Stamps running back/returner Roy Finch suspended following positive drug test

Canadian Press

Running back/return man Roy Finch of the Calgary Stampeders has been suspended two games for violating the CFL’s drug policy.

The CFL announced Monday that Finch tested positive for a banned substance (D-amphetamine).

“I made a mistake and I accept full responsibility,” Finch said in a statement. “I want to make it clear that there was absolutely no intent on my part to cheat as I was taking the medication to treat attention-deficit disorder.

“At the same time, I know that I’m responsible for what goes into my body and I should have asked more questions. I apologize to the fans, the coaches and my teammates for the embarrassment I have caused.”

Players receive a two-game suspension for a first doping violation.

A second offence results in a nine-game suspension. The penalty is a year-long suspension for a third violation with a fourth resulting in a lifetime ban.

While Finch can’t play in Calgary’s next two games, it’s up to the club to determine if he’ll be allowed to practise and attend team meetings while suspended.

“The Calgary Stampeders were very disappointed to learn about Roy’s violation of the policy on drugs,” said John Hufnagel, Calgary’s president/GM. “We understand the medication taken by Roy was to treat a legitimate medical condition however, by failing to follow procedure and obtain a therapeutic-use exception, Roy is subject to this penalty.

“While I believe this was an honest mistake on Roy’s part, it was a mistake nevertheless and it’s important that he and all players learn from this episode.”


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  1. I won’t throw this young man under the bus, shit happens, and his excuse sounds legit.

  2. Where’s the mouth piece horseland?

  3. truenorthern // June 26, 2017 at 2:06 pm //

    Hufnagel and the Stamps are threatening the integrity of the league. The Stamps are clearly Ok with their players being involved in drugs. This cheating by the Stamps has to be stopped. The only answer is to immediately fire the entire coaching staff.

    • horsieland // June 26, 2017 at 2:35 pm //

      The young man made an error and has fessed up. Finch and the team will pay the price for it as they should.

      I will remind the present and future judges here of 2 sayings

      1) those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

      2) Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

      Players making poor personal choices happen. Teams that take players knowing they make poor personal choices is something different. …just something to keep in mind as I’m sure my many haters in Green are frothing at the mouth and ready to pounce.

      • Well of course he fessed up after he got caught. Even Huffy said, he should have known better. He very easily could have gotten a therapeutic-use exception. Obviously that wasn’t a priority for him or the team. These are the things you can expect from that organization, isn’t that right horsie?

        • horsieland // June 26, 2017 at 2:54 pm //

          Better than harboring domestic abusers I suppose!!

          • How many are currently on the roster? If you don’t mind me asking.

          • are the stamps doing that as well? sickening? They need to learn from responsob;e franchises like the Riders and send players like this packing. I guess some organizations only care about winning and have no moral conscience. only they didnt even win, they tied…hmmm

        • Horsieland // June 26, 2017 at 8:29 pm //

          getting caught and fessing aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. Look at Chris Jones. He got caught practicing with nearly twice the numbers allowed and still denied wrong doing!! In fact he left the organization to clean up his mess

        • Horsieland // June 26, 2017 at 8:53 pm //

          How many what? Guys on prescription drugs for a condition?

      • truenorthern // June 26, 2017 at 2:45 pm //

        That’s exactly my point, you and a few others have been a huge hypocrites on this site.

      • what kind of a joke is this organization that their players have no respect for the rules. completely classless from top to bottom. Hopefully they will read the rule book and follow it like the rest of the teams have to. Whats worse is you have “fans”, and i use that term loosely, who will condemn others for lesser things, and make no mistake about it drugs are bad mmmkay, but will blow this off. Just shows that a classless organization like the stampeders will breed some completely classless fans

        • Funny… horsie doesn’t want to come out and play now. Isn’t it weird how he pretty much goes into hiding as soon as some negativity hits his stumps. Its okay bud, your organization is not as classy as you make them out to be. Lots of drug related problems with the stumps as of late it seems.

          • Horsieland // June 27, 2017 at 11:19 am //

            I find it hilarious you categorize my points about practicing too many players to me changing the subject.

            Go back and look. Almost any time stories emerged about Jones indiscretions riderfans always deflected back to Tommie Campbell and sometimes Quinn Smith. #doublestandard

          • Well this topic isn’t about practicing too many players now is it? So yes.. you are changing the subject. Read the title of the story!!!
            What you don’t like the heat from other teams fans finally driving some sh*t back your way? Honestly I could care less, but the comments you spew are just to hard to ignore. Sure there are some idiot Rider fans, I deal with those on the Rider fan pages. But you sir are no different than them.

