Former Riders QB Mitchell Gale signs with Stampeders

Quarterback Mitchell Gale has signed a two-year contract with the Calgary Stampeders.

The 27-year-old has played for the Argos, Ticats and most recently the Riders during four seasons in the CFL. Gale made his first three career starts with the Riders in 2016 when Saskatchewan starter Darian Durant went down with an injury in July. In his first career start, the six-foot-one, 225-pound passer threw for 354 yards against Ottawa, leading the Riders to their first win of the season.


17 Comments on Former Riders QB Mitchell Gale signs with Stampeders

  1. joe thibodeau // February 15, 2017 at 7:09 pm //

    Is this the end of Drew Tate?(younger cheaper)

  2. I know Calgary was high on Gale.I don’t think Tate has alot of ambition to continue his career much longer as he is eager to get into coaching so yeah he could be gone..then again so could andrew Buckley

  3. DD’s pretty high on Buckley. This is about Tate if it’s about anybody.

  4. It was reported previously that Huf was looking for takers for Tate so it would not surprise me that they are looking at another cheaper option. For the last two seasons they have referred to Tate as the best back up in the league, but Mitchell has proved extremely durable, which has resulted in Tate only starting two meaningless games at the end of the season. Unfortunately, as a Tate fan, the fact that he has played so little due to his own injury issues and Mitchell being so durable and consistent in his play, a high priced back up is not necessarily needed. If he is released by the Stamps, there will be no shortage of other opportunities around the league as a back up and possibly a starter given the injuries to starters in recent years.

  5. I think we all know the most likely destination for him.
    Unfortunately he had health issues in 2012,2013 and never had a great chance to show what he could do. I still remember his heroics late in 2012 WSF against sask

    • And do you remember them from 2013 WF?

      • yeah we lost to the riders. A team that went all in to the a grey cup at home and you did..very belated congratulations.BTW you’re still paying the price for that victory

      • and I think we turned the ball over something like 8-9 times? So did riders win or did Calgary lose.Hard to answer

        • Why do you always have something negative to say about the Riders? Back at you Mr.Knowitall…Your pure toxic!

        • NumeroTreize // February 17, 2017 at 4:51 pm //

          You’re a sad, sad Stumps fan.

          • number 3– I want to send an honest sincere invite to you.Come to the enlightened side.I will pay for your season tickets in Cal get you a jersey and cap,buy you beer and hotdogs and even take you out for pizza after every game. Come lay at our godly feet and experience whats its like to achieve such prolonged season lasting highs and excitement. Have the opportunity to watch the western final at home..Really I want rider fans to be able to understand what what its like to reach the heavens of football.You will finally be free of the bitterness and hate.Please come experience it with me

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  7. It would mildly surprise me if they get rid of Tate because of how the Grey Cup went. The Stamps gambled that his long-term value was better than Burris’s when they traded Burris away – mostly because he is expected to play many more years than Burris. So now that Tate is still playing and Burris isn’t, this is the time when they can start getting returns from that wager. Heaven knows the last five years haven’t made that bet look like a stroke of genius; Tate has been relegated to backup while Burris beat the guy Calgary prefers *over* Tate in the Grey Cup.

  8. Burris had the game of his life against calgary what can you say.I don’t think you can judge BLM on one game considering his good far out weights his bad.He had a rough beginning and did rally in the 4th . Keep in mind one of the reasons Tate wasn’t able to establish himself are injuries so taking him as a starter holds that risk

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