Riders re-sign offensive lineman Thaddeus Coleman

The Saskatchewan Roughriders re-signed American offensive lineman Thaddeus Coleman on Thursday.

The six-foot-eight, 320-pound Coleman became a free agent Tuesday. Coleman started all of Saskatchewan’s 18 games last year, spending time at both right and left tackle.

The Riders acquired Coleman from Edmonton in May 2016.


7 Comments on Riders re-sign offensive lineman Thaddeus Coleman

  1. 2 starting imports on O’line.

  2. Jone’s is putting it all together Stampland , Franklin will be the next big move to Saskatchewan
    Riders do have the names Hervey in Edmonton needs . (TRULY OUTRAGEOUS – you bet)42

    • you may have the names Hervey in Edm needs (arguably)But you have no names calgary needs 🙂

    • If Sask wants Franklin the price would be pretty high.Its unlikely Hervey would make it without a large return,More likely happens after this season and Hervey makes a similar arrangement to what Jones made with Montreal and Durant this year

  3. Why would Hervey need Coleman? He was a backup in Edmonton. Their OL is pretty solid. Still, a good signing for Riders. Was pretty good last year.

  4. Adams will be the next rider QB , with DD making $450 a year and then sighning the QB free agent from Hamilton … Montreal is tying up a lot of cap on 3 players . Adams is the odd man out . It’s another Kavis blunder kind of reminds of TO MANY MEN on the field there Kavis !!! Remember you can only have 12 men on the field . Maybe this is how Kavis will repay the Riders for that blunder

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