Former first round pick, OL Jacob Ruby signs with Eskimos

Canadian offensive lineman Jacob Ruby has signed with the Edmonton Eskimos.

The 24-year-old was drafted eighth overall in the 2015 CFL draft by Montreal. He played in 20 games for the Alouettes over two seasons before being released by general manager Kavis Reed.

At six-foot-seven, 315 pounds, Ruby has the body to play offensive tackle, a position where he started games in Montreal. He’s young and could still reach his potential as a ratio-breaking blocker.


8 Comments on Former first round pick, OL Jacob Ruby signs with Eskimos

  1. Paul Smith // July 17, 2017 at 1:33 pm //

    The Eskimo OL is huge already. Mike Reilly says thanks.

  2. Mike Gibson is the worst OLine coach in the Cfl. Can’t see him helping Ruby.

  3. Hors E Power // July 17, 2017 at 6:53 pm //

    Signing a Canadian olineman is never a bad thing

  4. He’ll get a chance to develop in Edmonton. Is he a bust? Could be. But the Eskimos do have Groulx & Beard who’ve been around since drafted 3 years ago, along with Roy from this year’s draft as backups. They also have Batiste & Kelly to back up @ tackle. So Ruby will have no pressure on him & won’t be starting any time soon I would think. As Hors E says, signing a Cdn OL never a bad thing. Calgary is the prime example of the value in stacking Nationals on OL.

  5. Ruby was terrible on the Montreal O-line last season. He was more like a sheet of paper than a obstruction against opposing D-lines & always seemed lost out there. The coaches in Edmonton sure have their work ahead of them on the Ruby project. Good luck.

  6. I think that the Eskimos made a wise choice in recruiting Jacob Ruby!!! Jacob played NCAA D1 Football for an excellent college team. He is young, talented and continuously learning and improving as an OL in the CFL. Ruby also brings a big heart, hard working ethics and a positive attitude to his strong team to ultimately strive towards winning the Grey Cup

  7. I believe that Jacob Ruby will be a strong team player for the Edmonton Eskimos. Ruby’s youth and unlimited potential will be an asset for his new team in the CFL. The 2017 Grey Cup Champions will be the Edmonton Eskimos.

  8. Jacob Ruby needs a good haircut and a shave. He will feel better playing football for the Eskimos.

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