Trouble in Riderville? Saskatchewan crushed in pre-season finale

Jonathon Jennings threw three touchdowns in the second quarter as the B.C. Lions cruised past the Saskatchewan Roughriders 42-10 in the CFL’s pre-season finale on Friday night.

The third-year quarterback hooked up with Jeremiah Johnson, Bryan Burnham and Marco Iannuzzi before giving way to backup Travis Lulay just before halftime.

Lulay then delivered a 12-yard TD toss to Emmanuel Arceneaux in the third quarter, while Loucheiz Purifoy added a defensive touchdown on a fumble return.

Jennings finished 10-of-14 for 197 yards, looking cool and collected in his 28 minutes of action after a bit of a slow start. Swayze Waters was perfect on five converts for B.C., while Ty Long kicked seven points.

Josh Stanford had a touchdown for the visitors, while Tyler Crapigna had a field goal and Quinn Van Gylswyk added an extra point.

Kevin Glenn started at quarterback for the Roughriders and played the first quarter in his exhibition debut, going 5-of-7 for 81 yards, including an 41-yard completion to Duron Carter. Glenn is in his third stint with the Roughriders after playing for the club from 2001 to 2003 and again in 2015.

The Lions lost their pre-season opener in Calgary against the Stampeders 23-18 on June 6, while the Roughriders tied the Winnipeg Blue Bombers 25-25 in the first game at the new Mosaic Stadium in Regina last Saturday.

With the exhibition schedule now down, CFL teams have to declare their 46-man rosters on Saturday, meaning it will be a nervous night for players on the bubble.

The Roughriders open the regular season schedule on the road Thursday against the Montreal Alouettes. The Lions kick off two days later when the Edmonton Eskimos visit Vancouver.

Trailing 3-1 after the first quarter following Crapigna’s field goal, B.C. efficiently moved the ball on a drive that was capped by Jennings scrambling out of trouble to find Johnson from 11 yards out for an 8-3 edge.

After getting stopped on third down at the two-yard line on their next drive, the Lions got the ball back in Saskatchewan territory, with Jennings finding Burnham from nine yards out for a 15-3 advantage.

Iannuzzi then got in on the action after a Saskatchewan turnover, hauling in a 33-yard TD from Jennings to make it 22-3 at the break as the Lions’ explosive offence, which was minus free-agent speedster Chris Williams as he continues to recover from an anterior cruciate ligament tear suffered last season, looked to be in mid-season form.

Lions defensive back Anthony Thompson, in a battle to start at corner, dropped a sure touchdown on a bobbled interception off a throw from Canadian quarterback Brandon Bridge early in the third quarter, something B.C. saw far too much of last season when the club finished with just nine picks _ by far the fewest in the league.

But T.J. Lee, who tore his Achilles last July, would make amends for the secondary by intercepting Bridge later in the quarter to set up Arceneaux’s TD catch that made it 29-3.

Purifoy, who would also add a late pick, then forced a fumble by Thomas Mayo and returned it 37 yards for a touchdown on the final play of the quarter to make it 36-3.

Bryan Bennett, Saskatchewan’s third quarterback of the night, got the Roughriders a little closer when he found Stanford on a 39-yard TD midway through the fourth.

Long responded from an early missed field goal to connect from 49 and 42 yards out put the Lions up 42-10.

B.C. is coming off a 12-6 campaign where the club won a playoff game for the first time in five years and Jennings cemented himself as a star by becoming just the fourth quarterback in franchise history to throw for more than 5,000 yards.

Saskatchewan is set to begin its second season under head coach and general manager Chris Jones after going 5-13 in 2016. The Roughriders will be looking to get back to the playoffs for the first time since 2014 after going a combined 8-28 the last two years.

The Lions’ defence is going to see a lot of new faces in 2017 with half the starters from last year having moved on. Standout linebacker Adam Bighill is the biggest name to leave the unit that led the CFL in the fewest yards allowed after bolting for the NFL’s New Orleans Saints, while veteran defensive back Ryan Phillips was released before signing with the Montreal Alouettes.

