Chad Owens headed to the Riders

Chad Owens is headed to the prairies.

The team announced Wednesday that it had signed the 35-year-old receiver. It’s reportedly a two-year deal.

Owens has played seven seasons in the CFL, the five of those with the Argos. His career numbers are Hall-of-Fame worthy, including a 2012 season that saw him set a league record for all-purpose yards and earn the CFL’s Most Outstanding Player award.

Owens had 58 catches for 808 yards before breaking a bone in his foot in a September game against Montreal and missing the remainder of the season.

The news was first reported by TSN’s Matthew Scianitti.


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  1. Lindsay Wilcox // February 15, 2017 at 2:34 pm //

    IF true = Darn !
    Riders spending a lot in FA, maybe over cap ? Especially since they will need to find a QB, and good ones aren’t cheap.

    • George Porge // February 15, 2017 at 5:27 pm //

      They have Kevin Glenn, which is about as good as the last guy they had but at half the cap-hit. It looks like Jones’ approach is going to be to build up the foundation of the team before he decides to spend the big bucks on a quarterback.

      • You think signing an over the hill receiver like owens is building the foundation?

        • George Porge // February 18, 2017 at 1:43 pm //

          Owens is still a decent player, but he’s certainly not the future. Perhaps Jones realized after the never-ending turnstile of players that you actually do need a few veterans on the team to show the young guys the ropes.

    • Joey Jojo Junior Shabadoo // February 16, 2017 at 11:28 am //

      Riders reportedly had the most cap space of any team leading to free agency. Trading away DD, restructuring LaBatte’s contract, not retaining players like Lawrence, Steele, Chambers, Foster and others, as well as having signing/roster bonuses for Price, Lemon, Cappicotti off the books. Because of last seasons roster purge and buck shot approach bringing in players, most of the carried over roster are on their entry level contracts.

  2. Good luck Chad. Sorry to see you go. Stay healthy guy!You’re a class act and a good locker room guy. The greatest thing you will bring to Regina is a competitive FIRE.

  3. Good, they now have plenty of capable people to carry and catch the rock, a veteran to deliver the rock, and a year or so to groom a new slinger.

  4. Seems to me Jones is throwing big offers out there and seeing what sticks. I know they freed up room under salary cap but still.Last 2 days shows he has no direction or plan.They are doing what bombers have have done for years.Owens while talented as developed injury issues and is a risk.
    What happened to Jones big scout team finding him all this undiscovered talent?

    • BleedsGreen // February 15, 2017 at 2:56 pm //

      Your kidding? Since when is adding Canadian depth showing no direction or plan? Signing 2 big hoggies, a RB and a safety, all of which are nationals, allows for some creative things in the ratio game. As far as undiscovered talent, Justin Cox and Ricky Collins are going to be unreal this year!

      • I think adding Canadians is always good. Ownens is pretty questionable . Lafrance while Canadian was over paid in my option, its questionable whether he is starting caliber.With Dennis I believe in Huff and paying top dollar for import lineman is misquided

    • Seriously stumpland . . why do you care so much what the Riders are doing?? Clearly it’s just your haters side coming out and why bother. Really why bother. Surely what the Riders do can’t affect you so much you need to comment on every signing or report. As for the finding of talent, these FA signings still need to compete at camp and make the team.

      • Gee Ladd Law I though the whole point of this site was that fans could participate in this great league and give their options freely. If you don’t like rider criticism go to where they try to screen other fans from getting on.

    • stampland you can go blow, you have no clue if Jones has a plan, or cap space or not. Just trying to stir it up are ya!!

      • nor do you have a clue if he does

      • Rich Wilson (richinbanff) // February 15, 2017 at 4:01 pm //

        So, you finally get banned from You’re obnoxiousness was laughable then, and still is now

        • who was banned from

          • incredible how much hating the riders fills your day you must be the most unproductive person at your job because riderville is living rent free in your head right now to be honest i kind of like it. yes i am from riderville and love this signing of chad owens and the offensive line is looking great! continue your hate for us as Jones continues his “plan” for us life in rider ville will only continue to flourish. and probably your dislike for lafrance comes from the redblacks and they made your stamps look bad in the grey cup! as well if we can grab these free agents instead of doing the scout thing why not!

  5. Dan Bombers // February 15, 2017 at 3:02 pm //

    Great player just can’t stay healthy these last couple of years

  6. @Lindsay Wilcox… doubt they are over cap since they freed up 400k or more with Durant alone. You don’t like Kevin Glenn or think he’s a ‘good’ one?

  7. I wasn’t too happy when he signed with the cats last year but now I kind of hate to see him go.

  8. Seems like they’re at least giving guys bonus based contracts so if/when injuries hit (Glenn, Owens, etc) they still have space to get a replacement. And love to see more/better hogs, o line was brutal last year

  9. Well, back to booing him!

  10. I guess Jones doesn’t have as much faith in Collins, Holley & Edwards as others who saw great things ahead for them. Even if he starts 4 imports on receiving, there’s at most room for 1 more of the above 3 to start. I can’t see carrying all of them – probably 2 will move on. There’s definitely a plan – we needed Nationals & help on OL. We still need a stud DT & QB is a problem if Glenn gets injured. Unless of course all those who think Glenn & Bennett drawing in with Durant & Gale drawing the short straw makes us better @ QB. But give him credit. The team is better. Having 3 Nationals @ RB with 50 carries between them is a big gamble. If it works it helps the ratio. If not, what’s Plan B? There are still some decent RB options out there.

    • He’s hired to return punts and kicks first and foremost. Collins, Holley and Endwards aren’t going anywhere.

    • Joey Jojo Junior Shabadoo // February 16, 2017 at 11:38 am //

      Plan B @ RB is former 2nd round NFL selection Daniel Thomas who is already on the Riders roster. The guy who got Kory Sheets cut from the Dolphins.

  11. Great player. Sorry to see him go. All the best. Maybe he might return to Hamilton as a coach someday. Just a thought.
    Riders picked up a solid receiver but more importantly a terrific leader as well.
    Should be fun to watch.

  12. Sorry to see Owens go but? Thought he was a “community” guy of wanted to stay/live and play in the GTHA? That’s why he signed with Ti-Cats in 2016. But I guess at age 35 you have to go where the $$$ is? All the best to Chad, he had a good campaign last year. Although I personally dislike Chris Jones. I thought Rider’s already had a solid receiver core, with Roosevelt, Holley, and added Duron Carter? Going to be an interesting 2017 season for the entire CFL.

  13. PEOPLE!!! It’s only February. We’ve got a long ways to go before training camp even begins let alone the season. Just because we’re signing a bunch of free agents doesn’t mean we’ve thrown big money at them. Other than what has been reported for contracts for Dennis and LaFrance we don’t even know what the other contracts are. Also, just because you sign a bunch of free agents doesn’t mean they’re penciled in as starters. They still have to make the team. So for now just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Everything will sort itself out in the end. Be patient.

  14. Peter enjoy the season like all CFL fans should.

  15. He was fun to watch in the Hammer. Best of luck in rider villa.

  16. Full confidence in Jones – this fella is going to bring it all together !!

  17. Dan Bombers // February 15, 2017 at 8:42 pm //

    If glen gets some good protection this group will be dangerous

  18. Argos had a chance to bring him home and make things right and they didn’t.
    Cheering the argos is making me sick.

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