Riders release four players

The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced that four players have been released, internationals quarterback Mitchell Gale and running back Curtis Steele and nationals receiver Shamawd Chambers and defensive lineman Dylan Ainsworth.

All were pending free agents.

Gale played in nine games completing 79 of 137 passes for 950 yards with two touchdowns and three interceptions for the Riders in 2016. The 27-year-old quarterback was acquired in a trade that sent defensive lineman Shawn Lemon to Toronto. He guided Saskatchewan to their first win of the 2016 season in Week 5, his first career CFL start. Gale threw for 354 yards and one touchdown in that 30-29 victory over Ottawa.

Steele signed with the green and white during free agency last year. He played in seven games rushing 54 times for 314 yards, but missed 11 games with injury trouble.

After being named Most Valuable Canadian in the 2015 Grey Cup triumph with Edmonton, Chambers followed Chris Jones to Riderville, inking a free agent pact in 2016. He suited up for 14 games making 25 catches for 269 yards and one touchdown.

Meanwhile, Ainsworth suffered a season-ending injury in training camp and missed the entire 2016 campaign. The Western University product was drafted in the second round, eleventh overall by Saskatchewan in 2014.


9 Comments on Riders release four players

  1. The Tiger-Cats had their eye on Ainsworth before Saskatchewan drafted him. If he’s healthy, another Canadian DL wouldm’t hurt. I’d do some due-diligence, and if it looks good, I’d take a run at him if I were the Tiger-Cats.

    Shamawd Chambers and Simoni Lawrence have a good rapport dating back to their time together in Edmonton. I’m sure a bug has already been placed in Chambers’ ear about coming to Steeltown.

    Mitchell Gale and Curtis Steele will surface elsewhere in the league. Its not the last you’ve heard of them, but they’re moving towards gaining the dreaded “journeyman” tag.

  2. I would bet real money the Esks pick up Chambers.

  3. Why would they release Gale? Stupid move imo. WTF is Sask doing

    • Because he’s a pending Free Agent and they had no plans to resign him.

      He looked OK this year and put together a few nice drives, but was sacked too often and was clearly not the future starting QB of this team.

      • Marc Lebut // January 31, 2017 at 10:50 am //

        right, but when Glenn will go down on injury, who will they play then? Bridge? Hardly an improvement.

        • Bridge, with less experience and arguably more upside (based on his very limited game footage) than Gale, will be less of a hit on the salary cap than Gale would have been with a re-upped deal.

          This isn’t just about 2017. Jones and the Riders brass are planning for long-term sustained success by scouting and developing talent from within, and by refusing to overpay veterans. If that means that they go into 2017 with only *gasp* ONE proven starter in Glenn and intentionally develop young QBs for future years, so be it.

          Nobody knew who Bo Levi Mitchell or Jonathon Jennings were until he started playing.

  4. none of these 4 players would have started with the riders anyway

  5. Winnipeg should go after Shamawd Chambers… He would suit Blue And Gold. #BelieveInBlue

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