With sales lagging, TSN staffers offered free Grey Cup tickets

Members of the “TSN family” have been offered up to five free tickets to the Grey Cup in Toronto, per sources.

The offer was made to staffers via an email sent out this week. TSN holds the television rights to the CFL and broadcasts all of the league’s games.

It’s the latest sign that sales for the 104th Grey Cup aren’t going well. Organizers slashed ticket prices in mid-October in an attempt to spur languishing sales, angering those who had already bought tickets.

Sources say there could still be as many 10,000 seats still unsold with the game just over a week away. Seating capacity at BMO Field has been expanded for the game to approximately 35,000.

According to Argonaut team officials, TSN “purchased a block of tickets” but would not disclose what, if anything, TSN paid for them. TSN is owned by Bell Media, which also has an ownership stake in the Argonauts.


Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.
Drew Edwards
Drew Edwards
About Drew Edwards (1312 Articles)
Drew Edwards is into his eighth season covering the CFL and the Ticats for the Hamilton Spectator. He is the founder and editor of 3DownNation.

83 Comments on With sales lagging, TSN staffers offered free Grey Cup tickets

  1. DundasDude // November 19, 2016 at 9:30 am //

    If Edmonton plays in the game, nobody east of Alberta is gonna watch this. Go Ottawa!

  2. DarrenInOttawa // November 19, 2016 at 10:18 am //

    Disagree. Although I want Ottawa in the grey cup I feel a Calgary Edmonton final could be the highest rated in history. BC Edmonton on the other hand would be a disaster

    • How do you figure a Calgary vs Edmonton game could be the highest rated? I’m a Ticats fan living in BC. I hate Ottawa and the Leo’s but I will cheer for them both come Sunday. If it is an all west Grey Cup I will not watch. I have seen the Grey Cup for 44 straight years and throw a party every year over the past 20. I won’t be watching or having my party this year is Bo Levi is in the cup. The fix is in and the league is suffering. If Ottawa gets in at least fans there might make the trip to watch live. No one out west is going to pay the money last minute to go to Toronto. Maybe Edmonton and Calgary are the best two teams but no one cares outside of Alberta.

  3. Anthony Kaduck // November 19, 2016 at 10:56 am //

    Free tickets are being made available to the military. People like me that paid full price are left feeling foolish. Another big win for the CFL in the Orridge era.

  4. Terry Baxter // November 19, 2016 at 11:00 am //

    Unbelievable. This grey cup is going to be a train wreck. There is absolutely no buzz around this event in Toronto. An idiotic move awarding them the cup this year. Bush league tactics. I wonder how many fans who paid for GC tickets are pissed off. The CFL. Has an uncanny way of alienating their fans. This Commisioner has got to go. He has no clue.

    • Regan Flint // November 24, 2016 at 5:43 am //

      If you had really bought a GREY CUP ticket your seat would have been upgraded like mine was to a much better seat. I have no problem with our military getting FREE GREY CUP tickets. DO YOU?

      • Lets get back to the Grey Cup and football. Heading down Friday for the festival. Every league has there issues….CFL is no different. The league is way ahead of the NFL and NHL with using technology to get the game right. Reducing the wait time on challenges will need to be address. This Grey Cup, if Ottawa comes to play and keeps it close in the 3rd Qtr, you could be a close one. As much as I think Hamilton needs a Grey Cup they also need to want it too. I think they do but the City needs to be supportive.

  5. Larry Fahlman // November 19, 2016 at 11:08 am //

    I paid full price a couple of months ago and feel totally ripped off by the CFL!

  6. Don’t be so quick to blame Orridge. 2016 GC was a condition of purchase placed on the deal by Bell and Tannenbaum. Blame MLSE for poorly promoting, pricing, and managing the event.

    • As much as MLSE are good to pin a number of bad decision on, the Grey Cup isn’t their fault. Bell & Tannenbaum own the Argos, not MLSE, that would make the PR Bell’s responsibility – which if you ever had their phone service, you’ll understand why this is a disaster.