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65 Comments on Trouble in Riderville? Saskatchewan crushed in pre-season finale

  1. mrnehnehincognito // June 17, 2017 at 1:30 am //

    Remember the band boys to men??.thats tonight’s game

    The good :
    1)We saw a few glimpses of how talented the riders receivers are
    2)We saw how athletic
    Bridge can be
    3)D-line looked good especially 93 Tull

    The bad:
    1)O-line horrible
    2)defensive back field looked awful
    penalties. Your prized FA signing had a few on that oline
    4)BC’s 3rd string QB was better than all of sasks.
    5)How can Jones state before game Bridge maybe his starter and he comes out and is so clearly no where near ready. Jones knows this guy. He was there last year. How can his evaluation be so off. Clearly scouting and the proper vetting procedures are not there at camp. It must be a poorly run camp. I don’t care how much of a Homer Suitor is Bridge made a few bad choices out there.

    I know rider fans will call me a troll but you guys can’t candy coat this. There are no
    “yeah buts” after that game. Really 7 sask points were on a 3rd and 10 gamble and BC left points on the field twice in first quater and once in 4th with receivers dropping easy passes at or near end zone. BC could have easily had 55 or 60 plus points

    • I don’t think your space bar is working. Your comma key doesn’t seem to be working either. VERY confusing read. Try WD-40 🙂

  2. So… we don’t win the preseason title? The score s scary, but next week everyone is 0-0. Time to man up guys.

  3. Same old same old with the Sliders and their fans. Sliders in last place again, yet their fans think they will be cheering for a first place team in the West…LOL…It’s always great to dream…so Slider fans, dream on!!!!!

  4. Blackhawk89 // June 17, 2017 at 3:35 am //

    Secondary might be worse than last year’s, linebackers too over 150 yards rushing… ugly

  5. I think you guys gotta get reps for the other 3 QBs behind Glenn somehow. They won’t develop carrying a clipboard and you aren’t going anywhere with Glenn. I like that guy Bryan Bennet. He need experience but he has an arm. The first pass he threw was on a rope. If the receiver has settled into that sweet spot and waited, the ball was there.

    Not bashing you riders fans btw, but I think Jones made too many change this year. He needed to last year but he needed to keep the core together for this year and make changes only where needed. He seems to be right back where he started from last year, at square one. You guys have great receivers but what’s the point if you have not got the guy who can pull the trigger or if you have an undisciplined O-line that keeps negating plays where you do get positive yards? You might have to find the best of the young QBs and go with him come hell or high water and let him grow into it and keep Glenn as the #2 guy/mentor.

    Gotta agree with the one part of neh neh’s I actually understood, the last paragraph. We did miss two scores in the first Quarter and even missed the FG so we ended up with 1 out of a possible 14 points. I have no idea who Homer Suitor is. That sentence might make sense is punctuation was used. If he is calling Suitor a homer in saying it was hard to evaluate Bridge, well Suits is from Vancouver so that is not even a correct fact. Hoping he stays out of this thread as it has nothing to do with his team and I do not want this thread ending up like others he is in.

    Both teams looked good on D-Line I thought. Tough choices tomorrow. I can see some guys getting ‘injured’ overnight. With only two pre-season games, there will still be lots of evaluations going on over the next few games too. Sad to see Jason Aragki retiring. He was a class act for sure. Wishing him well in the next chapter of his life.

    • mrnehnehincognito // June 17, 2017 at 8:48 am //

      Gee it’s not like Glenn Suitor didn’t play for the riders! He’s totally a rider homer and gave bridge a little more love than he deserved. Bridge did show is athletics however. Fyi if you had trouble reading my first post try glasses!

      • glasses not help when people do not punctuate try using commas or periods that what separates different thoughts glasses do not do that for you try learning to use those i can read everyone else fine without glasses

        • brian johnson // June 17, 2017 at 10:56 am //

          Punctuate, commas, periods, don’t make a MAN. Only school teachers or smart Asses
          use them to insult others. You know what was meant,,,,,,, periods or not….

