Ernest Jackson signs with Alouettes as Argos miss out again

Ernest Jackson has signed with the Montreal Alouettes.

The 30-year-old caught the game-winning touchdown in overtime for Ottawa in the 104th Grey Cup. Jackson made 88 receptions for 1,225 yards and 10 touchdowns in 2016 on his way to being named a 2016 CFL all-star.

The six-foot-two, 220-pound receiver put up two straight 1,000-yard seasons with the Redblacks after signing as a free agent in 2015. He spent the first three years of his CFL career in B.C.

The addition is a big one for Alouettes general manager Kavis Reed, who traded for quarterback Darian Durant in January. Jackson was reportedly headed to the Argos in the early stages of free agency but now ends up with a division rival and becomes just the latest of several players Toronto has missed out on.

Sources say Jackson was close to signing with the Argos but Toronto turned their attention to Chris Williams on the opening day of free agency and that allowed Jackson to explore the market. The Double Blue missed out on Williams, who signed in B.C., while also failing to sign former Argo Chad Owens, who inked a deal in Saskatchewan.

It’s just the latest in a string of disappointments for Toronto, who were also spurned by offensive lineman Derek Dennis (who signed in Saskatchewan) and defensive backs Abdul Kanneh and Emanuel Davis, who inked deals with Hamilton.

Also worth noting: Jackson and Reed share the same agent, Tim Fleiszer of the Gil Scott Sports Management group.

Durant certainly seemed pleased by the news.


23 Comments on Ernest Jackson signs with Alouettes as Argos miss out again

  1. Jimmy Breslin // February 16, 2017 at 10:33 am //

    Als have just become a very dangerous opponent…for everyone !!

  2. They definitely added a huge boost to the offence, but they also lost a lot on defence. That D is not going to be nearly as explosive as it was last year

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  4. Good D already and now good offensive weapons, If this team can run the ball his team is a serious contender.

    • Joey Jojo Junior Shabadoo // February 16, 2017 at 11:35 am //

      Saying it in all caps must make it more impactful. Here, I’ll try. BLM WILL GO ABOUT WINNING IN THE REGULAR SEASON ALL HE WANTS, ONLY TO CHOKE WHEN IT COUNTS AGAIN.

      You’re right, that really works!!


      • oh god those caps just pierce my soul Laddlaw/Joey -Look up stampeders O line succession since 2010 and see if I’m worried about Dennis
        Lets ask every fan of every other team whats they’d rather have next season;

        1)-an incredible undefeated run a near record 15-2-1 season .Whip ass at home in the division final and go to overtime in the Grey cup?

        2)5-13 Season?

        Every non stamp/rider fan please answer

    • Marc Lebut // February 17, 2017 at 3:29 pm //

      stampland, I like your down to earth vision of what’s going on in CFL. No blind fanship with you.

      The Alouettes aren’t contenders just yet. There are still many issues before we can imagnie a winning team. First one is coaching staff. Alouettes still lack a STC, and Paul Charboneau is in charge of the O line, somewhere he never had success before. Uou know just like me how critical a quality O line is to CFL success. Excellent D alone won’t do. I’m not sold on Charbonneau to bring this O line to excellence. WR coach is 25 y.o. Chapdelaine’s son Justin. He’s the guy who’s gonna coach Nik Lewis, Ernest Jackson, Samuel Giguère and maybe S.J. Green. Raises lots of ??? In the D, Thorpe has “unassigned” units. Coaches will take care of multiple units. Quick with D line and LBs, Hogan (2nd year 27 y.o. coach) with S and DBs and Billy Parker (almost rookie coach, as he was player-coach in AFL before joining the Alouettes) with DBs and maybe LBs for coverage assignments. Quite akward.

      Now, regarding the O line, we don’t know who the OTs will be. Kavis says they want to go with 2 import OTs (and have signed 4 we don’t know yet). Import or non-import, we don’t know if they can do the job just yet. And if they can’t, how long Durant will be starting QB? Then, if he’s not, Alouettes just let go their best passing backup QB. They’re stuck with a bunch of inept passers with Adams Jr, Crompton (or is it Crapton?) and Jacory Harris. Effective O line is the key here.

      Next is who will back Tyrell Sutton? Sutton is the top of the CFL RBs… when healthy. Problem is he’s often not healthy. Alouettes O then becomes one dimensional and they don’t have a Calvillo at QB to balance that. Durant NEEDS a balanced O to be effective.

      Then on D, Reed hired Plesius, re-signed Boulay and 3 non-imports DTs (plus re-siging non-import ST Klassen) to be able to field 2 import OTs and one import S (Philips). This would mean Hebert is NOT a starter, despite re-signing him. To me, this makes no sense, as Hebert is still a machine at 36. This calls for lots of 3-4 schèmes in order to field Hebert more often, which then makes no sense to have 4 non-import DTs. So where this is heading to?