      Just leave the field in decent shape for the following Tuesday when TFC fills BMO vs the Impact.

    • Regan Flint // November 24, 2016 at 5:48 am //

      Your ticket should have been upgraded like all ticket buyers were. You should have known that if you actually bought a ticket. I have no problem with our military getting free tickets. Why not try to buy SUPERBORE tickets at 10X the money. Oh I forgot the NFL only sells 1% of all SUPERBORE tickets to the public. The rest go to CORPS. and famous Americans etc…

  7. Terry Baxter // November 19, 2016 at 11:14 am //

    I can understand why. Is the photo which accompanied this article a photo of the typical attendance at an Argo game? If so, this is a huge problem for the league.

    • Of course it is. Lots of blame starting with the CFL allowing TSN to air a second rate product that makes the CFL look bush league. Then there’s the terrible in game presentation at most CFL stadiums. Throw in endless penalties, video replays that get it wrong, etc … it’s a tough league to watch some games and I’m a Lions season ticket holder.

      • Terry Baxter // November 19, 2016 at 11:28 am //

        I can’t see the league servivin too many more years if this continues. I gave up my ST a few years ago, have been thinking of buying for 2017 but I’ve changed my mind.

      • ……so does anybody know why CTV shows the Super Bowl and TSN network the Grey Cup? My point being is why doesn’t CTV national show the GREY CUP and TSN could co-broadcast with special cameras and events on TSN, 1,2,3, etc . If they are getting 5M viewers just on TSN, imagine if its on CTV? It would blow the doors off of NFL Canada, NHL whatever….

      • Quint…..OMG! TSN ratings for football are the highest in Canada versus NHL, NFL, MLS etc. Even SportNet can’t compete against the CFL and would love to broadcast games! As for the in game experience the Ticats do a great job! I was at BMO home opener and it had a great buzz. Too bad TO people aren’t embarrassing it. In time it will. I agree with the endless flags. I went to a website NFL versus CFL and on average NFL throws 8 flags versus 22 flags. Flags do decline in the playoffs, but having said that when I watch NFL I see penalties after penalties not getting called or missed. So what’s better?

    • No it’s not it was one game where they dre 12000 fans. There were some major problems traffic and other events and made it a nightmare to get there. I’

  8. C. Edgecombe // November 19, 2016 at 11:15 am //

    Had the Ticats not had bogus calls on their games, they would have been in this Grey Cup. There wouldn’t be an open seat in the house. Thanks Jeff Harbin.

  9. Wayne Thorpe // November 19, 2016 at 11:31 am //

    It seems the person in charge of the Grey Cup festival for the Argos totally blew it. When I phoned to complain when tickets first went on sale that they were vastly overpriced-I was told the Argos were following a GOOD BUSINESS MODEL.

    • Robin (from THE city) // November 21, 2016 at 3:09 pm //

      LOL…the blew team with a “good business model”

      that bunch couldn’t find one in a text book…

  10. Attendance is a major issue in the CFL these days. Even for the WSF in Calgary, ticket sales are poor. Calgary is selling tickets at 45% off try boost sales. BC had less than 20,000 for their playoff game. The games being over officiated, the ridiculous amount of video reviews, and the mind boggling amount of video reviews where they get it wrong are most certainly turning fans off of the game.

    • Terry Baxter // November 19, 2016 at 11:51 am //

      I agree Evan. Attendance is down everywhere. That is whyTSN rarely shows the seats during their broadcasts. Lots of empty seats everywhere. Sad really, but I fear this is league which peaked in 60s, 70s and 80s. Been mostly downhill since, with a few exceptions. Some teams are saying their games are sold out when clearly there are thousands of empty seats. What’s with that? I did not realize that BC had less than 20,0000 at their playoff game. That is terrible for a city that size

      • Tim Hortons field sold out every game this year and last and yet no grey cup hosted here in over a decade. Attendance is okay here in the hammer and yet we still get the snub.