          • You’re (or should I say your) so right Brian. They don’t make a man. It take so much more than that. What they DO accomplish, however, is separate not only thoughts but they separate a somewhat educated man from a village idiot. 🙂

        • mrnehnehincognito // June 17, 2017 at 11:32 am //

          Thanks for yet another free english lesson Dave

          • brian johnson // June 17, 2017 at 11:43 am //

            Thanks for the lesson Dave. Did someone miss a PERIOD, or comma???
            You keep looking. Thanks. You have a good day a school.

  6. Riderfan Ron // June 17, 2017 at 4:28 am //

    Trouble in Riderville? Lol, troll much? We played 70 players tonight and didn’t play a number of our starters, and didn’t play others very much, because we have a short week before playing Montreal, so the score doesn’t really matter, just the individual performances.

    -Davis “Jethro” Tull had a heck of a game. We’ve got a tonne of great DEs.
    -I don’t think any of our import DTs stood out all camp, with the possible exception of the new guy Pettway. I wonder if we’ll go all Canadian at that position?
    -Neither Bridge nor Glenn look bad, but they didn’t look outstanding either. Glenn whacking his hand on a helmet and still trying to shake it off a couple of plays later wasn’t great either. It was a reminder of how injury prone he can be. Too bad about Young’s injury as he may have had a chance to get some significant playing time sooner rather than later. Hopefully Glenn can stay healthy until he gets back. Williams looks very promising, but he’s a raw rookie. Bennett didn’t play terribly but he’s last on my depth chart now.

    • mrnehnehincognito // June 17, 2017 at 9:05 am //

      Glenn didn’t look bad or good and on his last drive both Carter and Roosevelt had nice catches. The o line was atrosios.

      Bridge made a couple really bad plays that could have been pick 6’s

      • artosios ???? I suppose that’s my glasses too.
        How are people supposed to take you seriously when you are:
        1) too lazy to look up spelling
        2) bent on bashing one club every freakin change you get? (Note space after brackets. Has nothing to do wit glasses). It’s called SPACE BAR. It’s the big one at the bottom.

        Stick to the stump stories. You bring out the worst in nice people.

  7. Rick cowan // June 17, 2017 at 7:02 am //

    Ron Zach Minter had a good game the Rider’s defensive backfield is terrible I think Butler would have been ok if he had not gotten hurt they may be bringing in someone like John Ojo or Patrick Watkins or Cauchy Mumba

  8. Well – lol
    All comments are justified

    One thing Riders can Brag about – when you watch their games on TV from Regina , it’s great as a viewer to see a full house of people in the stands

    Nobody – can criticize that

    And yes – a very lousy and exciting game to watch last night – depends who you are cheering for

  9. It’s only preseason but Saskatchewan looks to be the weakest team in the CFL to me. Serious lack of quality and depth at the QB position.

  10. Too early to judge fairly

  11. Going to be another long year in ridervillle everyone still drinking the bridge juice? hahahahaha

  12. Note to all Rider fans. BC did play their starters a lot but, as Jones has said, there are openings @ DL, LB & DB’s to name a few. Some of these will be guys new to the CFL. BC, Cal & the rest of the league aren’t going to play their backups against these guys because they’re new. They’re going to have to face them starting next week. So stop crying. The night before the Eskimos went into Winnipeg with 10 starters on offence & 6 starters on defence not playing. Only starters on offence – 2 linemen. In the first half against the Bomber starters they fought them to a 17-17 draw. A QB who just arrived in training camp, Kline, brought them back from 15 points down in the last couple of minutes with players nobody’s heard of – pre-season games are THE time for new players to make an impression. So stop with the excuses. Would you rather have the Riders problem figuring out who stays when most of them were awful or the Eskimo problem of who to cut when they played a Bomber club to a draw with 2/3 of their starters not even dressed. No excuses – gee, BC played more starters than WE did. Cry me a river.