        • Horsieland // June 26, 2017 at 4:48 pm //

          Bacon.. have you ever drank, smoked or taken drugs (either prescribed or otherwise)?

          • im not sure how this pertains to me. This is about an athlete who makes his living playing in a professional sports league who chose to make a mockery out of the rules of the league. It disrespects every other player on every other team who doesnt feel the need to cheat. Something reeks in Cowtown. The league needs to reel this franchise in before they disgrace the league further.

        • Horsieland // June 26, 2017 at 8:34 pm //

          I’m sure Calgary will open its doors and cooperate in any investigation the league feels it needs to have

      • BC Dave // June 26, 2017 at 6:08 pm //

        Excuse Me…1) those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

        Do you take your own advice or just hand it out to others as, you are probably on a pedestal and don’t need to follow it?

        • Horsieland // June 26, 2017 at 7:34 pm //

          BC Dave
          This makes no sense
          I’ve never condemned any team for having a player suspended for drug use.

          • Sorry horsie,
            I was busy with having a life last night, but I will touch on a few subjects right now. First off. This doesn’t seem like the first drug problem Calgay has had in the past year. I’m pretty sure there was a 3 game suspenion last year for guess what… Drugs, then there was an off season problem with a guy getting chased by cops with stampeders bag full of… You guessed it! Drugs! and now another case. I totally get that he has condition, but so do many other atheletes out there. There is also rules to follow by and it seems by your comments that there isn’t a problem with drugs in the organization and that they seem to be above the rest of the league.
            How we went from Drugs to too many players practising is beyond me.. Seems to me that you are digging a little to deeply right now. Lets not beat around the bush now. Also lets not start preaching about:

            will remind the present and future judges here of 2 sayings

            1) those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

            2) Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

            Isn’t that just the pot calling the kettle black eh?

          • Tag you’re it horsie!!!

  4. Scottsask // June 26, 2017 at 2:15 pm //

    Don’t forget steep fines. Lol

  5. horsie!!! where are you!?
    Clearly Dave and Huff have no problems with their guys getting caught cheating. Better get rid of Huff now eh horsie! Giving the league a bad name. (sarcasm by the way) 😉

  6. Horsiesauce // June 26, 2017 at 8:12 pm //

    Horsie. You actually make some informed comments. However, you are so myopic. You have a blind spot, my friend. I think people like you are important for stirring the pot and keeping rivalries alive. However, I also think you could contribute to some excellent football discussions if you had some humility and some balance. There is hardly a trainer or coach in this league (let alone teammates) who can’t spot doping. It happens on every team and there is a culture of silence on the subject. Don’t be a hypocrite. Don’t morally equivocate. Heighten your game and be a great contributor to this site. You have good idea fundamental knowledge and I enjoy your contributions. Think of this as coaching:)

    • Horsieland // June 26, 2017 at 8:45 pm //

      This isn’t “Doping” Its merely a player taking a prescription for a condition. Had it been reported to the league the stamps would have received an exception. That’s the only wrong doing here

  7. Rougenoir // June 26, 2017 at 8:51 pm //

    First (and probably last) time poster here, but as someone who lives with ADHD I wanted to comment. Roy Finch probably is prescribed Adderall as I am. It’s basically speed. I don’t know the ins and outs of CFL drug policy or if he could have applied for a therapeutic exemption. It’s not a stretch to think that he didn’t understand the rules, or that he wasn’t upfront with team doctors about his condition out of fear of losing his job. Ihon any case, I believe his apology.

    • Horsieland // June 26, 2017 at 9:01 pm //

      Thanks Rougenoir. Thanks for shedding light and education on this matter.

      To all those who decided to categorize Finch being a “Drug addict” and saying the Stampeders have a “Drug problem” SHAME ON YOU!.
      You are all adding to the stigma that exists with this and other mental health issues. I’m calling you all out right now.

      • Shame on YOU for trying to turn this into a mental health issue. You will stoop to any depth to try and be right, won’t you? And to your buddy Rouge, Players know there is a list of banned substances. If they didn’t, they should have got their head out of the sand and they should have known about TWO previous team-mates dealing with drug issues (albeit, one of them of a different, criminal nature). ALL TEAMS HAVE A LIST OF BANNED SUBSTANCES. IT IS THE PLAYERS RESPONSIBILITY TO ASK THE TEAM MEDICAL/TRAINING STAFF IF IS OK TO TAKE SO MUCH AS AN ASPIRIN. There are substitutes that solve the ailment without the banned substance. If for some reason, a substitute is not to be had or a doctor says you need X instead of anything else and X is on the list, get the exemption from the league. THAT SIMPLE. NUFF SAID.

