Pete Dyakowski signs with the Toronto Argonauts

Peter Dyakowski wasn’t unemployed long.

The veteran offensive lineman signed a two-year deal with the Toronto Argonauts on Thursday, hours after being released by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

The six-foot-five, 315-pound Vancouver native spent nine seasons with Hamilton, playing in 148 regular-season games. The Ticats selected the 32-year-old in the second round, 11th overall, in the 2006 CFL draft but he opted to remain at LSU for another year.

“We want to thank Peter for all of his contributions to the organization and our community,” Kent Austin, Hamilton head coach/vice-president of football operations, said in a statement. “He has been an integral part of our team for over a decade and we wish him well in his future endeavours.”

Dyakowski was a fan favourite in Hamilton for his intellect and outgoing personality. In 2012, he won the Canada’s Smartest Person reality show and in 2014 finished third on an episode of Jeopardy!

“I have had a fantastic 10 seasons in Hamilton,” Dyakowski said in a statement. “I would like to thank all of the wonderful fans who have supported me over the years, the hundreds of teammates i have played alongside, and all of the Ticats staff I have had the pleasure of working with from 2007 until today.

“I appreciate everything that this great city has done for me and my family.”

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16 Comments on Pete Dyakowski signs with the Toronto Argonauts

  1. Noooooooo!!!!!

  2. Sorry to see Pete go. Hope he has a good season in that other city except when he plays against us.

  3. I figured this would be the case. He can plays for the Argos and still be close at home with family.

  4. Don’t like this at all. If Pete will be playing for two more years….I’d rather he was playing for the Tiger-Cats!

    • Team needs to improve on the o-line. Everyone wants that and in order to do so changes are needed. Pete’s a great guy but he’s older and beat up last season showed that. Move on with younger less costly players. It means no disrespect from the team and Pete’s a smart enough guy to know this is a brutal business but that’s all this decision was, business! Two years in TO is a stretch wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t last all of his first season or rides the bench.

  5. Wishing Pete all the best! Sad to see him go.

  6. ouch that’s gotta hurt Ti-cat fans.Take consolation in the fact he likely won’t help that team much

  7. The Iceman // February 16, 2017 at 8:19 pm //

    Oh well, there goes the title of the smartest Canadian in the World

  8. As much as I like Pete he seemed to have gone down hill since his big injury. Last year he committed way too many holding/offside type penalties.

  9. Revenberg will be filling Petes shoes and there’s no doubt they will be filled just fine . Thanks for the years of great football Pete a great player and even better person . My question why the hell are you going to a debacle of an organization called the argos ? All the best Pete !

  10. Sorry to see Pete go – especially to the Argos but it does make sense because of he proximity. Revenberg is more than ready to be a starter so I had expected that Pete might need to take on more of a back up role, but really didn’t expect an outright release and subsequent signing down the road. He’ll still remain one of my all-time favourite Ticats and will hopefully return to the black and gold when he decides to “hang ’em up” and retire.

  11. There’s a part of me that wondered if Dyakowski was punking his Ticat fanbase. But I accepted it, in consideration of how disorganized that new team of his has been this off-season… doubt they could pull off the sting for him.

    Congratulations Pete! You’ve been a warrior and a worthy contributor to Ticat football and the Hamilton community. And while I’m sad to see you go, I understand both the team’s motivation for releasing you and yours for wanting to keep playing.

    See you on the visitor’s side of midfield at THF.

  12. Coming third is Jeopardy is the losing at Jeopardy

  13. Al K. Holic // February 17, 2017 at 10:18 am //

    Peter is no longer a Cat but thankfully, Gordon still is.

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