        • Terry Baxter // November 19, 2016 at 12:06 pm //

          Lol. THF did not sell out every game. Thousands of empty seats each and every game. Not sure why people are still believing that ‘sold ‘out’ myth but they do. Alas….what is that saying about one being born every minute? Lol

          • Do you go to the games at THF, Terry? You said above you gave up your season tickets a few years ago (not sure if you’re a Ticat fan or fan of another team) but do you still go to games on occasion?

          • Well Terry you’re a glass half empty kind of person aren’t you! Tim Hortons Field has the seating capacity of 24000 In there 9 home games they had an attendance of 216,012 an average of 24,001.33 fans per game. That’s technically a sell out every game. Broken down each game;
            1 vs B.C 24,123
            2 vs WPG 23,846
            3 vs SSK 24,166
            4 vs TOR 24,512
            5 vs MTL 23,612
            6 vs CGY 23,741
            7 vs OTT 23,868
            8 vs EDM 24,031
            9 vs MTL 24,113

            Then include the semi against Edmonton at 24,182 for a year total of 240,194 that’s an average of 24,019.40 per game. So yes you are right technically 4 games were not full sell outs with in 200 to 400 people but on average the Cats drew a full house all season. Now before you come back on a rant I’m not stupid enough to not understand there were empty seats but numbers are based on tickets sold so glass half empty for you but glass have full for me.

        • Terry Baxter // November 21, 2016 at 10:59 am //

          Ya right Shon. Thousands buy tickets then do not show up. I’m sure that’s it. Figures you provide are for propaganda purposes only. Clearly your glass is not only half full but totally full. Have another…..lmao

        • Terry Baxter // November 24, 2016 at 1:30 pm //

          I’m in sec 105

  11. John Gallagher // November 19, 2016 at 1:07 pm //

    I have no interest in going to a game involving two western teams

    • Regan Flint // November 24, 2016 at 5:59 am //

      Terry if you hate the CFL so much WHY do you post here. Your the only person who thinks that they are funny and you clearly have no idea about you are talking about. Go watch the WWE. You really must have a boring life.

      • Terry Baxter // November 24, 2016 at 1:35 pm //

        Hmmmm. Who said I hated the CFL? Please keep your comments to the facts rather than personal attacks. And yes I do happen to know what I’m talking about. Alas….empty seats are empty seats. Period.

  12. Regardless of who plays, we’ll be revelling for 4 days & nights in Toronto.

  13. Petty attempts to get back at people like Orridge is doing to Kent Austin along with Johnson and other officials on the field and in the command center have come home to roost.

    They have to be replaced for the good of the league before it’s too late.

    TSN must cut down on the number of commercial breaks that are destroying the game experience while people are still watching.

    If Hamilton was treated fairly we almost certainly win the game and if we beat Ottawa the game is sold out.

    Those calls probably cost the league a fortune and a ton of credibility.

    Do the right thing.

  14. Terry, there is a difference between ticket sales and attendance. Just because it is sold out doesn’t mean that it’s at full attendance. Educate yourself before you start insulting others suggesting “there’s one born every minute”.

    • C. Edgecombe // November 19, 2016 at 2:39 pm //

      Right?! Thank you, at least someone sees the light. Generally I see the stands at a good capacity every Ticats game. Despite our challenging year the faithful still came. We should have been awarded the Grey Cup host this year. We were due.

    • Terry Baxter // November 21, 2016 at 11:03 am //

      Lmao. Hamilton is a city with so many rich people that many thousands can afford to buy tickets that they do not use. Yup. I buy tickets then do not go. Just like thousands of others in this city. Wake up people. Hey by the by, I’ve got this great bridge in Brooklyn I’m looking to sell. Any takers?? Lmao.

