Vince Young tears hamstring, Riders’ Chris Jones confirms

Saskatchewan Roughriders head coach Chris Jones confirmed Monday that quarterback Vince Young has a hamstring injury that will keep the former NFLer and Texas Longhorns star out four-to-six weeks.

The 33-year-old suffered the injury in practice on June 6.

Saskatchewan added Young to their negotiation list on February 2 and eventually signed him, but the Riders did not give Young any up-front money on his two-year contract. That would make it easier for the Riders to part ways with the dual-threat QB if that’s the route Jones wants to go.


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  1. greenrider89 // June 12, 2017 at 3:12 pm //

    Not good news that anyone wants to hear, but it opens the door now for the other quarterbacks in camp. I think we do have enough talent anyways with Brandon Bridge and Bennett.

    • I’m starting to think Bennett will lose 3rd place to Williams, unless he stands on his head against BC. As for Young, this is way out, retire.

      • Ladd Law // June 12, 2017 at 3:21 pm //

        True. As they say, practice is practice and you never know what you have or who you have until the lights come on. It seems Bennett lost his poise and never got it back. He will need to be better. Williams could be the next thing. Bridge definitely showed he can play.

        • Drinkn the bridge juice already cause of one half of preseason ball against a vanilla defense . Going to be a long year Ladd law let the losing continue

      • Not really sure, but makes an interesting battle(s) nonetheless. Kind of hoping Bridge gets second nod. Would be nice to see a Canadian be in that spot. One would have to go back to the days of Canadian Gerry Datillio with Montreal in the mid-’70’s when a Canadian saw considerable action at the QB position in the CFL. I mean, there’s been others, but mostly benchwarmers. But I believe he (Dattilio) was a Schenley Award winner as outstanding Canadian which is unheard of nowadays.

  2. Timothy // June 12, 2017 at 3:12 pm //

    Unfortunate…but the way out has materialized.

  3. Ladd Law // June 12, 2017 at 3:19 pm //

    Not surprised by this type of injury at his age. Time to move on and get the double BB’s ready to be the next thing.

    • Being in shape and being in game shape are two different things as you know. Not a real surprise here seeing as how long he has been out of football. I still would not give up on him if he shows that he can get healthy but it maybe that age really is going to be a factor. Forget the saving face crap. It was worth the shot and if if does not work, what was lost by trying? If it does not work, move on and find the next one. Wally is a master at this. I think we also need at least one more pre-season game but not at the expense of losing a regular season game. Two just not seem like enough to evaluate talent properly. 4 was too many, unless they start the season earlier (which they should anyway).

  4. Ominous start for the Sliders, Young ripping his hammie before the regular season even starts. Last place for the Sliders again in 2017.u

    • Ladd Law // June 12, 2017 at 5:05 pm //

      Right. The Lions have the same record as the Riders at this point. Young was never going to be the thing anyhow, but it did not hurt anyone to give him a shot. Name calling shows your classlessness par usual, but I’ve seen your handle on other sites too, and you are classic lowly Rider hater like the losers from cowtown and everywhere else. Can’t wait to see all you dirt throwers eat your shitty attitudes in a few months.

      • mrnehnehincognito // June 12, 2017 at 7:46 pm //

        See Ladd Law you just said it. “Young was never going to be the thing anyways”….so you agree this was a total waste.Why would Jones do it?

  5. mrnehnehincognito // June 12, 2017 at 7:44 pm //

    So this injury occurs almost a week ago and we are just today finding out its a tear?.Pretty convenient. This as Orchestrated by Jones so he can bury Young on the IR and save himself the embarrassment if cutting him. 6 weeks Young goes on th 9 game IR

  6. Leatherhead Dan // June 12, 2017 at 8:22 pm //

    Too bad, but really just a minor setback. Coming into camp we had a clear #1, a #2A and #2B, and an open spot or two for developmental QBs. Now we have a clear #2 and #3, who will both move up as soon as Glenn gets injured, which should be by about game 6. Glenn is a very good starting QB but unfortunately at this point in his career he’s made of glass. He was brought in as a transitional/mentorship type player, which he’s well suited for. Bridge’s great play late last year and in game action so far this year gives me confidence that he can handle the starters job if/when Glenn goes down, and in the meantime Young can heal up and continue to learn the nuances of the Canadian game. We’ll want him to heal up well too before we put him in, because running is a big part of his game. Remember that he was the first player in NCAA I-A history to pass for 3,000 yards and rush for 1,000 yards in one season. The guy played 3 years at Texas and had 1000 yards rushing every year! Given that he just turned 34 he’s still in his prime years for a CFL QB, and don’t forget that he’s 6’5” 230, which is bigger than most LBs in this league. He simply has massive, MASSIVE, upside in the CFL game. The only questions about him are whether his heart and head are still into it.

