3Min with 3Down: Day 2 of CFL free agency

Drew Edwards and Justin Dunk discuss all the additions the Saskatchewan Roughriders have made, the challenges facing the Toronto Argonauts and review the quality players still on the market after the first two days of CFL free agency.


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  1. Lindsay Wilcox // February 16, 2017 at 8:20 am //

    But I’d bet Sask are getting very close to the payroll ceiling, and they will have to dole out $$$ for a quality QB.
    If I remember correctly, Owens signed for a lot less with Hamilton last year, and perhaps Ticats were not interested in keeping him around until he’s fully healed and ready to start. Depending upon exactly type of injury, and location, might require rehab as long as an ACL, or a badly sprained ankle/Achilles’. Maybe Sask gave him more up-front money ???

    • S McBride (TFMCB ) // February 16, 2017 at 9:10 am //

      Owens had a broken foot I imagine it is well healed by now. If not, it certainly should be in time for training camp in late May.

  2. great story – what was with the big band intro towards the end?!?!?

  3. Stamps don’t need to overhaul their team, Argos do, so it’s not a great comparison between the two. Zimmerman so far has lost some good young talent and gained a few old war horses. He sings the praises of Matthews, a guy with a decent arm, but with no speed or agility. Gotta have legs in the CFL. Did he sign Jackson? Haven’t heard. Seems he expects Ricky Ray to be the starting QB, but Ricky is fragile now, cannot last without a great wall in front to protect him, and that’s one of many things the Argos don’t have. The team will need to get really lucky in so many ways that suggest there is little chance of escaping the basement again, don’t care who is the coach or GM this year. Another lost year in all respects unless, like I said, they get lucky with US signings.

  4. I’m getting a bit worried about Montreal, they’re starting to shape up to be a dangerous team this year. They have a proper qb, Jackson, Lewis, (probably) Green as well as a couple of talented Canadians catching the ball and have had a great defense already in place. They may be the dark horse of 2017

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