        • Thank you!!! Well said BC Dave. Horsie will fight you tooth and nail. He’s always got to be right. Even though most of the time he’s very much so wrong. Sadly he does post some good stuff, but any valid point he makes is destroyed by the fact that he will spew verbal diarrhea most of the time.

  8. Horsieland // June 26, 2017 at 9:45 pm //

    Of course its now silence from the shamed

  9. Horsieland,I think its pretty obvious that 90% of the above comments are just to get a rise out of you. You make a lot of over the top statements about other organisations and are a hypocrite. I am sure it was an honest mistake by the player. I feel the stampeders organisation and team doctors have to take most of the blame here.

    • Horsieland // June 27, 2017 at 8:49 am //

      I don’t think its the doctor or team at all. Its the individual for not disclosing.
      Chill trying to get a rise out of me doesn’t make the stigma any less real.

  10. If the player doesn’t feel comfortable coming forward with this issue then it is the organization that is at fault. They are adding to the stigma that exists to this and any other mental health issues.

    • Horsieland // June 27, 2017 at 11:07 am //

      I would say that’s societies issue not the teams. Its the issue of those on here attaching stigmas to it.

  11. Society doesn’t hire or perform physicals or set the protocol for the education of the players. That is all on the organization. Once again the comments above are the results of your over the top comments. For example your posted above you have issues with teams that take players knowing they make poor choices,yet your team drafted Quinn Smith a guy who was got taking steroids in college , then when the league finally gets a decent drug testing program he tests positive again. Is this not the definition of a cheater. U accuse other teams of cheating but your on team is as guilty as anyone

    • That is a very valid point Chill! You have proven how outlandish his statements are, now he’s not going to respond because of it now.
      It’s his stupid, over the top the comments that are the issue.. and then when you actually have something to go back at him with. He just starts to point out other issues/flaws of the team… or doesn’t reply back at all. Sorry I guess the Stumps and Huffy are just angels that are gracing the CFL and its fans with their pressence.

      I’m only simply trolling the troll. Otherwise I completely respect the rest of you guys on here commenting. You people actually have valid points and aren’t commenting out of the pure hate. Go Riders! Go CFL!

      • Horsieland // June 27, 2017 at 2:51 pm //

        Finch was wrong and ultimately him and the stamps were RIGHTFULLY punished. That’s the end of it. To categorize this to be anything more is egregious. This is no more a crime than the stamps office personal throwing pop cans in the garbage instead of the recycling bin.

        • But cheating is cheating..there is no other way around it. Yes, they might have dealt with the punishment. But that doesn’t mean your stumps aren’t going to be caught again.. and you trying to play off the organization as saints(which they aren’t). No team is.. Everyone is going to be caught with something one way or another. You making excuses for the club right now mean nothing…

          Also on your last statement.. its not illegal to throw out pop cans. To get caught with drugs(whether accidental or not)is.. 😉 just saying.

          Also since you can’t stop changing the subject. Chris Jones and my boys were caught stepping every so slightly over the line last year, they were caught by the league and payed their dues(just like you guys apparently). So you trying to keep pointing fingers right now is irrelevant. Its in the past get over it. Its almost like you’ve never been caught doing anything bad. You perfect person you! Lol

          • Horsieland // June 27, 2017 at 4:33 pm //

            So you are speculating the stamps will do this again?

            Cheating is cheating? Not true because there are varying levels of punishments for various levels of cheat. ( 2 game suspension vs $160,000 in fines, 2 game suspension vs having a player
            banished from the league)
            I guess you would say a person walking into a mall and shoplifting is as bad a crime as someone walking in and shooting 20 people.

          • I’m not speculating anything, I’m just saying you’re blind or ignorant to think this will never be a problem with the organization or any other organization for that matter again. Regardless a crime is a crime. Sure there might be varying degree’s of crimes and punishments.. but its still bad either way. Also are you saying that your Saint GM huffy has never, ever hired or kept a player that has had a twisted past? Get over yourself.

