CFLPA steps into the Dragons’ Den

The Canadian Football League Players’ Association has entered the Dragons’ Den and earned an “I’m in” from two dragons.

Jim Treliving, owner of Boston Pizza, and Bruce Croxon, co-founder of Lavalife, both featured dragons on CBC’s hit show support Enriched Academy, a financial education and awareness company that will provide assistance to CFL players in managing their finances while offering career guidance. The co-founders of Enriched Academy appeared on Dragons’ Den and earned a royalty deal with Treliving and Croxon.

“This partnership will help players manage their finances during their on-field careers and beyond.” CFLPA president Jeff Keeping said.

“We want all CFLPA members to be on solid financial footing, both during their playing careers and afterwards,” CFLPA executive director, Brian Ramsay added. “Enriched Academy is a tremendous financial resource that offers all of our members access to excellent financial education that will last a lifetime.”

Stepping into the Dragons’ Den should pay dividends for CFL players.


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  1. This is embarrassing.

  2. um…why is this embarrassing? A company that provides financial services to athletes, who may not know that much about the topic, seems like a good partnership to me. Quite a few companies have gotten their starts on Dragon’s Den and if this one has taken off, it seems like a good fit. Treliving’s son Brad has a good background in pro sports, being as he is the Calgary Flames General Manager, so Treliving Sr. would appear to be a good fit. Why the negativity, Tom? NFL players get similar services. Why not CFL players?

  3. BoDickenHuff // July 18, 2017 at 11:30 am //

    Great news. If you ever feel the need to get up to speed on this issue, watch the 30 for 30 documentary “Broke”, its on YouTube. Stats show that 60% of NBA players are broke within 5 years of retirement and a whopping 78% of NFL are broke after only 2 years of retirement (NHL is just over 40%). As we all know, CFL players are not compensated nearly the same as these guys, but its realistic to assume that the stats are similar up here. Anything that the CFL can do to strengthen its relationship with the players on and off the field is ALWAYS a good thing.

  4. Beamreach // July 18, 2017 at 12:00 pm //

    Treliving Sr is a perfect Sports business mentor ,good idea for CFL players ,maybe this is just the beginning for the CFL with other ventures to increase revenue in a struggling League financially ….

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