      Alouettes lost Canadian depth at O line (White) and DE (Finley). And the Alouettes may have a problem at C if Brodeur-Jourdain can’t come back at 100%. Matte proved last season he’s not an effective C and we don’t know how good or bad Blake can be. Moreover, who do you field in the middle of the O line. We have Matte, Gagnon, Brodeur-Jourdain, Blake, Piotrowski and Ruby to fill in. No other natural C besides Brodeur-Jourdain., no proven G besides Matte and Blake. There are lots of questions about this O line and this is where all those signings by the Alouettes are blessed or doomed.

  5. My Argos are a sinking ship.

  6. Feeling Blue // February 16, 2017 at 12:01 pm //

    No coach, no GM, no players….yikes

  7. Big loss for Hamilton as division opponent just grew strong enough to knock them down real good.

    Without Fantuz, and the same receivers as last year, it looks like another hard season for Collaros.Zach should have signed with Ottawa or Montreal.Austin appears to be a defensive coach and offence is an afterthought.No Williams,no Fantuz, no Owens,no Earnest Jackson,no Greg Ellingson,and no Sinkfield on the horizon.

    Austin is not proving to be a coach that is interested in offensive power , contrary to his reputation, he is stingy on offence while concentrating on defense.

    Are all the other coaches foolish to obtain high caliber receivers when their on the market or s Austin is only interested in a strong defense his career, as an offensive mind is a fallacy or untrue.

    Kent Austin is a defensive Coach and he better be a damn good one because team offences across the league are growing much stronger.


    • Catsclaw. You are dazzled by bright and shiny objects. Be cool. The difference between a good receiver and an elite receiver is 400 yards over a season. Important but not enough to shift the whole balance of power.

      Tasker, Tolliver, Tyms, Spencer Watt and Kevin Elliott (with Fantuz still possible and Banks seeing spot duty) is a receiving corp that stands up just fine to the competition. If we sign Sinkfield, the Cats arguably have the League’s best receiving corp.

      I would say the same about our D backs and Linebackers. And our combination of Collaros and Masoli is the best one-two combination at QB in the league or at least on par with BC.

      Contrary to a few on this site, I think that our DL is as good or better than any other in the League … our OL is one key guy away from being the same.

      A little worried about our Special Team – especially kicker and crossing fingers that Banks can re-capture the magic (and get the blocks) in the return game this year.

      • Thanks amicus,

        I needed some reassurance.


        • Catsclaw. Well dude …. It is long off season and too much time to think and worry … second guessing management is all part of the fun. CFL management is three dimensional chess. Constrained salary budgets, small rosters, import quotas… much tougher than NFL. Argos need to find someone with CFL experience and soon or they should annoint Condell and Zimmerman. I think the Cats are well positioned but no plan survives contact with the enemy so we will see.

    • CatsClaw … whoops … a little wishful thinking re Kevin Elliott.

  8. So, CatsClaw, because the Tiger-cats aren’t throwing money at the name receivers, Austin doesn’t care about offense?

    Williams, who’s trying to come back from a knee injury that will make him lose a step and had the dropsies pretty bad both years he was in Ottawa?
    Owens, who’s 35 with injury issues?
    Same for Fantuz, but who looks like he may re-sign even though he probably won’t play this year?

    I’ll grant you Greg Ellingson. Allowing Ellingson to walk looks bad in hindsight, but at the time his contract expired, we were very deep at receiver and an Import was the casualty when they wanted to add a National in Spencer Watt for ratio reasons. Had he been available this year, I’m sure the Tiger-Cats would have taken a run at him.

    Not getting or passing on Jackson may look bad, but seeing as it looks as though we are taking a run at Terry Sinkfield, I’m fine with that. You can’t sign everyone, and given the choice of Jackson or Sinkfield, I’ll take Sinkfield every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

    The Tiger-Cats biggest liability last year was the secondary. Our pass rush was negated because our coverage was so weak, opposing QBs didn’t need to wait to find open targets because they were always open. Prioritizing signing Kanneh and Davis wasn’t just smart football, it was essential to the team being competitive in 2017.

    • Agree. I’ll take Sinkfield over Jackson as well. More versatile and is familiar with the players, esp at QB, and the system. On the upside the D secondary could not be possibly any more porous than last year. Signing Kanneh is definitely a big boost. Should have Butler back at FS too.

  9. The Iceman // February 16, 2017 at 3:56 pm //

    And Durant is the QB to start the season…Cats are fine. Nothing to worry about here.

    • Oh boy not sure about that. Don’t know what his W-L record is against the TC’s when he suited up for the Riders but I don’t think it’s very flattering for Hamilton. I can remember a lot of games with Durant picking the TC’s D apart…exclamation point being the 2013 GC.

  10. Marc Lebut // February 17, 2017 at 3:41 pm //

    One point where Catsclaw is right: despite their remaining issues, Alouettes got better this off season. Since they ended with the same record as the Ticats, we can see them closing the gap at least a little. For both teams, it will depend if their starting QB is healthy. If both are, Ticats have the edge. If they both aren’t, Ticats have the edge. If Durant is healty and Collaros isn’t, I think the Alouettes have the edge because of the D, slightly better than the Ticats’. Just my opinion, off course.

    • Don’t know Marc…think it”s a wash when it comes to QB as both are injury prone. It then becomes a battle of the backups…I’ll take the TC’s with Masoli.

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