Redblacks acquire QB Drew Tate

Canadian Press

The Ottawa Redblacks have acquired veteran quarterback Drew Tate from the Calgary Stampeders for a 2018 fifth-round draft pick.

General manager John Hufnagel had been shopping Tate.

The move comes after Calgary signed veteran quarterback Mitchell Gale last Wednesday.

Tate, 32, spent two seasons on the Riders practice squad before eight with Calgary. The six-foot, 190-pound Tate completed 380-of-572 passes (66.4 per cent) for 4,670 yards with 32 TDs and 15 interceptions.

Tate is expected to be the backup in Ottawa to starter Trevor Harris. Harris shared starting duties last season with veteran Henry Burris, who retired in the off-season after leading the Redblacks to an upset 39-33 Grey Cup win over Calgary.

“It’s always paramount in the CFL to have at least two veteran quarterbacks that you know you can win with,” said Redblacks head coach Rick Campbell. “Drew is a proven performer in this league and we’re happy to have him in Ottawa.”

Tate helped Calgary beat Hamilton 20-16 to win the 2014 Grey Cup, rushing for two touchdowns.

Once the trade was completed Ottawa general manager Marcel Desjardins worked with Tate to restructure his deal.

The Redblacks committed to adding two more years to the pact, which means Tate’s under contract through the 2019 season.


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  1. Cue stampland comment

    • Ha ha, was thinking the same thing. What are they going to do when BLM gets smacked and can’t play??

    • Ha ha I was thinking the same thing but Larry (Stampland) will have some homer comment that he was fighting injuries his whole career or something like that. The past few years, that homer was boasting how terrific tate was. All the guy did was hold the ball on field goals, which a monkey could be trained to do.

      • To Peter,Ladd law,Uncle Nik
        What! How DARE you guys write on a stamps /redblacks story? What NERVE!!! Why are you guys so obsessed with us? Pure hate and jealously I say.Why don’t you stay on the riders stories?..sound familiar?

      • Or a card board cut out…which pretty much resembles Tate. Desperate times in Ottawa methinks.

  2. Well, I had hoped he’d be available when the expansion draft took place and that never happened, so it’s good to have him on the team even if it’s three and a half years later!

    • I hoped we could have picked him up too. Hope he sees playing time to keep the rust off. Looked rusty last fall.He’s capable of better.

    • CC Rider I think he was available in the the expansion draft.Teams were allowed to protect 1 QB only (which we protected Mitchell). You chose Glenn but could have had Tate

      • You’re probably right. The team didn’t want to select a guy that was going into free agency two months later though. That may have been the case with Tate and maybe part of the reason that they avoided him.

      • JsBODEEN redblacks // February 25, 2017 at 4:33 pm //

        Worked out though. We got rid of Glenn got burris ..season 1 could have been a success if he had more sure handed receivers

  3. Wow, great trade for Ottawa! This should make for an interesting training camp for the back-up QB position behind Harris. I think it’s very important for the RB’s to have an experienced CFL QB behind Harris, as the chance of the starting QB playing all 18 games is not not very high in the CFL. Great acquisition!

  4. Holy, another shrewd move made by Dejardins. This guy is becoming the best GM in the CFL

    • agreed Redblacks are looking like an a class organization which they deserve after so much misery and non existence..I see more stamps/redblacks grey cups in coming years

    • JsBODEEN redblacks // February 25, 2017 at 4:35 pm //

      He is the best..I credit him for ottawa’s huge success

  5. Hufnagel is really smart. He knows Mitchell Gale is younger, cheaper and better than Drew Tate. Ottawa is in trouble if Tate has to play a lot.

    • I liked Gale too, actually, and Harris talked him up a fair bit following their time together with the Argos. I would have been perfectly happy with that too.

  6. Writing was on the wall.We dumped a fair size salary Ottawa got a reliable backup and good team mate. Good holder too if they need one

  7. This move is a salary dump byCalgary. They save $40k. Tate wanted a chance to start but no one could see him in that role. Riders bombers Montreal and Ottawa all took s pass. Sensible deal for Ottawa. Harris has not proven that he can go the full 18.

  8. Thought Tate was contemplating retirement to pursue coaching. A little surprise Desjardins didn’t go after Rakeem Cato.

  9. Let’s be clear, this move has nothing to do with Gale being better that Tate (which he isn’t) and everything to do with alleviating salary for a player that has been rarely needed on the field behind centre due to Mitchell staying healthy. Gale can potentially be a back up for a fraction of Tate’s salary.

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