More ridiculousness from Bryan Burnham

Lions receiver Bryan Burnham continues to make amazing catches.

Burnham leaps and takes away an interception from Riders’ Erick Dargan. He had 131 receiving yards in five receptions.

A few weeks ago in Hamilton, Burnham made a crazy grab for a touchdown.

Acrobatics are becoming normal for the ultra athletic pass catcher.


5 Comments on More ridiculousness from Bryan Burnham

  1. All the Rider had to do was a knockdown. Simple football.

    • All due respect Tim, but he has to go for the interception there. The odds of the receiver reaching over his head and taking the ball are low. It was just a great play by Burnham and also by that back. He had him shut down and deserved the interception on a bit of a lousy pass by Lulay.

  2. doobzacheria // August 5, 2017 at 11:51 pm //

    I shouted an expletive when this happened… Great catch by Burnham. Props to him! Very exciting player to watch. Shouldn’t have happened. Lousy defensive play by the Riders, which was a theme all night.

  3. Man…I just love Burnham. He may be exciting but to me, more important, he is so reliable. Reminds me of Swerv in some ways, the way he can go up in a crowd and be the one who comes down with it.

  4. It was a great catch and he’s clearly a superior talent at catching in traffic. I think defenders in that situation now have to think knockdown if Burnham’s going up with them likely that as he will most likely steal it or catch it if he can reach over you.

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