  15. oceanvista // November 19, 2016 at 3:19 pm //

    I wonder how many of these “comments” are from actual CFL fans and not some soccer trolls intent on besmirching the CFL??

    • What people saying they don’t want to go and support an all west final? Or the fact we don’t wish to support the corruption that we have seen this season? I assure you the people venting on here are CFL fans just fed up with the league and how it’s been operating the past few seasons. Maybe the only soccer troll is you! I’ve seen many of these names comment on this site through out the season.

      • I don’t think I’ve seen “TFCfan” before, myself. And he sounds like a troll to me.

        Tell me, do CFL fans troll on MLS sites too?

    • Agree with Shon. There’s enough problems in the CFL just to get this feedback from football fans. BesidesTFC fans have better things to discuss than the failings of pointyball.

  16. My my my this gnashing of teeth and is the obvious too difficult for those interested and exposing the pressures on journalists to not bite any hands that feed them? Inept? Or a just how stupid are ownership and excutives to reoffer the Argo ops people new contracts a year ago, not stupid just receiving bad advice! The preparation off field game one at BMO was quickly undermined by GM, Coaches and the antics of Pin Ball ok I said it Clemons. A close to sell out crowd off a 1000 or so saw nonsense beyond any guessing. Now the bullying by the GM of the new owner was vintage BS American and I’ll leave it that. So considering the Argos have been part of a virus across the land and fighting it means erasure of the problem, start in BC East ward. So back to TO and next weekend as the undermining forces like any internal requires independent forensics by the foremost investigative Writers in North America, Sports Illustrated, since they have covered theCFL dating to 1960. High School evaluations and U coaches scouring these players for the US and Canada. They are experienced, no our game and if College Point Shaving can be handled, or the Rose gambling MLB, and so on they can do it here for the CFL. Sorry a fan who has seen great players here and great games, well put on your white dueling shirt. We are being BSed by those type of people!

  17. If the league is going to hand out tickets, they should instead give them schools/youth in hopes they become CFL/Argos fans in the future.

    • Terry Baxter // November 21, 2016 at 11:06 am //

      They will beginning them out to anyone who will take them at this point. I’m sure it will be declared a sell out tho. Lmao

  18. Orridge needs to focus on replacing Johnson and get a bit of respect back into the CFL.
    The anger is gaining speed with the Command Centre and what went down.
    And if he does not pull his head out of his ass..you will see many empty seats next year.
    Fans have had enough…bottom line.

  19. The Argos Grey Cup Organizing Committee completely blew setting up this entire event:

    1. They didn’t start selling tickets until the middle of July, when past Grey Cups had tickets for sale in March. Heck, Ottawa already has tickets on-sale for the 2017 game.

    2. The tickets were way too expensive. The Argos are trying to draw fans back after losing them for some many years and dropping off the radar of the Toronto sports scene. Then they have a terrible season on the field (which I loved as a Ticats fan), and tried gouging with their Grey Cup ticket prices. The fans didn’t buy, and now the entire situation looks worse.

    3. BMO Field and tailgating didn’t bring the fans out like the Argos thought it would. They had great commercials, ads and tailgating, but it’s going to take a more aggressive marketing campaign over a longer period of time to win over more fans who are used to supporting top level professional teams in 3 of 4 North American sports leagues.

    5. Sara Moore and her marketing team for the Argos should be fired for this terrible situation.

    A friend of mine, who’s been an Argo season seat holder for about 8 years isn’t renewing his seats next year. He was upset that all the season seat holder perks were taken away this year, and is sitting in the endzone for the Grey Cup because he couldn’t afford to purchase his 2 seats in Section 223 for it. Now he’s fuming the ticket prices have been slashed, when he paid full price earlier this year.

    The Argos and the 2016 Grey Cup organizing committee have really blown it.