          • Horsieland // June 27, 2017 at 4:41 pm //

            FYI he wasn’t “caught with drugs” we was found with drugs in his system that turned out to be a prescription. Stop trying to muddy the facts

          • Found with a BANNED substance in his system. Whether it be a prescription or not. He did not have a exemption. I believe the guy has an actual health issue, but again he didn’t follow proper protocol. The facts are actually clean thank you.

  12. Horsieland // June 27, 2017 at 2:33 pm //

    Again!! This hardly qualifies as cheating. nor does Quinn Smith. These are people making poor choices. What Chris Jones has done is cheating

    • How is that not cheating!?!? It is on the list of banned substances… end of story. Also this is not a story on what Chris Jones has done, so get over it already.

    • Maybe Chris Jones mae a poor decision, just like the guy who shot 20 people in a mall. Sounds like a mistake to me. God you are a hypocrite !! I only hope for your sake you are PLAYING dumb just to get a rise out of people. Not a good quality but better then the NOT playing alternative.

  13. Horsieland // June 27, 2017 at 2:54 pm //

    A person in pro football taking steroids is doing so to give him an edge in training. It doesn’t help make him a better football player. Do you think Quinn Smith is the only one doing this?

    • The sprinter Ben Johnson won a gold medal at the Olympics before it was stripped due to cheating with anabolic steroids. Without the steroids, he wasn’t a champion. It gave him an unfair advantage.

  14. If it isn’t cheating why is it a banned substance? Its banned world-wide in almost every is cheating. It builds muscle mass that u can’t produce naturally. This leads to more strength and power and weight gain. This does help make u better football player in the trenches. The facts are your team is not as perfect as u think it is. The guy has been caught twice and the only thing Calgary has done is reward him with another contract.

    • Horsieland // June 27, 2017 at 4:52 pm //

      It can make you stronger yes but that doesn’t make you a better football player. Trench warfare is about leverage and foot placement. Beings stronger isn’t necessarily an advantage. In fact muscle and bulk can be used against you.

      Nick Lewis showed up to camp 20 pounds heavier once and it wasn’t muscle. Huff was worried but it actually made Nick better and able to use the weight to gain YAC yards. Should Nick be labeled a cheat for this? . He used food to gain weight!!!

      The list of banned substances exceeds performance enhancers too.
      Companies can fire you for smoking pot or crystal meth. Id hardly say these enhance performance

  15. Horsieland // June 27, 2017 at 5:08 pm //

    Finch would have been allowed to take this had he followed the proper procedures (showing he had a prescription). That is an indication banned substances aren’t banned because they enhance performance but rather because they are ILLEGAL!! Unless a doctor prescribes them.

  16. Horsieland // June 27, 2017 at 5:22 pm //

    RobE commenting on above
    So you agree there are varying levels of crimes. Fine than riders have committed more serious crimes than the stamps.

    • Horsie let me ask you something on this one.. Which is morally worse. Having a few extra players practicing or having players on their team being caught with drugs? Hmmmmm

      • See I can pick and choose stats that make it sound worse than it actually is too. You aren’t the only one pal 😉

      • Horsieland // June 27, 2017 at 5:32 pm //

        In the context of how it helps a team… a team practicing with extra players. Absolutely.
        This means when injuries/cuts occur you have more players ready to step in and take over having already been in the system
        Obviously the league agrees with me. As I say who received the most serious punishment?

        • I’m not talking about the league. I’m talking morally. Maybe you should get your glasses on and read my question. But since you answered, I’ll pull you on this one. We got caught by the league for playing in the “gray area” of the rules and we have payed our dues that leauge has punished us with. Obviously this year the rules have been changed because of that. Now there isn’t gray area. Lol
          I’m sure there are a few GM’s unhappy with Bo Levi the Rat ending that gray area. 😉

          • Horsieland // June 27, 2017 at 5:51 pm //

            Gray area?? you had why more players in your organization than you were allowed to. No grey area.
            Besides that:
            Riders have been fined FAR more than any other team for cap violations.
            Jones tampered by talking to Manzeil’s publicist
            Tried to hold an illegal camp in montreal
            Worked out players who were suspended .
            ALL in the last year

          • You sure talk a lot on speculation.
            There is nothing wrong with leaving no stone unturned, for one. That regional rule I think is load of crap. If they found someone that montreal doesn’t sign, I can’t see why they wouldn’t be able to give him a tryout and see.
            And oh god the end of the world! He had a whiskey with the publisist. How could he!?!?
            Also about the suspended players, they were on the sideline, not on the field of play practicing. They were in street clothes. But oh well.
            Chris Jones got word from head office and accepted the penalties.
            “The Saskatchewan Roughriders have been notified of the leagues decision and accept their disciplinary action,” Jones said in a statement.