    • Hey, who’s crying a river? I don’t see many crying. Most of us RECOGNIZE problems with the O-line, DB’s and penalties taken. I don’t know where you get this from? Sounds like this has been taken out of context like some of the other comments from others.

  13. Judge Jones // June 17, 2017 at 11:09 am //

    Or maybe the Jonestown cool-aid

  14. brian johnson // June 17, 2017 at 11:11 am //

    Most comments well SAID. Sask not as bad as it might have looked. QB is a HUGE problem and Jones knows that. Airport will be very busy in Regina as cuts come in from CFL and later NFL. BUT here are 2 big points. #1 Lions are very good team this year. Would have beat any CFL team last night.
    #2 Lions played their top players which are experienced. Riders played try-out players which lacked cohesiveness. That will come later.
    Cheers. Jones is a smart man.

  15. BC did NOT play their top players all night & the Riders did NOT play try-out players against them all game. Jennings played 2 Qtrs. Glenn & Bridge played 3 Qtrs. Jones publicly stated prior to the game that it was not certain Glenn would start the game in Mtl – Bridge might. So those are the 2 top QB’s. Harris & Davis had as many touches as Rainey & Johnson. That was Derek Dennis & Thaddeus Coleman, among others taking holding penalties in the 4th Qtr & Muamba with a tackle late in the game. These are starters. Carter, Roosevelt & Collins were the leading receivers – starters. Minter was in for most of the game. Let’s not cut them this much slack. The 1st team offence under Glenn was awful – one drive to go with all the 2 & outs. Bridge was awful & the players around him worse. Last year we did this for half the season – make excuses. was & see until we got to 11 games with 1 win. Call it what it is. It was painful to watch. But – only 1 game.

    • brian johnson // June 17, 2017 at 11:50 am //

      Nice BUT Glen and Bridges are try-out players to determine starter or not. At this point neither played like starters. Both very new to Jones system.

    • Really? Why don’t you inform us the backups the Lions used. Funny, print and television media has been stating since last night the Lions used MOST of their No. 1 starters. Crude statement from a lacking person.

      • Not bashing but simply answering your question green rider.
        On O-Line, starters listed as Steward, Foucault, Husband, Fabien, Palmer.
        They also played Epps, Vaillancourt, Dillon, Isles (and I think Johnson).

        They also played Lulay and Ross at QB (Yes, I know you don’t want to count Travis but he is not our starter, better than Glenn but thats not our fault).

        At Receiver, staters listed as Moore, Manny, Burnham, Ianuzzi, Johnson.
        Also played (that I saw for sure, McNeill, Vandervoort, Blaszko.

        RB starter is Johnson, all played Rainey, Harris, Davis (Yes Rainey is a back up there. IS a great runner but not our fault out back better than anyone else’s)

        At FB: Lumbala is starter. Brush also played.

        Waters is our kicker. Long also played

        On D side:
        Starters listed are ROh, Brookes, Turner, Shirley.
        Also played Evans & Forde (probably others but those I can say for sure I saw).I’m tired of flipping back and forth between depth chart and other screen so I’ll leave out Linebackers and secondary but similar situations. I think it may seem like we did not play backups because we have depth and some backups (Lulay) are better than other’s starters.

  16. Scottsask // June 17, 2017 at 11:46 am //

    Well Horsieland, you were bang on with your assessment. You stuck to football facts and nobody can call you out for that.
    The o line was blown off the ball all game. Defensive secondary was weeeeaaaak, or worse. The linebackers were invisible. The qbs looked bad because if poor o line play. Don’t get me started on penalties.
    BC looked dangerous on both sides of the ball.
    The only upside I saw was d line had a pretty good pass rush, now they need to stop the run.

  17. mrnehnehincognito // June 17, 2017 at 11:47 am //

    Lesson #1 for riders:
    Did you see Chris Rainey late in the game counting from sidelines to make sure the right numbers were on the field? The game was well in hand at this point. These are the characteristics you need on a team to be successful. Compare that to a similar situation last week when Chad Owens was more concerned about making videos to gain hits in socal media

    • For every interesting football post you have, you still resort to three of these troll comments. No self control, or the urge to antagonize is too strong?