    • mrnehnehincognito // June 12, 2017 at 9:02 pm //

      Wow leather. You sure paint a rose picture of the riders QB situation. #unrealistic

  7. I see we have know-it-all “insiders” posting opinions as facts and accusations, again. I see no official documentation that this was “orchestrated” by Jones. A MUCH more plausible explanation (and believe me I an no Jones or Rider fan) is that the injury was not responding to normal treatment so further investigation revealed a tear as opposed to just a strain.

    Dear 3DN,
    Please make the math questions harder.

    • mrnehnehincognito // June 12, 2017 at 8:41 pm //

      The math question is plenty hard enough for most

    • Leatherhead Dan // June 12, 2017 at 8:41 pm //

      lol! If they threw in some multiplication or division we’d probably get rid of mrnehnehincognito.

    • mrnehnehincognito // June 12, 2017 at 8:57 pm //

      I don’t buy it Dave.It’s far too perfect the way it’s happened. With the state of the art training facility they should have known within hours the extent of the injury

      • Are they supposed to buy their own MRI now? Let me guess, you blame it on Jones? Or is this one on Murphy?

        If this is the end for Young it’s sad. If he can recover and get on the roster I hope he plays his first game against the Stumps and destroys them just to make you miserable.

      • If They Looked for a tear, yes but they might not have suspected a tear until later when it did not respond to conventional treatment.

    • Good line. You got me laughin’.

  8. Scottsask // June 12, 2017 at 8:38 pm //

    Bennett looked, bad at practice today, he better get his confidence back soon or Williams will be in at #3. He’s showing steady improvement.

  9. Bob Knows // June 12, 2017 at 10:58 pm //

    Ha Ha Ha Ha… Who did not see this coming… He has been out of football for how long??? He would have needed a full year of conditioning to be ready for a preseason camp. WOW… Jones is looking like a genius!!!

  10. Tinhead 296 // June 12, 2017 at 11:02 pm //

    With Young gone for sure he will be on 6 game IR. Too bad because we really would have liked to see him in game action. Bridge seems to play well when on the field and will only get better. Young may never see the field now. Bennet will drop to bottom of depth chart if Williams does well, and I think he may be the real deal like a diamond in the rough considering he broke Durant’s records at North Carolina.

    • Why would Young automatically go on the 6 game IL? The guy is old and out of shape. Why would the Riders pay to have him hang around until he recovers? He’ll be cut before the start of the season and if he’s kept around, then Corky Jones is really stupid.Last place for the Riders once again!!!!

      • YOu’re probably right. Safe too cuz no one else will take him, or at least I can’t see that happening. He still may be a valid CFL QB but needs work and no club will want to pay until he gets close to being in football shape. Age is not really relevant unless the riders have 3 guys with more upside than him. If their guys behind #3 are just there cup you need bodies just in case, then sure, see if he can get the #3 job and then work up from there. You always want the 3 best men and right now, he’s not one of them. I would not look at him as a number 4 cuz that will be a future and Young’s age WILL be a factor them lol. Still say good move. Created interest and had people talking. That’s not a bad thing.

  11. Meant if their guys behind #2 are just bodies, sure try Young there but if #3 has good upside, then no, Young is done. Personally, I cannot see Kevin Glenn leading that team. So glad to see him not in BC anymore. He had the nerve to blame our O-Line.

    Like how Wally always seems to have a pipeline going. Got broken when Ottawa entered cuz we had to trade Reilly to Edmonton, lost (can’t remember his name, from Old Dominion) to Ottawa I think, and then Travis hurt his shoulder. But all seems well again in the pipeline. Love Alex Ross.

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