Riders trade the rights to Darian Durant to Alouettes for draft picks

The Saskatchewan Roughriders have traded the rights to quarterback Darian Durant to the Montreal Alouettes for a fourth round draft pick in 2017 and a conditional second rounder in 2018.

Durant played 11 seasons in Saskatchewan, winning two championships – including the 2013 Grey Cup, held in Regina – and finishes with 58-54 record in 113 starts. He was an West Division all-star in 2009 and 2013.

But the 34-year-old Durant was set to become a free agent in February and, with contract talks going nowhere, vice president of football operations and head coach Chris Jones has elected to get something in return for his quarterback.

For the Alouettes, they get a bona fide starting quarterback without sacrificing a player from their roster – something they’ve been looking for since the retirement of Anthony Calvillo in 2013 – assuming they can get his name on a contract extension. 3DownNation’s Justin Dunk, who reported that a trade was in the offing last week, wrote that the Riders had been interested in young Alouettes’ pivot Vernon Adams.

The move leaves the Riders with five quarterbacks on the roster, all with limited CFL experience. The team, which is set to open their new $278 million stadium next season is coming off a 2016 in which they finished 5-13and missed the playoffs.

A fan favourite, Durant’s departure is unlikely to be popular with the patrons of Riderville and there was plenty of reaction around the league after the early morning announcement.


40 Comments on Riders trade the rights to Darian Durant to Alouettes for draft picks

  1. Now where do the Riders go hunting for a QB? Rickey Ray? Kevin Glenn? Personally I’d be looking to after Dan Lefevor as he was solid last year

  2. Jones, Thanks for F_All. A forth round pick for the franchise. Please don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

    • Billy Dee // January 13, 2017 at 9:06 am //

      Ummmm…. it seems you may have missed this paragraph;

      “But the 34-year-old Durant was set to become a free agent in February and, with contract talks going nowhere, vice president of football operations and head coach Chris Jones has elected to get something in return for his quarterback.”

      Would you have preferred that Durant hit the FA market and that the team got nothing in return?


  3. The Riders version of the Ricky Ray trade. This puts the Riders at ground zero without a starting QB. So what are their options:
    Nichols (most likely too expensive),
    Ray (most likely will retire),
    Glenn (A step back),
    Burris (The ageless one, but likely headed to TSN),
    Dan LeFevour (bad knee with 5 GS in 2 years with 6 TD / 6 Int ration not great),

    Or will they trade:

    Adams Jr., Vernon – first round draft pick will be the cost.

    James Franklin – player equivalent to a 1st rounder, 1st round pick and a 3rd.

    Jonathan Crompton – 3rd rounder

    Or will they bring in yet another Kid like a Mitchell Gale … expect that kid to be Trace McSorley, QB, Penn State … but I beleive the best if the bunch is under their noses in G.J. Kinne. Kinne is a mechanically sound pocket passer that has a fluid throwing motion, along with a quick, sharp release.This should be the Riders guy.

    • Comparisons to the Ricky Ray trade are silly. Durant and the Riders were at a contract impasse with free agency only a month away. There were no question marks about Ray’s status in Edmonton at the time he was traded. And if Durant and Montreal don’t reach a deal, it’s technically possible the Riders could still even sign Durant once free agency opens in February.

  4. Terry Baxter // January 13, 2017 at 10:19 am //

    Sneaky good move by the Als. They and ottawa will fight for the two top spots in the east and with the crossover almost a certainty cats will be out of the playoffs in 2017

    • Means no crossover in season 2017;great news for the league with the new-look Cats with Zach ‘Rogers’ Collaros taking the potent Cats to new heights.

      • Kaptain beyond // January 13, 2017 at 1:58 pm //

        Collaros still yet to win or prove a thing!

        • Thank you…as a TC fan. Only problem is that I am in the minority…the majority are falling on their knees…waiting, 3 years and counting, for the “heralded one” to lead them to the promised land.

          • Terry Baxter // January 14, 2017 at 10:56 am //

            I’m with you Philski. My honest belief is that Zach,who is clearly injury prone, will be out of football soon, playing ledgies after his next and yes inevitable concussion

          • Collaros, the youthful Mahdi, will deliver in 2017 with an improved offensive line.The stars and the planets are aligned for greatness if Austin lines up the key offensive lineman.

      • Terry Baxter // January 14, 2017 at 11:01 am //

        Lmao. Yup Catsclaw Zach is exactly like Rogers. (Maybe Mr. Rogers, where he will surely be hangin’ ’round after his next concussion, playing ledgies in Mr Rogers ‘hood. Anyway, if you really believe that Zach is comparable to Rogers, my guess is that you are among the five or six people who look around THF and see thousands of empty seats and say ‘yup, another sellout for the cats’.