  18. OilRider // June 17, 2017 at 1:44 pm //

    Didn’t get to watch the game, not sure if thats fortunate or unfortunate. But the one thing that really sticks out to me from checking the stats/highlights etc is only 15 yards rushing. 15! Ain’t gonna win the game if you can’t run the ball.

    So I don’t know if that’s the RB’s, or the O-line, or what. But that’s something the Riders are gonna have to improve if they’re gonna be competitive.

    • Riderfan Ron // June 17, 2017 at 2:31 pm //

      We didn’t try to run the ball very much, but we did have a lot of mistakes by the OL as well. I’m not at all impressed with our import OTs not named Dennis. Coleman didn’t impress me last year either. It’s too bad about JSJ’s concussion because I looking forward to seeing him play more at OT. Does anyone know happened to White, btw? I don’t remember seeing him on the field. It seemed to me that Guy did a better at centre last week than Clark did yesterday too. He’s taller, heavier, has longer arms, and is 5 years younger. I think Clark has one of Taman’s home-town-boy contracts as well. It’s probably a bit too soon to make that switch but I’d be in favour of putting Guy in for short yardage situations at the very least.

  19. Greenrider89 since Lulay & Ross played the 2nd half how are they #1’s? So ALL of BC’s #1’s include those 2? Sorry didn’t know BC was loaded with starters. Maybe someone should inform Jennings he’s not the clear #1. As suggested by Bruce, Glenn & Bridge are tryout players so whose fault is it we have no # 1’s? If that’s the actual state of our QB’s & we ca ‘t field even one #1 while other teams have 3 what does that say about our team?

    • I guess you don’t read or listen very well from what was said on TSN and also in the scribes. Are those the only two non-starters that you can list for the BC Lions? What quarterbacks did the Riders use? What about all of the non-starters in their defensive backfield, linebackers, lineman, running backs, receivers, etc? Give me a break. If that’s the best you have then please don’t write comments like that. Thanks for your time.

    • E W, sorry, I got carried away with the comments to a fellow Rider fan. We have room for lots of improvement, that much is clear.

    • What it says about the Sliders…THEY SUCK!!!!

  20. No problem – I screw up lots. We’re all interested in the state of the Riders.

  21. Last exhibition game for ANY TEAM should be taken with a grain of salt. Does anyone think the Redblacks will finish last in the east due to getting blown out by the Als? I bet know to that. Same goes for the Riders. A lot of starters did not play. 2nd – 3rd teamers played trying to make the teams. The real story starts in 5 days. I expect ALL THE TEAMS to get it together by then and play big time ball to start the season.

  22. First off is that it’s preseason and the goal is to prepare and evaluate. We are obviously still filling some holes in the secondary as they were getting beat, but some of those passes were right on point and very hard to defend (nice work by the Lions QBs this early and preseason). The Riders looked really good with their pass rush and not bad on run defense which will get better when the secondary tightens. A lot of BBs struggles were due to penalties, but he will need to learn and rise above that and until then Glenn won’t fold and get frustrated. I agree that Marshall will be fine, but would like to see some more positive results to feel good about that. Overall the Riders will be better than fine and they will need to be because the Lions offense looked good in June as they capitalized on our mistakes.

  23. ,,Patience // June 20, 2017 at 5:00 pm //

    It all seems to be a difficult conversation because the Riders play their first game in two days and, truth be told, they are still looking for starters in some positions (DB, linebackers and yes even QB). In contrast, BC has two starting quality players in some positions and it is a fine line as to which one is slightly better or more versatile and so will be named a starter. The Riders, on the other hand, have some positions in which there is very little difference in their talent level and out of two or three players, none of them look good enough to be called starters. That is what you get from Wally’s team and the next man up and Jones’ team where he is still scouring other team’s cuts to find someone who may be able to start here and they are in trouble with the first man up in some cases, let alone the next man up.

  24. brian johnson // June 20, 2017 at 11:29 pm //

    Roosevelt COULD be one of the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

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