Riders sign offensive lineman Ryan White

The Saskatchewan Roughriders have signed Canadian offensive lineman Ryan White, according to @3DownNation’s Joey Alfieri

The 30-year-old White has played three seasons in Montreal, appearing in 24 games and making one start. He should provide valuable national depth for an offensive line that struggled last season.



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  1. anyone else starting to get the feeling Jones is going to show complete disregard for salary cap?

    • There you go again. Why? Why don’t you fill your boots in the Stump threads… because nobody comments because no one cares? Seriously child, you have a wicked case of Rider envy. Bleeding green is a birth right and being Red with jealousy doesn’t change things.

      • Ok Ladd Law
        You’re right I’m not a rider fan in the least but the dislike I have for Jones is more than that.HERE IS A SENSIBLE CONSTRUCTIVE STATEMENT
        Chris Jones while he has a great record as a DC his body of work as a Head coach is very small and GM,football operations is non existent. He won a grey cup on a team that he didn’t build .In his first year in EDM he made some very questionable calls and it was only mid season 2015 when Reilly could get healthy that EDM became the team they were in winning 2015 GC,
        Riders gave they keys to the farm to this guy.A deal that only the likes of Wally Buono or Huff or Hugh Campbell would ever get.
        While this move could go one of 2 ways the end result will be the same.
        way 1,Jones falls on his ass and riders make little or no progress next season and possibly next..Jones will be fired and riders will have no GM,Coach or vp and are back at square 1.
        Way 2-Riders turn corner this year and or next,make playoffs (maybe even win cup).Jones stock goes through the roof,weaker cfl teams,us college teams and maybe nfl teams will want him. Given his record of loyalty guess what happens ,He leaves you high and dry and you have no GM,coach or vp and are back at square 1..You all have a false hope that jones will be the next huff,wally,bellichek.

        • So what. You’re opinion is only yours. If you were a Rider fan, than I say fly at it. As you’re not, you only sound like a hater. It’s hilarious how much the Riders consume your mind. Maybe see about some therapy, it can’t be good for you.

          • You’re right Ladd Law
            It’s my and many’s opinion.So this is an open forum,How do you see the Chris Jones era going??

          • I see it as too early to say. I think by the end of this season we’ll know if he is as advertised or at least heading in the right direction. Frankly, so far I like what he is doing. Sometimes it hurts to see fan favorites traded or released, but that happens to every club i.e. Phillips gone from BC. All the talk in the universe in February means nothing. But on paper I think we’re heading in the right direction. I don’t cheer for the coach or any one player – I cheer for the Riders.

      • birthright for inbreed hillbillies

  2. Laurie Jess // February 15, 2017 at 1:40 pm //

    Jones dumped salary last year releasing Chick and Dressler and this year with Durant. That amounts to close to a million in cap space. Many high salary signings for last year are gone. Suspect Jones has a good way to go before reaching the cap.

  3. I know he did dump a fair bit buy he’s throwing some big money around by the sounds of things..Lafrance is making alot for a guy that may only be a backup caliber player . For sure though they have shored up their Canadian talent and depth that they highly needed

  4. Jones will stay within the cap. He has slashed a lot of players and salary in the off season and he has demonstrated that he isn’t afraid to release others if he needs the space. Some of these guys won’t be big bucks. Andy Fantuz worked for a base of $85K last year and is almost 2 years younger than Chad Owens. Andy is also a national. Owens, who turns 35 in April, might have been a bargain…

  5. I guess I should have added the argos wanted Owens back but there might not have been much more interest. Without a head coach or GM, I can’t imagine that the argos are terribly attractive to FA’s right now.

  6. Id be interested to know what they are paying Owens it sounds like he’s to be more of a returner than a regular receiver.

  7. As per Justin Dunk on 3DN: “Chad Owens inked a two-year pact for more than $110,000 per season, plus bonuses, which included significant signing bonus. Sizeable raise over last year for the Flyin’ Hawaiin.”

    Not sure how this would amount to a bargain, Greg.

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