    ARGOS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Sandra Espinosa // November 20, 2016 at 1:26 am //

    I’d happily accept free tickets for the Grey Cup game! I can’t afford it otherwise and I would appreciate such a generous offer, especially after having been a loyal CFL fan for 52 years!

  21. Argos 4 Life // November 20, 2016 at 12:49 pm //

    Life long Argos fan here – GC ticket prices are/were a joke. Buddy of mine paid $600 for 2 season tix in the endzone, and had to pay the same price ($299 each) for the Grey Cup game. Argos ownership has had an unbelievable opportunity to make the CFL relevant again, and they’ve completely botched it, on and off the field.

    Totally agree with the above post stating that tickets should be given to young fans for free. If this organization had any brains they would take the loss and partially refund tickets already sold, plus discount the unsold tickets further.

    A battle of Alberta Grey Cup would be great to watch, I know that the Spirit of Edmonton organizers would bring a boat load of Eskimo fans, and the Stamps traditionally travel very well (I remember they brought a horse into the hotel a few years ago).

    Hoping the league uses this debacle as a lesson learned on what not to do!!

  22. can’t believe you would post this 1 week before GC. Why didn’t you show any other photo of the Toronto stadium?

    You are either an idiot or you work for Rogers in some capacity.
    Which is it?

    • Ticats Fan Too // November 20, 2016 at 9:56 pm //

      Because it’s a realistic picture. There is no use in sugar coating it by putting a sold out picture of BMO during a TFC game. The Argos are having trouble drawing fans and haven’t sold out BMO Field yet. The Argos have a huge challenge ahead to restore their once proud following in the Toronto sports scene again. And the mistakes they’ve made, which have been well documented above, have not helped. This is coming from a diehard Ticats fan who wants to see the Argos succeed off the field and wants to see this CFL rivalry flourish.

      ARGOS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Terry Baxter // November 22, 2016 at 2:47 pm //

      Reality sucks eh? The reality is there are thousands of empty (and yes, unsold seats), all across the league. The ploy of trying to create excitement by declaring stadiums sold out, when they are clearly not, did not work. I understand how some of the people on this site feel. They do not want the league to fail, so they are quite willing to buy the myth and try to shoot down anyone who says anything other than the sold out all is good with the league line. It is sad that the league is in this shape, but it is reality.

      • Check out the empty seats in the NFL,NHL,BPL,etc. Fact of life. It`s been going on for DECADES.”Problem” is not confined to any one league,And is not exclusive to the CFL.

        • Terry Baxter // November 23, 2016 at 11:20 am //

          Your point is taken. However you missed my point. Saying games in the CFL are sold out when they are clearly not is not only dishonest is also reinforces its negative images. And also of the leagues you mention, the CFL can least afford empty seats both from a financial and optics point of view. Just sayin….cheers

          • Terry, you should come to a Ticat game sometime and witness the magic. Unless they are putting blow up dolls in the seats, I see the majority of seats in the stands with people. This doesn’t count the people in lines for food or in the loo. Not sure about other teams but our numbers stand. GO CATS GO!

          • Terry Baxter // November 24, 2016 at 1:41 pm //

            Exactly my point Regan. There are not enough fans to support this league. Attendance at THF is around the 16-18,000 range. The same number during dark days of bankruptcy etc. Just look at the empty seats game in game out. Are you blind??? Lmao maybe from reading Grimms

        • Terry Baxter // November 23, 2016 at 11:25 am //

          Also what is very clear frm visiting this site is the Tiger Cats and the CFL in general, have very passionate and caring fans. Problem is tho, there are not enough of us. How long can teams survive in BC and Toronto with their current attendance figures? Sure the Argos sucked this year, but BC had a very good team. Their QB is exciting to watch and they had a very good defence. No excuse for BC attendance problems. The reason is clear: apathy. That my friends, will be the downfall. Sad but true

          • Regan Flint // November 24, 2016 at 5:53 am //

            YES , HAMILTON has turned things around greatly but they have almost folded 2 times in the recent past.

