Podskee Wee Wee, Episode 72

On this week’s show, Mike and I talk about Hamilton’s recent mini-camp and the unfound (and false) rumours circulating that the team (and the Redblacks) violated league rules regarding their mini-camp, the trade for DB Khalid Wooten and the release of Jeremy Lewis.

In league news, we chat about the fines handed out to the B.C. Lions and Saskatchewan Roughriders, the Riders release of DB Justin Cox, the Riders interest in QB Michael Vick, Toronto’s acquisition of all-star WR S.J. Green, the Argos’ re-acquisition of Cleyon Laing, Edmonton hiring Brock Sunderland as general manager and the Indianapolis Colts releasing former B.C. Lions DE Alex Bazzie.

We then give a little CFL Draft preview, talking about the Ticats might do and what we would like to see them do.

We close things out by answering a pair of listener questions (one that makes things a little tense between Mike and I) and we get back to rating CFL players in a hypothetical video game. This week we tackle the receivers of the East Division.

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Enjoy Episode 72 of Podskee Wee Wee.

Josh Smith

Josh Smith

Josh has been writing about the Ticats and the CFL since 2010 and was sporting his beard way before it was cool. Will be long after, too.
Josh Smith

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Josh Smith
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Josh has been writing about the Ticats and the CFL since 2010 and was sporting his beard way before it was cool. Will be long after, too.

4 Comments on Podskee Wee Wee, Episode 72

  1. WR rankings
    Tasker 93
    Toliver 91
    Tyms 81

    Green 88
    Fuller 83
    Peyton 77

    Spencer 84
    Ellingson 93
    Sinopoli 89

    Lewis 87
    Jackson 94
    Cunningham 84

  2. solara2000 // May 3, 2017 at 1:45 pm //

    Like the ‘Podskee’ but 80-90 minutes are simply too long. Any thought to shorter (2–30 max), more frequent podcasts?

  3. Just a correction – Jake Olson was a left tackle previously with Ticats and I am hoping he will return there and Xavier Fulton may move to right tackle or one of the newcomers or a Canadian will take over the starting right tackle.

  4. Adam Stocker // May 7, 2017 at 9:00 pm //

    What did you think of the quality of the TSN Draft broadcast?

    I really thought it was pretty bad. Mistakes all over the side with team information, record, additions etc.

    Chris Schultz and Naylor added nothing of substance, all they ever said were cliches. I got the impression that the only time that they saw these players was at the combine.

    TSN would be benefit by adding a Marshall Ferguson to the coverage. His twitter is filled with more information on each prospect than anyone of the tv provided. Would be nice if they could give a few strengthens and weaknesses of each prospects. But it seemed like everyone on the panel except Duane Forde was rather unfamilar with the players.

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