Update: Lions QB Jonathon Jennings results from MRI Monday

B.C. quarterback Jonathon Jennings underwent an MRI Monday, according to TSN’s Farhan Lalji, and showed no severe injury.

Jennings was hurt on the Lions’ first offensive series in the team’s win against Hamilton when he was driven into the turf by Ticats defensive tackle Davon Coleman. Jennings was also intercepted on the play.

He did not return to the game. Jennings was replaced by veteran back up Travis Lulay, who promptly led the Lions on a touchdown drive and carved up the Ticats secondary while leading B.C. to a victory, setting a CFL record in the process.

After the game, Jennings told reporters that his shoulder should be “fine.”


15 Comments on Update: Lions QB Jonathon Jennings results from MRI Monday

  1. Hope he his fine!

  2. |He is the best!!!

  3. He took a big hit. Not sure what would have happened in the game had he not landed on that shoulder, but I’m among the Ticat fans that wish he had not been injured and replaced by Lulay.

    Speedy recovery to him. Great QB.

  4. Dirty hit? – If a Ticat QB took a hit like that, these boards would be on fire calling for fines and suspensions!!

    • How was it dirty? Coleman hit him in the torso, and Jennings landed hard but it looked clean to me.

    • Mike. You are the first and only one I have heard suggest that it was a dirty hit! If you want to see a dirty hit try to find a clip of Charleston Hughes pike driving Collaros last year and putting him out with a concussion. No call. No suspension.

    • Seriously you want to call that a dirty hit? How can the guy time it any better, the ball is out just as he is hit! That what caused the IT. If you call this dirty you might want to look at watching a non contact sport and if the league had called it dirty you might as well give all the teams different shades of pink uniforms and feminine hygiene sponsors. Dirty hit?? Clean in the middle of the body while the QB still had the ball.

  5. BleedzGreen // July 17, 2017 at 5:49 pm //

    Hope it’s nothing serious, or lingering… The league needs him.

  6. BC Dave // July 17, 2017 at 7:18 pm //

    I’m not saying it was a dirty hit at all but I have to wonder how you let that one go when you called a roughing the passer on Solly one or two games ago, and Solly did not land on the guy. That’s where I have a problem. Call both or call neither but …

    • BC Dave. You won’t find anyone who will dispute the assertion that the officiating is inconsistent. But given the fact that both Hamilton’s first and second string QB’s were concussed and put out of action last year I don’t think that we TC fans can be accused of being over-sensitive on the subject.

  7. Glad it’s not too serious. No matter who starts Bombers will be in tough. Not many other teams have a former MOP holding the clipboard.

  8. BombersJets // July 17, 2017 at 9:59 pm //

    Dang.. was hoping Jennings would be ready for Friday against the Bombers since he’s been an absolute turnover machine vs us. Don’t like facing Lulay

  9. 44 tds and 27 picks since he has been in the league… not much of a pick machine if u ask me.

  10. Lions will be just fine as he takes a breather. Lions really have 2 starting QBs as Lulay showed with his last game.

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