Running back Brandon Whitaker re-signs with Argos

The Toronto Argonauts have re-signed star running back Brandon Whitaker.

Whitaker was named an East Division all-star last season after racking up 1,009 yards and three touchdowns on 189 carries, becoming the 41st player in CFL history to rush for 5,000 career yards in the process.

Whitaker also set a career-high in 2016 with 81 receptions, which he translated into 549 yards and four touchdowns.

The Baylor product originally signed with the Argonauts on June 21, 2015, after spending six seasons with the Montreal Alouettes.

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7 Comments on Running back Brandon Whitaker re-signs with Argos

  1. Common sense prevailed.

  2. Solara2000 // March 30, 2017 at 3:40 pm //

    Agree. Solid people leading the food all ops with Trestman and Popp. Good for Toronto and good for the League.

  3. Yes. This signing makes sense to me. I always hated to see him lined up against Hamilton when he was with the Als. I think that he has something left in the tank for a great season for the Argos. I wish him success with every team except Hamilton.

    Someone clever should come up with some kind of incentive to reward teams that have roster stability … it is hard to build a real fan base when 80% of the roster become free agents at the end of the season.

    What about some kind of adjustment to the salary cap when teams re-sign veterans? We see this revolving door all the time … a player has four good years and would like to be paid for his performance … bang … out the door and replaced by a rookie who can be signed for the minimum. I am thinking about Chad Owens as an example. You need a program to know the players names at the beginning of every year.

    What if only 50% of the salary for a +3 year guy counted against the salary cap if he re-signs with his original club? Maybe it would mean that established stars like Owens would play out their careers with the same team … like back in the old days. The player gets a good deal because his original team can afford to pay him more – less incentive to move to a new team – and the fans get a chance to follow their favourites for a career.

    • CanuckDomer // March 31, 2017 at 11:08 am //

      I like the stability-incentive idea Z…kind of like the NBA does with some of their policies like the “Larry Bird Exception” where a team can spend more on their own free agents than other teams can, and it doesn’t count against the cap to the same extent…maybe the CFL should consider such a policy

  4. Superb signing – run, catch, block. A team-first vet who, one hopes, still has something left in the tank.

  5. Marc Lebut // March 31, 2017 at 10:24 am //

    What a surprise! Popp and Trestman choose to sign Whitaker? Unbelievable!

    Solid re-signing. Whithaker is still playing at a high level, so it makes lots of sense. He desserved it.

  6. Agreed

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