say at that salary, it will give you flexibility to load up on other positions.

Mossis Madu, RB ($5,000) – Ottawa

The 1A and 1B rotation continues in the nation’s capital. Now that Powell is out this week nursing an injury from the game vs Winnipeg, Madu leads his team to the promised land (pardon the endless puns with his name). I don’t think we were the only ones scratching our heads as to why the Ticats went away from Gable’s 9.3 yard per carry average in week 7’s game vs Edmonton, so we like Mossis this week. Yes, the Eskimos are literally the walking wounded and their run defence has been suspect. Teams vs Eskimos: 87.5 rush/game (6th), 5.5 yards/carry (last), 3 20+ yard run (7th). With that being said, teams have only rushed a league low 95 times vs Edmonton. But they’ve played Hamilton twice, and Montreal once. Although, they have played the Lions twice (lead the CFL with 138 attempts) but that was before the injuries got out of hand. Ottawa is middle of the pack with 122 carries in 2017, but you’d have to think we aren’t the only ones who saw those stats. Either way, great value for your dollar.

LaDarius Perkins, RB ($3,000) – Edmonton

It’s safe to say he turned some heads with his tailback debut last week, with 19 carries and 105 yards for a very respectable 5.5 yards per carry. Yes, that was vs the 9th ranked run defence in the CFL (Hamilton). The REDBLACKS are 3rd overall, allowing only a stingy 81.4 yards per game on the ground. The only team to have success vs Ottawa in 2017 in this category? You got it, the Edmonton Eskimos and the now injured Travon Van (week 4, 18 carries – 103 yards). More than anything, this is about his salary. He has a similar price to the rarely used Levi Steinhauer of the Eskimos ($3,000) with no career stats listed on the CFL site, and C.O. Prime of the Ticats ($2,900) who has amassed 6 carries and 36 yards through a year CFL career. Granted, they are both special teams players.

Darvin Adams, WR ($7,600) – Winnipeg

The vast majority would anticipate the Bombers to walk in to Hamilton, beat the Ticats by 20 and waltz out of there. “Matt Nichols will throw for 500 yards” and the rest is history. While in theory that may sound tempting, it will probably be more of a shootout. Darvin Adams is the highest targeted receiver in blue and gold with 50 this season (an average of around 8 per game). Harris, Adams, Harris, Adams will continue to be the song as it usually is for Offensive Coordinator Paul LaPolice. We should expect to see a heavy dose of this young man, and probably well beyond his worth in salary.

TJ Thorpe, SB ($5,600) – Winnipeg

Next on the chain of weapons for Winnipeg is this young stud. In his 3 games in 2017, he’s seen 26 targets and 20 catches to go along with an average of over 8 targets per game. His salary is right on par, not to mention he’s in a favorable matchup with the banged up Will Hill at SAM Linebacker (Hill is allowing a CFL low among starters: 90 percent completion rate). We likely won’t be the only ones very high on the rookie this week, and he’s worth it at that price tag.

Quincy McDuffie, WR ($4,200) – Ottawa

The REDBLACKS were giving the former Bomber and Tiger Cat speedster some looks in the offence during practice this week, and that only adds for another wrench in the tool kit for the CFL’s leader in TD passes (QB Trevor Harris). It’s been beaten to death, the Eskimos have over 20 players on the injured list and a number of those are solid special teams players. Which also means, there could be increased value for on offence as well as on kickoff returns. And of course, you can’t go wrong at that salary.

Tiquon Underwood, SB ($5,000) – Montreal

He may be one of the least talked about, greatest “comeback player” stories of 2017. After being let go by Hamilton for his inconsistency with ball security, Underwood has been more like “Underdog” in CFL Fantasy this season. Before he missed the Alouettes week 6 matchup with Winnipeg, he lead the team in targets with 31 (an average of 6 per game). Our one caution would be that yes, he only does have 16 catches on the season, so his completion rate doesn’t jump off of the page. But, at that salary he will equal the production.

Bryant Mitchell, SB ($4,500) – Edmonton

Brandon Zylstra is out. Adarius Bowman has been out, and Mike Reilly continues to find ways to put the ball in the end zone. The focus of the Edmonton team should be less about their injuries and more about how incredible of an athlete their QB is. I sense a tangent, and maybe lets save that soapbox for another day. But, as most DFS and fantasy players have been doing its safe to load up on Eskimos receivers week in and week out. The schedule maker has blessed them with a pair of games in the first third of the season against a struggling Ticats team, and now they get the Ottawa secondary who has allowed a league worst 298 pass attempts. Oh, and second last in the CFL at 348.6 yards per game. Second only to? Hamilton. Edmonton will be playing their second game of the year vs Ottawa, so at that salary Bryant Mitchell is a good play.

We stayed away from team defences this week, due to the wealth of options at Receiver and Runningback. Good luck!

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