        • Not just that Terry but I honesty believe Collaros is just not the same player he was prior to the injury or injuries. When I saw him last year at BC Place first game back after the ACL rehab the difference was so apparent. Yes you can say he had some rust etc. but the play that still sticks in my mind was near the end of the game when the TC’s still had a chance to pull it out. He has a wide open Gable in the flat staring right at him and instead he decides to toss it into triple coverage in the end zone – game over. Sorry, that’s not rust.

        • Terry,

          If Collaros’ career gets cut short by a concussion … which unfortunately is a possibility for anyone playing the game, it is something that all true fans will regret. It is nothing to celebrate and nothing to joke about. Your comments about playing ledgies is just classless and unbecoming a true fan.

          • Terry Baxter // January 16, 2017 at 11:00 am //

            No I do not wish an injury upon Zach. I’m just stating the inevitable. He will not stay healthy. Look at that INT he threw in the ESF after taking that big hit(which should have been called), all the pundits were saying that the hit scrambled his head thus the bad decision on that pass. If that is the case, he needs to get out before he is playing ledgies for real.

        • Rogers looks like a younger Austin.Lol

      • Terry Baxter // January 14, 2017 at 11:02 am //

        There are none so blind as those who will not see. Lol

    • The youthful and strong MAHDI is leading the Cats.CAT GREY CUP 2017.

  5. BlueCan123 // January 13, 2017 at 10:36 am //

    As stated previously, the unpredictable expedient nature of Chris Jones is there. Riders now tasked with finding a competent starting QB plus developing a couple of decent backups. After Jones’s Edmonton exodus last year (coaching staff & half the roster- which ultimately didn’t get them into the playoffs) this next chapter should be interesting.

    Durant will no doubt be a good fit with the Alouettes receiving corps- a healed SJ Green & the re-signed warrior Nik Lewis, coupled with some of the younger ones (Cunningham, Giguere). Could also mentor Cato/Adams as backups. Not to mention the legendary AC in the coaching ranks.

    As for possibilities? Blue Bombers ought to (and would be smart to) re-sign Nichols in due course. Lefevour maybe, as he probably deserves a decent shot, or a possible trade with the Eskimos for Franklin, although that’s fairly unlikely. Someone like Glenn could fill the void & provide some leadership for the interim.

  6. Durant is made of glass. He will out with injuries before Labour Day.

  7. I don’t think Rider’s fans know the potential of Mitchel Gale, he’s got some game. He was on the TiCat’s and Argo’s roster for a bit. He’s a strong QB with a huge arm.

  8. Walter A Panchuk // January 13, 2017 at 10:59 am //

    All i know the next person gone should be Jones he alone is to blame for what is happening, the players he got rid of just so he could say its his team. was told he gets about Reynalds get rid of this guy he will cost the riders a great fan base before its over. And you have know one to blame but yourself, Jones the stupid rules the slow play the penalties, maybe the people will just say screw it and decide to stay away from a failing product of football in general, it was a great game till these so called masterminds and all the rules that just slow down the game i sed screw it and went fishing. You and Jones should both be gone .

  9. Dan Bombers // January 13, 2017 at 11:39 am //

    A slow cfl day in January sure got more interesting
    We will see how this all plays out but not sure about this one

  10. The Rider’s grass just got greener,Durant was getting stale and boring as a Rider.Wish both parties the best.

  11. Jones had better have a plan up his sleeve going into a new stadium without a proven QB. Should be interesting to watch – although maybe not if you’re a Riders fan.

    • Jones may be scheming to steal Masoli away from Hamilton in a giant trade.

      • Hope not…that would leave us with no QB. Or perhaps Austin could suit up again? Instead of bumping players and swinging at officials he could channel that negative energy into something positive. It’s a win-win.

        • Terry Baxter // January 17, 2017 at 2:19 pm //

          100% agree Philski. Hopefully that energy is geared toward packing his bags and getting out of Dodge. We will not win anything as long as this guy is around.

      • Hope not. That would leave injury prone Collaros meaning we would have no QB by the half way pole of the season. Perhaps Austin could suit up? Then instead of bumping players and swinging at officials he can channel that negative energy into something positive…it’s a win-win.

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  13. It’s time for Baxter to make a sneaky mature move by growing up and moving on… the joke is not just old it’s been dead a long time…

    Now that would be a Sneaky Good Move…

    Just saying…

    Cheers… Snake

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