Receiver Kevin Elliott to return to Ticats

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have agreed to terms with receiver Kevin Elliott, per sources.

The 28-year-old Elliott originally signed with the Ticats last October after being unexpectedly released from the Toronto Argonauts along with three other receivers.

In 11 games played (three with Hamilton, eight with Toronto) Elliott had 38 catches for 514 yards and three touchdowns. He posted 50 catches, 642 yards and eight touchdowns for Toronto in 2015.

Elliott hit the free agent market in February but returns to Hamilton where he’ll join an increasingly deep American receiving corps that includes  Luke Tasker, the recently re-signed Terrence Toliver, Brian Tyms as well as veteran Junior Collins and frequent contributor Brandon Banks. Receiver Terrell Sinkfield has reportedly agreed to a contract in principle to return to the Ticats but has until April to take advantage an NFL opportunity, should one materialize.


Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.
Drew Edwards
Drew Edwards
About Drew Edwards (1317 Articles)
Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.

28 Comments on Receiver Kevin Elliott to return to Ticats

  1. Not sure what the T.O. Triplets will do in 2017 with other clubs but man, at times, all three looked like all-stars. In his third CFL season, Elliot should be a thousand yard receiver in Hamilton.

  2. Dan Hughes // February 26, 2017 at 6:36 pm //

    Looking forward to the new season.

  3. Looks like there’ll be a wealth of receivers in training camp but will they be able to keep them all? It’d be great if they can – there’s lots of talent there. Elliott did a good job with little time to become accustomed to the offense so I can see him having a very good season in black and gold.

  4. Collaros has some serious weapons at his disposal now

  5. Very interesting – could the Ti-Cats be considering going with 5 international receivers? They could start 3 nationals on the oline with Butler, Stephens, Laurent and Davis (@LB) on D.

  6. Glad to hear this, Elliot looked good in the few games he played for us last year. Should be a breakout year for him. Now hopefully Sinkfield will return and we’ll be looking at a pretty potent receiving core.

  7. We all saw how important depth in the ‘Cats line-up is after what happened last season. Even if all don’t play week 1, an 18 game season is a matter of survival. Can never have enough good players on a roster.

  8. The aerial attack should be something special this year – not holding my breath waiting for a running game though.

  9. I see a pattern here with KA’s remaking (tweaking) of the Ticat roster… he appears to be signing more durable and less injury prone players and allowing current Ticats who were often injured to sign elsewhere… (doesn’t look good for Fantuz’ return)

    So far so good… I like what he’s doing and how the roster is shaping up for 2017… recall last season that most “experts” were predicting the Ticats would win the Grey Cup until the injuries piled up and decimated our roster…

    Cheers… Snake

    • Funny – I was thinking almost completely the opposite with stockpiling so many international receivers – the national receivers such as Fantuz are difficult to replace with another national whereas with so many international receivers it is almost as if he is thinking that the injuries are inevitable and he will have enough talented receivers to cycle through as though 2-3 of them will always be on the injury list.

    • For last year, I recall a lot of experts last year (as well as fans here) predicting a 1 – 5 start with Hamilton a long shot. The typical comment was that an exceptional back half of the season would be needed by the Cats.

      When Collaros started playing again, a lot of “if he returns to form” type qualifiers.

      2015 before Collaros was hurt matches the “Cats will win the GC” far more, from what I recall.

      With the exception of the die hard “Year of the Cats” fan who has been saying similar every year.

  10. Fantuz was injury prone even while in Saskatchewan – to much NFL in his head , cant see Austin wanting him back , unless at a considerable wage reduction .

  11. ?? Fantuz is nor expendable. He is a proven Canadian starter. Even though he is over thirty and coming off a serious injury, someone will pick him up and pay him. If I was a Ti-Cat fan, I would be hoping Austin wants him back. Even if he can’t play until September, he is a valuable addition to any CFL roster. The dude is the proto type Canadian receiver. Big target, pisession receiver who moves the chains. Americans, for the most part, are replaceable at the receiver position. For example, the loss of Fantuz is far more detrimental than the loss of Chad Owens.

  12. Great news!

  13. Austin has made it very clear, on sever occasions, publicly, that he and the org do want him back. Too much NFL Iin his head? Of course not. He’s not 25. He’s been nothing but a devoted athlete and member of the team.

  14. The Iceman // February 27, 2017 at 8:32 am //

    Fantuz is a veteran National with a massive heart and motor. I would be surprised if he and Kent didn’t come to an agreement to play in Hamilton.

  15. Fantuz when healthy is one of the top receivers in the CFL regardless of passport… I have always been a huge fan…

    However on the downside of 30 with an ACL tear he is a high risk investment… a contract loaded with performance and incentive clauses would make him an attractive bet for second half of season and playoffs…

    I do hope he returns but not sure it will happen…

    Cheers… Snake

  16. great to have him back. He did a great job for us the moment he arrived late last year. Surprised no one else snapped him up. Good for us.

  17. No other teams will pick up Fantuz

  18. Lindsay Wilcox // February 27, 2017 at 1:36 pm //

    …might also be insurance in case Sinkfield doesn’t sign here, he has NFL opportunity until April (but I don’t know what the significance of April is)
    —perhaps Andy will sign a contract like first one with the Ticats – a base salary, plus so much for every game played. Don’t forget it will have to be essentially a 2 year deal as he is not likely to see any action until very late this season, if at all.

  19. @GoCats… you’re correct that was the general feeling around the league… thanks for correcting me… guess I must have been reliving 2015…

    Cheers… Snake

    • Well there were some, including on the TSN panel who thought that Collaros being able to play would solve all of Hamilton’s issues.

      Not sure why injuries would be such a theme in previous years yet someone Collaros coming back would more than make up for it!!??!!

      I’m hoping for a better year on the injury front and am nervous about the O line.

  20. Flying Wing // February 27, 2017 at 3:10 pm //

    Without a doubt Andy should be resigned. He was having an incredible year until he tore up his knee without contact. This stuff happens in football and I hope he can recover. He’ll be on the IR until at the very least a late November playoff run and what a boost he would be when the weather turns and you need a 2nd down and 6 over the middle. Plus his salary doesn’t count toward the cap when he is on the IR. This is the only place Andy should be playing and hopefully he finishes up his great career as a Ticat. He is a class act.

  21. Doesn’t matter how many receivers TC’s sign if the QB is repetitively knocked on his ass. The OL needs to be much better. And you NEED a running game. When’s the last time the TC’s had a RB rush for a thousand? Troy Davis? Am I close? That’s fundamental football good grief!

  22. Steve Driver // February 28, 2017 at 9:39 am //

    The Elliott signing & the pending signing of Sinkfield mean this is the end of the line for Fantuz. Perhaps he can join the team as the waterboy or coach a local tyke team. Time for a Stevewieser !!!

  23. Flying Wing // March 1, 2017 at 9:40 am //

    Have another Stevewieser Mr. Driver. You are watching the CFL sir. You need Canadian content and neither Elliot or Sinkfield fit that description. Think about it again SteveO

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