        • Terry Baxter // November 23, 2016 at 11:47 am //

          I do go to games Cheryl. There are thousands of empty seats. I feel bad about that but those are the facts. The concession line excuse etc just does not hold water. Next game you go to in 2017, watch the stands from time to time and you will see that majoirty of empty seats stay that way from opening kickoff to final whistle. Cheers Cheryl.

          • I guess my final point is that compared to other CFL teams, we have it pretty good as far as attendance. I know a lot of corporations have seasons tickets, some of the games are given out as promos and some don’t go. Other than Rider Nation, we have to be up there in the numbers we bring in and the passion we have for the team.

        • Terry Baxter // November 23, 2016 at 12:02 pm //

          Some valid points Cheryl. But as you know, the league is only as strong as its weakest link. BC and Toronto are train wrecks without any indication of improving. Cheers. Will buy you a beer first game in 2017 lol

  23. I get tired of all the complaining about this and that about the CFL. I watch both NFL and CFL and think the CFL is a much better entertaining league. As for the refs, sure it’s easy from our lazy boy chairs to make the calls but I recently watch two NFL games and the refs were terrible!! If you don’t like watching the CFL , just go away…. I will always watch the CFL , the playoffs and the Grey Cup ….. good or bad. It’s so Canadian! Cities need two years to prepare for any major sporting event so BMO was absolutely wrong but oh well I’m going and will have a great time. And those of you that aren’t watching or attending too bad….. my boys and I love this game.

    • Terry Baxter // November 23, 2016 at 11:32 am //

      Absolutely 100% correct Schlepper. The CFL to my taste, is a far superior game to the American game from an entertainment point of. I also believe that outside of a few obvious players, there is not a huge difference in the talent level between the two leagues. Entertainment value and talent level is not this leagues problem at all. Even blown and missed calls, while maddening are not the problem. The problem is in my opinion is that there is simply not enough dollar spending fans to sustain this league over the long haul. The fact that the league has survived so long is to be commended, I’m just not sure that there are any more rabbits to be pulled from the hat.

    • Terry Baxter // November 23, 2016 at 11:42 am //

      As well, Schlepper, people who post on this site, are obviously fans of the CFL, (perhaps with a very few exceptions). I have not read negative comments re ‘the CFL game’. So, please, don’t tell people to go away. The very fact that a person takes the time to add to this site tells me that they care. The CFL needs all the interest and fans it can get.

      • I agree fans need a place to vent and 3downnation gives them that format. BUT its the best of times right now; playoffs just ended and a week of GC festivities. Awesome to be a football fan. Joining some Winnipeg boys that flew in today. Heading down Friday to the GC events and Saturday the Vanier Cup game. This is truly a Fan friendly event better than all the other major sports…

        • Terry Baxter // November 24, 2016 at 1:47 pm //

          Have an awesome time. Schlepper. I have tickets too and will be joining friends from rider nation. I am sure we will have a good time but I wish the game was in a city that would have what used to be called ‘Grey Cup Fever’

  24. Cup should be at the park of the team that has the best record out of the 2. Same as every other sport. Think about it. CFL and NFL are the only sports leagues in the world where this happens. NFL can pull it off. CFL.sometimes but not as often.

  25. Don’t worry the CFL will just use those forks from the snapwrap to make a video about some nonsense they saw on social media.. seriously what kind of morons work in CFL marketing???

  26. Tyrone Polanski // November 22, 2016 at 1:58 pm //

    The C.F.L. Will Be Around Forever! Can’t Say The Same Thing About M.L.S.

    • It will be around forever but you will have to take TTC to Birchmount Stadium. Still will be fun.

