Riders release linebacker Greg Jones

Saskatchewan has released international linebacker Greg Jones.

The 28-year-old played in 16 games for the Riders last year making 70 tackles, two sacks and two forced fumbles. Jones signed as a free agent after two seasons with the Argos.


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  1. Haha….vets will be hesitant going to riderville

  2. mrnehnehincognito // April 21, 2017 at 12:29 pm //

    They are expecting a lot out of Glenn Love

  3. Vets should always be ready for anything. There’s always someone new/younger/better to take the job.

  4. So of Chris Jones much ballyhooed haul of 2016 only Gainey remains. The gang that followed him from the Esks, famously NOT FA’s Bowman, Sewell or even Sherritt, have all departed. Bye bye A. Jones, Foster, Chambers & Lawrence. So long Capicciotti, Lemon, Steele, Greg Jones & Chiles. It’s been nice knowing you Hazime, Irvin & Newman. Is this the way to rebuild a team? We are replacing the replacements. We have a new batch of starters culled largely from other team’s backups to show the way. And you wonder why folks are upset with Chris? Where our Western bros have Reilly, Mitchell & Jennings we can trot out Nichols’ backup. Where they have Messam, Johnson, White & Harris we can dress Ottawa’s 4th stringer. And oh, the 4 on OL not named Dennis are probably back from last year’s crop. We made another excellent haul of FA’s, didn’t we???? How many will stick around? We will likely feature a dozen new starters. What did Darian say about last year – oh yeah, continuity was the problem. So then 2017 same as 2016. I can hardly wait.

    • Do you expect that Durant will find the level of continuity in Montréal a recipe for success, having chosen a team that’s changed drastically at the management level, on O-line, D-line, linebacking, receiver, and quarterback over the course of one off-season? 2017, same as 2016 for him wouldn’t surprise me.

      I expect Riders fans (there are still some left, even after the apparent recent exodus of fair-weather types, bitter and pessimistic in the face of change) to see a modest level of improvement in year two of a rebuild.

      Pretending there’s no continuity on the Riders’ roster suggests selective vision or inattention.

    • After letting Durant go did you notice that the Als couldn’t hold onto their star receiver after signing Durant to an extension. And you must be aware of OLs by the name of Labatte & Clark. Dont know there is a reason to go on because I get the feeling you are one of the fans that complains about everything.

  5. A ration cut no doubt.

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