Redblacks sign former Bombers receiver/returner Quincy McDuffie

Canadian Press

The Ottawa Redblacks signed receiver/returner Quincy McDuffie to a two-year deal Tuesday.

McDuffie, 26, led the CFL in kickoff return average (27.7 yards) last season with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and also registered two TDs. He also had 23 catches for 241 yards and a touchdown.

Winnipeg released McDuffie after the 2016 season so he could sign with the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys. He was released June 2.

“Quincy is a dynamic punt and kick-off returner and receiver who will add new dimensions to what we do both on special teams and on offence,” Ottawa GM Marcel Desjardins said in a statement.

Ottawa hosts Winnipeg on Friday night.


13 Comments on Redblacks sign former Bombers receiver/returner Quincy McDuffie

  1. Lindsay Wilcox // August 1, 2017 at 5:43 pm //

    Ticats should have tried (harder?) to sign him.

  2. So Ti-Cat’s sleep on this one too? Or they just can’t afford McDuffie,with their cap now. Kent Austin released him before, so maybe his agent and McDuffie didn’t want to play in Steeltown. Brandon Banks is not performing, he’s not the threat he once was. Hasn’t been the same, since coming back from his suspension in 2016. B.C has Rainey, Stamps have Finch, Winnipeg has Lankford, And Argos have a new prospect Chalmers, alwho can break one on P/KR’s. McDuffie would have been an asset and improvement for Ti-Cats, release Brandon Banks. Ti-Cat’s missed out signing S.J.Green too. What does Eric Tillman do? Sure the hell not scouting international or national quality DB’s. That’s where Ti-Cat’s are getting burnt. All the best In Edmonton, hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst. OSKEE WEE WEE!

    • Ticats sleep or they can’t afford him??
      How do you know that he just didn’t want to play for a team that just lost 60 – 1?
      But it’s likely that the Ticats prefer to keep Banks.
      But it does come down to which team is the highest bidder.

  3. Quincy must be related to Senator Mike Duffy? Hopefully Quincy will be also be a good first first in Ottawa as Mike has?

  4. mcduffie would have been an upgrade at PR/KR, and maybe at receiver too. just saying. he’s very fast; we are having trouble stretching — and flipping — the field. maybe mcduffie didn’t want to come back here … he spent an awful lot of time here not playing (but when he did play he was excellent).
    and as for the comment about the defensive back search: our latest signing returns to the cfl from the salt lake screaming eagles, the first (low-tier arena) team to allow its fans to call offensive plays from the stands on their devices. perhaps kent could allow us that same task; we could perhaps do better.

    • An upgrade at PR/KR yes I agree. They have been using Stangby or Spencer, Spencer has shown flashes but needs to concentrate on receiving.
      I see McDuffie as the PR/KR and a backup receiver.

      • CC Rider // August 2, 2017 at 3:32 pm //

        Stangby’s not very good at it, to be honest. I liked how Daje Johnson looked in pre-season but he seems hesitant now and can’t stay healthy, apparently.

  5. SlipperyDee // August 1, 2017 at 7:57 pm //

    I guess the Bombers were content with their kick returner. Who is that again?

    • Paul Bomber // August 2, 2017 at 10:50 am //

      But he’s a top-10 CFL receiver. He & Bomber stalwart Weston Dressler would be a deadly pair. Released him from his contract to sign w/the NFL… does that mean Wpg waived his CFL rights?

  6. Glad to see that the REDBLACKS signed McDuffie. Having good REDBLACKS receivers returning kicks is a dangerous game, and just asking for injuries to their receivers. Smart move REDBLACKS!

    • Paul Bomber // August 2, 2017 at 10:55 am //

      yeah… you guys need help at receiver big time. Sinopoli especially is killing you! In fact, why don’t you do yourself a favour and trade that bum to Wpg? We’ll send you TWO receivers that can return kicks!

  7. SuperSeason_88 // August 2, 2017 at 11:50 am //

    Great move by the club again. Let’s face it, Spencer has been good at the return game but he has to make those tough catches at receiver, the ones that the team has become accustomed to. With Criner’s injury, this provides options at receiver – great move!

    • CC Rider // August 2, 2017 at 3:33 pm //

      Kenny Shaw is taking forever to get on the field too. Maybe his injury is worse than we thought.

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