      • Oooh. That’s a good one. Let’s go over all those great excuses Argos fans have offered up this season: 1) bad team – yep, TFC had that for about 8 years, at its worst, probably about the same size draw as the Argos. 2) Duran Duran was in town he same night (yes an Argos forum offered this as an excuse for poor attendance) – is this 1985? 3) Schedule conflict with (Jays//Raps/Leafs), yup been there too, aaand still put more people in BMO. 4) “Event fatigue” – and that was offered up before TFC made the semis – which are BTW, sold out. 5) Traffic around BMO sucks -TFC fans could have warned you, we’ve been dealing with that for a decade. 6) CNE! Man, really? You have thousands of people standing outside the stadium and you can’ t get them in to watch the game?

        Maybe back when Duran Duran was popular, soccer was a niche sport in Canada, but now? Sorry, cleat seems to be on the other foot. CFL would be the niche sport today. But don’t worry, when the Argos move to Birchmount the field will be the right size, stand might look full, and you won’t be the second rate tenant in the National Soccer Stadium (official name of BMO Field).

  27. You say “an e-mail at TSN” etc. Can`t say I saw a copy in your article.If it is true, why not post it? Names, addreses, etc.can be blanked out can`t they ???
    Confidentiality and source would be protected.
    Would lend credibility to your “story”.

  28. The Grey Cup should be held in all CFL cities on a rotating basis. Hamikton hasn’t had it for 10 years!! That’s atrocious. Cities could then know when their turn is up and get to work early organizing and promoting the Grey Cup festivities and game. The prices have to come down, way down. $300 for one ticket!? That’s obscene!!
    $100 to $150 makes it affordable for a lot more people. The Grey Cup should be a non profit event then if they have to charge these kind of orices.
    So rortate the Grey Cup from city to city and bring down the prices of GC tickets.
    There’s no reason that a Grey Cup game shoukdbt be sold out.

  29. this happens when you double dip, charge for viewing game online and sell crap loads of advertising. You can do that if you are the only show around but you need fans to see the games. Changing for broadcast and advertising cuts out future fans, it’s as bad as the out blackouts never mind the game being out in the cold.

    • Regan Flint // November 24, 2016 at 5:51 am //

      The last time the GREY CUP was held in HAMILTON [1996] it was a disaster. The ARGOS were in it and many HAMILTON fans gave their tickets away. TO BAD they missed another classic GREY CUP…

  30. Regan Flint // November 24, 2016 at 5:40 am //

    The NFL has much , much , much higher prices for their SUPERBORE. The NFL only releases 1% of SUPERBORE sales to the general public. So if we are taking about fixed attendance look no further than the SUPERBOWL but the Toronto sports media doesn’t tell you about that.

    TORONTO GREY CUPS that sold out since 1989.
    1989 = SOLD OUT , 53,000+
    1992 = not sold out but 45,000+ any way with 2 Western teams in the game. Blue Jays win World Series.
    2007 = SOLD OUT , 53,000+
    2012 = SOLD OUT , 53000+
    2016 = ???

    The CFL’S T.V. ratings beat the NFL’S [even in Ontario] every year during the regular season.
    Except for the last 2 years [BLUE JAYS winning] the CFL was the second most watched sport in Canada behind Hockey.

  31. Terry Baxter // November 24, 2016 at 2:06 pm //

    And for the record to all those who continue to say that I am anti CFL. I Love this game and fully support the players who play it. What I am anti, is the morons who run the league. All ball parks need more butts in the seats. Yes, all leagues are seeing a drop in attendance and in television ratings. The CFL. Is no different. I donot believe ratings were all that great for the CFL this year. I would need to see proof not just TSN saying so. Of course that proof would not be forthcoming. As well, the CFL is the one major league entity which can ill afford or sustain too long, with poor or mediocre attendance or ratings figures. And btw the NFL ( of which I am not a fan), deals with their SB tickets in the fashion they do because they can. The owners and league office make a killing on the SB. The. CFL would do exactly the same thing if they could. Amen…..

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