Alouettes deal S.J. Green to Argos for draft picks

The Toronto Argonauts have acquired receiver S.J. Green from the Montreal Alouettes for a sixth round selection in the 2017 CFL Draft and a conditional draft pick in 2018.

In 10 seasons with the Alouettes, the six-foot-three receiver has caught 444 passes for 6,626 yards in 116 games for an average of 14.9 yards per reception. A two-time Grey Cup Champion and five-time East Division All-Star Green eclipsed the 1,000-yard receiving mark four times with the Alouettes.

Now 31, Green is coming off a torn ACL he suffered last July.

“I’ve been cleared to participate (in training camp) so my knee is fine,” Green told the Canadian Press in February. “What I hear from people who have gone through this injury is about the mental part. When you play, when you’re ready to stick and plant, are you babying it? Are you not fully allowing the impact to take place. That’s going to be my biggest challenge.”

By joining the Argos, Green his re-united with former Montreal general manager Jim Popp and head coach Marc Trestman, who took over in Toronto at the end of February. Assuming he’s healthy – and that’s a big if – Green could be a valuable weapon for veteran quarterback Ricky Ray.

After the trade was announced, Green posted an undated video of a workout on Twitter.

Now former Alouettes teammate John Bowman responded…

Looks like the Argos have added yet another former Alouette in offensive Canadian offensive lineman Jeff Perrett.


15 Comments on Alouettes deal S.J. Green to Argos for draft picks

  1. Stephen Fisher // April 20, 2017 at 2:55 pm //


    Look at that work ethic Toronto gets

  2. Scottsask // April 20, 2017 at 3:16 pm //

    Who is the soup can he’s running routes against? Pretty sure I could still get open. Colour me less than impressed.

  3. Superb signing (assuming full recovery). Even if its just a couple of seasons, his presence should make a significant difference.

  4. mrnehnehincognito // April 20, 2017 at 4:09 pm //

    Build that Canadian depth.Good move Als

  5. He’s only 31? Seems like he’s been around a lot longer. My bet he’ll have a couple 80+yd games and 4+TD’s before the end of the season(assuming they throw to him.)

  6. Good deal for both sides

  7. Als get Canadian depth Argos get immediate go to receiver.

  8. Marc Lebut // April 20, 2017 at 5:15 pm //

    This is a cap move. Alouettes tried out a bunch of receivers and, like it or not, Green will remain weeker after such an injury. If the Alouettes were to let him go anyway, better get something than nothing.

    I hope it works for Green, but I fear he’ll have lost the step he needed to get open. Might work with Ray, until Ray gets on the IR for 12 games.

    Green is a real pro and works for the team’s best. This is why he succeeded where Ducon Rarter failed. Green knows how to use his brain.

  9. Even if Green doesn’t turn out to have the same wheels as he did pre-injury, he still has great hands.

    Perrett is a good move also.

    Nice pickups for Popp’s Argouettes.

  10. Great move by the Argos. With Trestman and a QB like Ricky Ray it should be a explosive move for the new Argo offense about to be put in place for 2017. Sure the $$$ had a lot to do with it on the Als part.

  11. With the money spent for Durant and the new O-line, the Als need cap space … and I guess they figured Green’s best catches are behind him, and that the drop-off to younger receivers won’t be much. Good luck S.J.; I hope you have a good recovery and year with the Arrogants.

  12. The green, machine hulk is one of the CFL’s greatest treasures with his outstanding ten years.All the best to him for the great show.

  13. Nice to see the pros play shirts vs skins just like we did as kids…

    If he stays healthy he’s a great receiver… best hands in the league… don’t need speed when you catch everything thrown in your vicinity…

    • “best hands”? At one time maybe, but I think that goes to someone the Als chose over SJ. Jackson didn’t drop a ball all of last season and comes in for less money. However, an SJ comeback will be great to watch.

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