            “We have been forthcoming with the CFL office on any information they have requested. We look forward to moving on and continuing to prepare for the 2017 season.”
            Here is the quote, it will save you some google time.

          • Horsieland // June 27, 2017 at 10:04 pm //

            So because it’s stupid to you cant recruit outside you region for Jr players doesn’t make it OK to do it does it?? Hell I think its Stupid Finch was supposed to report his drug to the league.

            So why was Jones having a whisky with his publicist?? what do you think? Was he just wanting to catch up on Johnny just because he was curious? Further more why would the even agree to meet with Jones. Clearly he had to be offering or proposing something!!

          • Just becuase we don’t like it, doesn’t make it right. In both cases.

            You never know, maybe they were in the same bar having a drink and reconized eachother and decided to chat. Chris Jones knows a pretty good amount of people from the College and NFL ranks. You or myself will never know the details 100%. Its just speculation now, and you seem to make a living off of that.

      • Horsieland // June 27, 2017 at 5:38 pm //

        I could ask you. What’s morally worse? A player choosing to harm his own body with drugs or beating up innocent women?

        • See!! Picking and choosing which statistics you want eh?
          There is nothing wrong with trying to give a guy a second chance. As soon as they caught wind that there might have been another incident in Regina, they didn’t even hesitate to get cut him(even though he was found not guilty and that girl said she made it up after the fact) Its a zero tolerance, he got caught in a bad situation and is paying for it. Trust me, I don’t agree with hitting women. I’m extremely against it actually, but I also say everybody makes mistakes. It doesn’t mean youre a terrible person(most people) sometimes they just get stuck in bad situations. Nobody truly knows what happens 100%

          • Horsieland // June 27, 2017 at 5:54 pm //

            actually Jones was giving him his 3rd chance

            Sask cut him because they knew the league was going to. Just saving face.
            Cox isn’t the only rider in very recent times to face similar DV charges is he??

          • You have no idea that Sask wasn’t going to cut him. Don’t kid yourself.

            There is another one that comes to mind, But if I’m not mistaken he started off with your stampeders. Can you guess his name? Honestly it’s to bad, I actually met the guy in person and seemed like one of the nicest guys.

          • Horsieland // June 27, 2017 at 8:57 pm //

            oh please tell me who it is RobE!

          • I’m surprised you haven’t said who yet! You seem to be Mr. Statistics. He actually had two stints in Calgary. Before he came to the green machine.

  17. Let me quote Huffy from the story

    “The Calgary Stampeders were very disappointed to learn about Roy’s violation of the policy on drugs,” said John Hufnagel, Calgary’s president/GM. “We understand the medication taken by Roy was to treat a legitimate medical condition however, by failing to follow procedure and obtain a therapeutic-use exception, Roy is subject to this penalty.

    “While I believe this was an honest mistake on Roy’s part, it was a mistake nevertheless and it’s important that he and all players learn from this episode.”

    What part of Banned substance do you not understand? This isn’t about performance enhancment. There has never been any indication of that. Its about the Drug Policy. There must be something about that drug that has it put on that list for a reason. Be it illegal, performance enhancing or whatever. He got caught with it in system and did not follow proper protocol…Plain and simple.

  18. Horsieland // June 27, 2017 at 5:25 pm //

    FINE.. them like I just said
    You agree there are varying levels of crimes, Then the riders have committed more serious crimes than the stamps

  19. I already said Finch made an honest mistake. Nick Lewis has nothing to do with what u and I are talking about. Neither does the drug policy of some company. We are talking about the drug policy of the league and the college system. Steroids are a performance enhanccers. They allow you to get bigger , stronger,faster, all of which help u gain leverage .

  20. Is your last comment directed at me or RobE?

  21. I never said anything bad about Finch or that he should be banned. Not sure what u are talking about

  22. Horsieland // June 27, 2017 at 8:59 pm //

    Sask favorite son Glenn Suitor was just on a local Calgary Sport show, Said league should cut a little slack to finch and the stampeders handled it with total class!!!

    • Horsie you are really digging for stuff now. Maybe its time to drop the subject and move on to the next one? We never said anything about being banned. You are sadly mistaken.

  23. I never said they didn’t

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